Saturday, April 1, 2023

Brian May, Roger Taylor and Adam Lambert Announce Q+AL Rhapsody Tour 2023 For North America (UPDATED!)

UPDATE (4/1/23) ("New/Old"): Adam Lambert with Brian May & Roger Taylor (Queen + Adam Lambert) are interviewed by former MTV VJ — and now Sirius XM host — Mark Goodman on Sirius XM's Classic Rewind Channel, March, 24, 2023.  The interview features Q+AL's initial announcement of their new Rhapsody 2023 Tour of North America.

AND ... New Billboard print interview with Brian, Roger & Adam! 


  1. Just listened to the whole interview. I am so glad this is not being called a "Farewell Tour." Brian said there could be another one after this one, and another and another. As long as they're healthy and motivated, we could so at least a few more tours. I plan on going to see this one!

  2. Just found this youtube excerpt from Starstruck... first showing some contestants with judges comments....and followed by Adam singing a duet with the woman judge, Beverly (forgot her last name) on Starstruck....Whew! A couple of powerhouse voices! Take a look:

  3. FYI, Adam's episode of That's My Jam is coming up on April 11. I've watched a few of the other episodes. It's very wild and fun and silly, but you have to have some musical knowledge and you have to be quick about it. And then, of course, there's the singing. I think Adam will be great!