Thursday, April 16, 2015

UPDATED INFO: Regarding Adam Lambert's New Music ("The Original High"): iTunes Pre-Orders "Don't Count" In First Day Sales iTunes Charting (But Doesn't Affect Billboard Charts)

UPDATED INFO (RE the "The Original High" Pre-sale confusion): This ONLY applies to iTunes Chart positions. BILLBOARD Charts count all pre-orders as first day sales.. 

We'll continue to UPDATE if we hear further clarification re Pre-orders via other sources ie Adam Official, etc.., etc....

**By the way, ADAM OFFICIAL (Adam Lambert's Warner Brothers Records Official Site) will be posting "The Original High" Album Pre-Order Info on Tuesday, April 21st . That should make it very clear re the official/preferred methods of pre-order for Adam Lambert's new album, coming in "Summer 2015".. 

And if you haven't already done so, sign up for Adam's official email notifications Click Here:
Adam Lambert Email Via Warner Brothers Records

IMPORTANT INFO: "Need-to-Know" before pre-ordering Adam Lambert's new music....

Info posted below was obtained from this Billboard article re iTunes and it's changes in Pre-sale reporting and charting:

"Apple Addresses Concerns Over iTunes Store Changes"

Apparently any Pre-Orders placed via iTunes  BEFORE the day of actual release (date not yet determined for "The Original High") will NOT count toward iTunes chart positions for 1st day sales... 

Read the info below in the tweet via @katzolicious and consider this when ordering...

"...all [iTunes] pre-orders are wiped clean as the clock strikes midnight on the day of the release. Consequently, that title's chart position is determined by what new sales activity takes place on the first day of it's release, not all the activity it had generated through pre-orders." 


  1. Screw that. I'm pre-ordering the day it's available. Can't wait to get my copy of his album.

  2. Thanks for the article, I won't pre- order.

  3. Can we confirm this with Shoshanna? I always order on the day of the release anyway cause it's obvious release date is the day of the impact on iTunes chart.

  4. Why do the labels want you to pre-order if it hurts the artist? That just doesn't make sense. Someone please explain.

  5. We'll update the info as we get more clarification..

    (I always pre-order through iTunes but am holding off until I know more...)

    This is what we have for now..

    It could certainly change...

    If Shosh, Adam, his label, etc.. say anything different, we'll post it here right away..

  6. Thanks for reporting this, glitzylady, very important. It would also seem important to purchase from iTunes, based on that exec's comments, but I'd be hesitant to tell a whole community of fans that they need buy only from one particular retailer -- buy from whomever you like to buy -- but just do so on first official release day.

    @10:37pm: "Screw that." LOLOLOL Ok, you GO! LOL

    @10:50pm: You know, you got a point there. But maybe that was before this change was made and this news was announced. Maybe you'll start seeing companies remove the pre-order option or, at least, not put much emphasis on that and to moreso otherwise promote Day Of Onsale.

  7. 10:50pm. It's a new configuration by Apple that orders prior to release date won't effect it's chart. For whatever reason Apple came up with that configuration! Seems like the label executives understand it and it's only matter of getting used to it.

  8. this is only to see impacts on iTunes charts on release date. Right?

    Not Billboard charts. Right?

  9. @Anon 11:20 PM
    Good question.. We'll post that info as soon as it becomes more clear..

  10. @Glitzylady, where is the actual source about this info.? Is it from Apple? This thread title doesn't match the recap. We might be trolled. Who is this person reporting this blurb?

  11. So maybe so much attention won't be paid to iTunes then in the future. Too bad this transition is happening right now.

    Hopefully Shosh will give us advice on timing of purchases.

  12. seems counterintuitive to not buy Adam's album when Adam tweets for fans to pre-order on Tuesday. Are some people really going to tweet him back saying "nope sorry"

  13. Give Adam's GhostTown snippet #3 some views on his YouTube channel and like or dislike,very important. While you are there join, just push the subscribe button.

  14. It would be good to find the source of this quote. So far I can only find it on Madonna fan sites who were sharing it and worrying about it like we are.

    I did see this answer on one of the sites:

    Billboard will still count every pre-ordered copy, it's only the iTunes charts where the pre-orders won't have as much impact as it's had before.

  15. Billboard is what counts for charting. Do we really need to care about iTunes?

  16. We'll do whatever makes the most sense for Adam's music..

    We'll also have a MUCH clearer idea of what to do re pre-orders by Tuesday or maybe even sooner (I sincerely hope so.. as a fan and as a blog admin I NEED more info, confirmation, etc..!!!)... ..

    If this is all a bunch of BS, we'll post that info too!!!

  17. So does that sound like we can preorder from other places but not ITunes? B&N, WalMart, AO ect.

  18. Hmmmm, I wonder if this applies to every country. I guess it does but the whole thing seems odd.

    Does anyone know if Ghost Town is going to be released in CD form or is that too outdated now?

  19. i figured this must not have been true. Glad we figured that out.

  20. Isn't it fun to be worrying about all this again?

  21. IMO, That has to do probably with Apple wanting more money from labels/artists and since album sales aren't that good labels/artists said to Apple, No way Jose. Apple in return isn't securing No. 1 spot for artists. Apple gets the money right away from preorders but won't secure the spot on release date. That's just my opinion and most likely other digital stores follow what Apple is doing. Then no problem we buy on release date which is 4/21st for GT.

  22. @Anon 11:47 PM
    Thanks for the Billboard info..I've been trying to find out about that!

    I'm updating the thread topic as we speak!!!

  23. It said they are doing this to help indie artists.

  24. No, it's not fun. I want to purchase Adam's music and know it will count towards his chart/s position/s.

  25. Will we be able to order physical copies on amazon; if so, when can we start ordering?

    ATT: GLITZYLADY: Can you answer my above question ASAP please? This is how I order my Adam records. I order quiet a few, and also gift them!

  26. Wow, thanks for this thread. Great info!
    (Assuming it's legit. Still good info to find out if it's not)...

    I don't know how many of us are able to do it.... But there's always buying both iTunes AND Billboard .... And keeping or gifting the hard copy ....? Then both are covered, I suppose.

    Wanted to do that anyway.... As I'll have iTunes for my phone (and Bluetooth in the car) and the hard copy for gifts and better sound via stereo... I can be a dinosaur that way, I guess.

    Anyway, looking forward to hearing more. Thanks, glitzy! :)

  27. 11:57..... You may indeed be on to something there... Makes a lot of sense to me. Thanks!

  28. 12:02 you have to be careful how many you order at one time. We shouldn't expect GL to look all this information up either.

  29. I found the original source of the quote about the change with iTunes.

  30. Since this is not about us; and is about helping Adam initially, the important thing is to do what is best for his roll out.

    I hope we get the correct information, and soon!

    He is really depending on us, and this is so important.

    I will unselfishly do what it takes to help this wonderful man; even if it means waiting for awhile longer. Hope we find out the best way soon!

  31. From what info we have here, I would say preorder your CDs from Amazon and Adam Official and buy your digital copy from iTunes on the release day.

  32. I like pre-ordering from as many places as possible so hopefully some of them will count towards Adam's album charting on BB

  33. Hate to break it to you but it is not Glamberts that will make Adam's album successful. We proved that on Trespassing. Yeah we got him to number one on the 1st week but then the label didn't promote it and the radio never played it. So what we really need is to the common casual person to buy Adam's music or stream it. I am hoping that WB has a great strategy to break Adam's music to the masses. We'll see.

  34. @yada, it's product positioning in virtual internet world. Apple brand is huge and its iTune is more popular than ever. Of course they want more compensation from labels/artists using their brand.

  35. The very very cool thing here is the way we all help each accomplish our goals of helping Adam to have successful roll out of his new music!!!

    I saw a tweet earlier today by a fan who said she is a member of a few other fandoms but Adam's fans are the most organized and amazing of all..

    I tend to believe it!!!

    And I think we'll know very soon what to do, when to order and from which sites..

    Adam Official will be posting "The Original High" album Pre-Order info on their site on Tuesday, the 21st...

    Hopefully, ALL of our questions will be answered then....

  36. Is it a policy in the US that you can only purchase 2 physical CDs at a time to count towards the charts, and any further physical CDs won't be counted unless they're bought in a separate transaction? That's how it is where I hail from.

  37. @12:07 AM

    I don't expect anything from glitzylady; but, I had rather get the information from someone that I consider reliable rather than a lot of different people, with different answers, who may or may not know the correct answer. I will definitely have faith in her carefully researched answers!

    Also, I think that glitzylady is capable of speaking for herself. If she has a problem with me asking; let her be the one to inform me, I don't think it is necessary for you to take it upon yourself to do so.

    Thanks for your response, but, I will await my answer from
    glitzylady on my question; now including if there is a problem in purchasing too many at a time from Amazon; since it was addressed to her in the first place!

  38. 12:20.... Interesting input! Thank you. So.... for my educational purposes (and anyone else who may be interested?) .... Are you saying that iTunes receives more compensation from an artist's label when that artist places significant position on the chart? And so.... Then by "clearing he slate clean", so to speak, by only extending ratings to artists (and their labels) via the artists' actual release dates .... It crystallizes the artists positions and thereby impacts the compensation Apple receives?
    (Or am I looking to far into your post?)

    Thanks for any thoughts.... Trying to learn. :)

  39. 12:29 Well, I never!!! LOL

  40. Glitzylady isn't the final word on this. She is struggling to find the correct info like the rest of us. I think she will agree we need to take our lead from Shosh.

  41. Yada, go read the original source, the Billboard article at 12:08 AM.

  42. @Anon 12:02 AM
    I would imagine we'll be able to buy physical copies from Amazon as pre-orders... I do that too!!

    Adam Official (Adam's site via his label Warner Brothers Music) will be giving us "The Original High album pre-order info on Tuesday, April 21st, the same day as the release of "Ghost Town"...

    They'll be "final say" in what we can do and what our options are re pre-order..

    In the past, physical copy pre-orders via Adam Official of new music arrive a few days ahead of the actual album release and availability to retail stores... So we'll be keeping a VERY close eye on that upcoming info!!!

    I don't have the info re # of CD's may be purchased together to count..

    But no doubt we will learn that also very soon!!!

  43. @glitzylady /12:29 AM Here,

    Thank you glitzylady, just now seeing your thoughtful post. I will await further information from you! Pretty sure all of my questions mentioned in my post @12:02 AM, will be answered then. Thank you for all of you assistance!

  44. @Anon 12:34 AM
    You're absolutely correct!! I'm a fan just like everyone else and this info is coming out bit by bit... My job is to help spread the word.. and hope that it's the truth and not rumor.. Hard to keep up sometimes!!!! ..

    And yes, we must be careful to listen to the expert/official source of infos, like Adam's publicist, Shoshanna Stone and Adam's Label, Warner Brothers, and his management, for the #TrueFax of all of this!!

    Phew!!! Getting VERY close! So excited to hear ALL of his new music!!!

  45. Glitzylady thanks from me too at 12:07 all of us will put the puzzle together in time for the big day.

  46. @12:34 AM

    Many peeps that do not have tweeter do not even see Shoshanna's responses until glitzylady posts them on this Blog Site!

    It would be wise if a few posters would stop trying to belittle the role of glitzylady in managing this blog and getting the information to fans!!!

  47. I believe Shoshanna will let us know what to do real soon as she did asked us to wait for instruction before.
    Agree with @12.09AM and thanks Glitzylady for all the efforts!
    Everyone is exciting of his new music and it's going to be huge success! *fingers crossed* All our support are important to Adam

  48. Sounds like a potentially viable plan to me, 12:10AM :))....

    And 12:16.... Those are good points you bring... I am glad that there are at least more Adam fans on a worldwide level, it would appear now, to this point to add to the mix. Makes me feel good we can be a part, of course! But.... As you say.... It's MASS appeal that makes the Superstar career.

    Still think WB is already legs up from RCA in various ways that seem a more effective use of strategy, though....

    But, ultimately.... It's been Adam himself that has been carving his name in Superstar history over the last two years, especially.

    I think it's a combination of factors.... Timing this time around... Cultural changes... Mainstream America "hauntings" from the ghost of Adam's pasts (certain Award performance, RS interview, etc) are more behind him and America isn't as eager to make Adam their "goody golden boy or forget it" type qualmings.... Then there's the QAL stroke of genius.... His HUGE growing success and mainstream appeal in the UK (somewhat influences the US; as historically, we've generally maintained a relative fascination with artists they go bonkers over. Similar to our bonkers thing about Adele. And she had been on the scene years prior to '21' in her home country).... And continued world-wide exposure in an already credible fronting role with crossover in the rock genre ... Street cred, here. And then there is that Max Martin/Shellback producing the WHOLE ALBUM thing.... Kinda big. Production royalty as it were....

    RCA may have done this and that (lots of busy) .... But seemed to not push the envelop or go as far as it takes to get the job DONE. Did they believe in Adam? To me.... He seemed a bit like any of their artists .... Cookie cutter marketing - the standard package. No frills just the basics. WB on the other hand.... SEEMS captivated, motivated and EAGER to promote him - they've even spoken from the top of his potential and belief in Adam's "world-wide superstar" status... And their plans to make it exactly that. If they are just throwing out what sounds good .... At least, at this point, they are somewhat convincing about it to me. The premium package :).

    All that shared, you are totally right.... We will see. I'm going in with my eyes wide open with enthusiasm .... Silver linings and all that .... With a couple fingers over my eyes. Lol

    ;) :))

  49. Okie doke, 12:37.... Thanks :)

    -- Reading it now....

  50. As Adam said at Big Ben concert in the UK on New Year's Eve; "HOLY, HOLY, HOLY", the great day of, "GHOST TOWN" RELEASE IS RIGHT AROUND THE BEND!!


  51. Glitzy! You're killin me! Your cropped close-up from Adam's cover pic.....

    I'm Speechless. Befuddled. Suddenly somewhat lightheaded ....

    That face.... With THAT look.

    Okay, Yada breeeeeaathe.........


  52. This fan on Adamtopia made a great checklist of how to support GT on 4/21:

    1) buy GT on iTunes
    2) buy GT on Amazon
    3) start streaming on Spotify
    4) tweet with "#nowplaying #GhostTown @adamlambert" included as many times as feasable
    5) click on all reviews/mentions
    6) tweet/share from the article sites
    7) retweet relevant tweets adding the text mentioned in 4) if needed...
    8) Shazam GT a few times/day
    9) play GT on Adam's Vivo channel a few times/day

  53. Admin Fan brings as much here as Glitzylady. I don't understand why she is always overlooked.

  54. @Anon 3:19 AM
    I agree, and many thanks Admin Fan. You do a great job with very little acknowledgement.

  55. Thanks @April 17, 2015 at 1:54 AM

    I hope people do, are doing, #3-#9. I will keep an eye on #1 & #2 so as to do the best thing for chart position. (personally, I want to see a good position on I-tunes, that's just me, long story :), so I'm going to wait for a little more info on that), but if we all can do what works for us in terms for #'s 3-9, that would be great I would think! :)

  56. It's only iTunes and their chart isn't a big deal. Billboard is counting all pre-sales and sales in the first week and that is all that matters.

    The labels use pre-sells as a guide to overall sales projections. If TOH pre-sells are down from Trespassing pre-sells, WB will not read that as a good sign.

    I am buying the cd the first day it is available for pre-sell.

  57. 6:18 good point. I am confused about all this, but I intend to buy TOH on pre-sale as soon as I can. It's the GT thing that's confusing. I guess iTunes is the best way to buy it right out of the gate. More info to come before Tuesday, I hope.

    Glitzy, thanks for the posting what I discovered late last night on Atop. It really shook me up! I know we'll all buy in every way possible.

    And thanks to Admin Fan and all the mods, too. You keep this great site going through thick and thin. It's a big job.

  58. I think people are making to big of a deal over iTune's change.

    Billboard us what counts.

    Also, look to Shosh for direction.

    BTW, I didn't know you could preorder a single. Are people confusing the CD with the single?

  59. The whole thing (when it first became known in the fandom) was confusing..

    It's the album, not the single, that the pre-order info is impacting in this particular case....

  60. Those of you who are devaluing the "iTunes" effect, so to speak, are not taking into consideration the younger demographic. Without boring all of you, my life involves being plunged into the daily activities of tweens and teens, and in terms of my own little corner of the universe, I can assure you that tweens/teens absolutely are aware of the iTunes top 100, where they are not so aware of actual Billboard Chart position. I routinely witness young people buy something off of iTunes just based on a listen or two, some song that has captured their attention, in the span of a minute. I see around me all the time a teenager call up, on their hand held device, the iTunes Pop Chart (or overall iTunes top 100 chart) and go through the list of the top 30 or so and randomly buy songs at their whim. If "GT" is in the top 50 or higher of the iTunes Pop Chart on their hand held devices, teenagers are more likely to buy it. I am not an industry expert, I am not in the music business, but I see this happen all the time. These kids aren't necessarily aware of, or concerned with, Billboard chart position - but they damn well know what pops up in iTunes on their hand held devices. That's my experience... and I just one person, but I would find it hard to believe that this sort of thing didn't happen all over the country.

  61. 9:40am here. I want to say that of course I want GT to do awesomely on Billboard, of course I do, I was just relaying my experience, after reading some comments about what power and value ITunes position does or doesn't have.

  62. Interesting article on streaming vs. downloads

  63. Lambert Music 411 ‏@LambertMusic411 29m29 minutes ago
    ADAM FANS: If you Shazam “Ghost Town” snippet now, you waste your 1 Shazam for the song! Adam’s team said they would tell us when to do it!

  64. @Anon 9:40 AM
    I'm not a teenager but I do the same thing.. I scan iTunes for new music, I tune into iTunes radio and sometimes instantly buy music right after I listen to the song.. (or occasionally a whole album).. iTunes makes it incredibly easy to listen to and purchase a massive amount of music.. It's my go-to for previewing and discovering music...

    So while there are other sources for digital downloads (because that's what we're talking about here and what will be affected by iTunes change in Pre-Order charting policy), iTunes does have an impact.. We just need to be aware of this fact when pre-ordering DIGITAL downloads...

    Physical copies are NOT affected by iTunes, so we can pre-order those to our hearts content from whomever Adam's label recommends via Adam Official when they announce the "The Original High" album pre-order info on Tuesday the 21st..

    Being a fan is a confusing proposition sometimes!!!!

    We'll continue to update any info on Adam Lambert 24/7 as we learn more...

  65. Warner Bros. Records
    Anyone else getting @adamlambert’s #GhostTown whistle stuck in their head? #andlovingit

  66. screencap of GT on spotify

  67. @SosoChan
    #GhostTown is now on the start page of the music app Yinyuetai, which is one of the biggest music site in China.

  68. Glitzy one question do iTunes pre-orders still count in overall sales but just not 1st week or are iTunes pre-orders not counted for anything at all?

  69. Can we just wait and see what Adam and his team tell us to do? Simple solution is to buy on release date. The announced date on all reports for GT is 4/21. Whatever release date for album is we will know later. I buy all other artists' music from iTunes a day or two after their release date cause that's when I get emails from their labels. Just sign your email up on to get notifications from wbr.

  70. Watch Adam & WB will tweet for us the pre-order on iTunes and then all of this will suddenly get forgotten.

  71. This info is given out here on 24/7 as a heads up..And as an explanation re the iTunes pre-order and iTunes charting changes.. We want only the very best for Adam and we strive to keep fans informed of current info, whatever it may be..

    It came up as a concern yesterday and we're giving out the info as a courtesy to fans who need the info.. or were not aware..

    As we learn more specific info, we'll post it on the blog, as we always do..

    We've also stated in the thread topic that Adam Official (via Adam's label Warner Brothers Records) will be giving us the very specific information/directions for Pre-Order of "The Original High" on Tuesday, April 21st.. The date of release for TOH is still under wraps.. Perhaps we'll get a release date then, but maybe not..

    We'll know more then..

    And I have NO DOUBT that we'll get the final word from Shoshanna Stone and probably from Adam...

    In the meantime, this is what we know..


  72. @Lambertlust
    They are counted in overall sales but not on first day sales like they used to.. Billboard still includes them... This info applies only to iTunes....

  73. Yes Shoshanna and Adam have said nothing about this. I am very skeptical until I get official word.

  74. This is worrying before the fact about something that doesn't matter.

    You can't pre-order a single. So it should do just fine on Billboard and iTunes.

    When it comes to the CD, I'm sure most of us will buy more than on copy so pre-order a CD from AO or Amazon and download the CD from iTunes on the release date. All based covered.

    It's going to take more than just us buying the single and CD to make it a success so don't worry so much and let the public interest, which I think will be high from all the reviews, and radio play carry Adam the rest of the way. We can only do so much.

  75. Don't buy Adam's music? Logical right.

    1. You know that's not what this is about right?? We're trying to help maximize impact, not discourage sales...

      Of COURSE we'll all buy Adam's music!!!

  76. Summary of this thread:

    Please buy TOH album on its announced release date in order to secure top position on iTunes chart. Thanks for your consideration!

    Now let's have a huge celebration this Tuesday for Ghost Town.


    A mega fan

  77. Dear "A mega fan".....

    Celebration sounds like a fine idea!

    I'll bring the champagne.... Can you bring hors d'oeuvres?

    Canapé, anyone? Wine, perhaps?


  78. @glitzy 9:52 AM

    9:40 here... Yup, I gotcha, I hear 'ya, on all of that, thx :) ... I was mostly commenting because I wanted to reach out to the few posters up-thread of my original 9:40 post, (who I do think were being very sincere but were de-emphasizing iTunes's influence imo) which explained that imo iTunes charts can be as crucial as Billboard charts. I posted a few links after my 9:40 post, and I don't have time to go back and look right now, but one of them spoke to iTunes' influence on other charts.

    Also, on a personal note to you, iTunes is my personal go-to for new music discovery and purchasing too. LOL. It's a litte TOO easy to buy music digitally there ;). Others in my household also use GooglePlay and this or that, but I just stick with iTunes :). Anyway, blah blah... but I really do think that my experience with observing how young people buy music is not unique, as you elaborated on with the detailing of your own habits, and I'm crossing my fingers for a good iTunes position after release so that people, regardless of demographic, see it easily and quickly, and consider purchasing it digitally, right on the spot, or soon thereafter, after giving it a listen. Fingers crossed hard :).

    A little Off-Topic: To those saying - just take a wait and see attitude on all of this - I will respond with this ... I have a crazy busy weekend right through Monday night ahead of me, I might not have a lot of time to surf online about Adam Lambert & GT in the next 3 days, because as much as I adore him, I have a busy RealLife, so I am trying to get my thoughts together on purchasing his new single tonight, see what information is available to me tonight, while I have a minute to breath and think ... so I am reading the information available right now, if you don't want to, scroll or move on. Thank you.

  79. @Anon 1:36 PM
    Some of my comments were more in general (instead of doing a separate comment, I just included them in the comment to you ;))) ...

    Much appreciated your comments!!!

  80. Getting GT to #1, doesn't seem to be the issue, fandom has that on automatic, but sustaining the momentum can be more problematic. Seems that once all the pre-orders of the cd are counted, that the rest is up to the general public to make it a runaway hit which keeps going and going. Need more than the #1 spot to keep it going even for the single.

  81. Glamberts can get GT to number one on iTunes initially but keeping it there will take the general public and casual fans downloading and streaming it. I hope WB has a solid plan to make that happen.

  82. @1:54
    That list is great. Everything you can do sitting behind your computer using all the modern digital ways possible.

    At the same time it's almost like a list what to do to AVOID any normal way of communication (or maybe it's not normal anymore?) Fsce-to-face contacts, word of mouth, talking to your nearest and dearest, friends & acquaintancies, neighbours and accidental people you meet in shops, boutiques, cafes, airports, gas stations...Making actual phone calls, sending personal text messages and emails, asking your local stores to make sure they order it asap, shouting it from the roof tops...

    Where's the Human Touch!?!

    No time to be shy, we're promoting The Original High!!!!

  83. Hey Glitzy, I could swear that Adam himself tweeted out a message to "pre-order now" on like 4/22, does that sound familiar to you? Cuz I followed his request and pre-ordered. I had also planned to buy another on the release day. Let me know, I trust your guidance babe.