Thursday, April 16, 2015

From pressparty: Adam Lambert on his dramatic look: 'I was hiding behind that a little bit'

Adam Lambert on his dramatic look: 'I was hiding behind that a little bit'

Vocal powerhouse Adam Lambert has opened up about his sense of style and reveals that while he may have changed his look over the past year, he had a reason for dressing dramatically when he first appeared on the scene.

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  1. It seems that Adam had some struggles in terms of finding himself as an artist and establishing a musical identity for himself, despite his huge talent. (May be it's the theater background, but I do remember him saying in an interview many years ago that he had a bit of a musical identity crisis while making FYE).

    I'm very glad that Adam feels much more comfortable in his own skin now, which I assume will translate into a more honest and organic album. The stunning visuals we have gotten so far sure indicate it. I wonder how long it took him to believe how gorgeous he really is and how easily audiences fall in love with the "real" Adam. He probably looks at someone like Sam Smith and thinks, "wow, can it be this easy?"

  2. Love love love the Attitude Behind-The-Scenes photo shoot .... adorable.

  3. Gabi.... What an amazing post! Just grand, really. Absolutely agree with you...

    So very well said..... With acute observations, IMO.

    Echoing my very thoughts and impressions but profoundly and thoughtfully articulated when you share them. (Hehe, guess I'm somewhat partial then, too ;)).

    You have an highly developed emotional intelligence that's easy to see. Thank you for your input! :)

  4. *a highly (curse you, blasted autocorrect!)

  5. I loved the painted up face. I thought it was sexy.

  6. Perhaps I got lucky with Attitude magazine. Ordered it last weekend and it arrived today. Ordered it via online.

  7. Sincerely hope Adam never lets the pressure for mainstream acceptance and success make him belittle himself or regret or be ashamed how he presented himself when he first came out on the music scene.

    He literally made an everlasting imprint on so many people, changed or was the catalyst to change people's lives, even saved many lives... He should not (be made to) forget these things nor should we (the fans who have been there from the beginning) forget them cause we saw and experienced it all.

    Of course people grow up, change and mature. Unfortunately very often when people mature they also tend to get complacent, loose the dare and the edge, start to play it safe. That's life. Just hoping it's not Adam's life, not yet anyway. All that creativity and unique talent, that total package of devastating inner and outer beauty, that VOICE - Oh,.Adam never allow yourself to be molded to a mainstream blender!!! Keep pushing the envelope, you are and have The One in a Billion Voice!