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From NEW Interview Adam Lambert 'The Original High', '80's Covers, Queen, & Broadway (+ VIDEOS)

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Posted at : Wednesday, July 01, 2015

From Interview (+Videos) with Adam Lambert


Adam Lambert on ‘The Original High,’ ’80s Covers, Queen and Broadway

Excellent, in-depth interview: a Must Read!

Excerpt from the interview: Adam talks about what he'd want to do if he does something on Broadway in the future:
Q.: So, if you could take your pick, what would you want to do on Broadway?

Adam: If I were going to do a musical, I would want it to be something new. I’d want to originate something. I wouldn’t want to step into something that the last guy did. I was getting frustrated with that with theater to begin with: when you get into these shows that have become “brands” — and I have a lot of respect for those shows — but it sort of gets so “locked in” to how it was originally staged, and that didn’t feel like the most creative opportunity. I want to have some input into how my character moves and dresses and sounds. And with these shows that have been running for a long time, it becomes like a theme park. “This is where you stand, this is how you say the line, this is how you sing the note, and you can’t do it any other way.” I hate being told what to do. So it needs to be like a collaboration.


"For the past few years, Adam Lambert has been singing for Queen on their tours, filling in for his idol Freddie Mercury. In this interview, he talks about when he finally got comfortable with the role."

"Adam Lambert has just released "The Original High" on his new record label, Warner Brothers Records. At one point, he was rumored to be doing an album of '80s cover songs for his former label RCA. In this interview, he explains why singing new wave songs wasn't for him." "

From Idolator: Bonnie McKee Says Adam Lambert Was Her Favorite Person To Work With "I Love Adam Lambert..Best Vocalist I've Worked With..He's Incredible"

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From Idolator:

"Bonnie McKee Talks Starting Over, Her ‘Bombastic’ EP & The Weight Of Expectations: Idolator Interview"

Link to the Interview

                                      Adam Lambert and Bonnie McKee in Oct. 2013

Excerpt from the article:

Who was your favorite person to work with in the studio?

I love Adam Lambert. He’s so cool. He’s so funny, he’s hilarious. He just has me in stitches. He’s also the best vocalist I’ve worked with, hands down, he’s incredible. Not only does he have a huge range and great instincts, he emotes. He’s very emotive. He was a professional musician before any of this American Idol shit happened. He’s been doing it his whole life. I really enjoy working with him.

Via HDpopMusic: Tove Lo vs. Adam Lambert - Ghost Body (Mixed Mashup)

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WBPromoTweet: 'GT' Tagged on Shazam Over 1M Times!

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Toronto's 103.9 PROUD FM: Adam Interview, June 22, 2015

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Thank you, YouTube user jadelle1..!

Via Swagger New York: "Five Minutes With.... Adam Lambert"

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Via Swagger New York: Five Minutes With....Adam Lambert by Mary Grayson

                             Photo credit: Swaggernewyork Instagram


At a Shazam event on Monday night, Adam Lambert joined the company in announcing a new feature that’ll allow users to see what music their favorite artists are discovering on the platform.

Trying hard NOT to gawk over his notable style and ageless beauty, we caught up with crooner who recently dropped his third studio album, The Original High. Our conversation hardly left the realm of fashion and music, but here’s some of our favorite moments

3. BLK DNM leather jackets. Also, a side note: Lambert has the best accessories around.

4. The Pride Parade in New York City. For those of you who couldn’t attend, it was hot, hot, hot! Lambert told us that he celebrated away from the crowds, but his pre-parade festivities were “WILD”.

Read more of what they chatted about at the link embedded above.....

Adam Lambert's 'Ghost Town' Official Music Video Has Over 8 MILLION Views!! (6-30-15)

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Adam Lambert's 'Ghost Town' Official Music Video now has over 8 MILLION VIEWS!

Adam Lambert Debuts At #16 On The Artist 100 Billboard Chart (Week Of July 4th)

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Adam Lambert Debuts at #16 on "The Artist 100 Billboard Chart".. 

LINK: "Billboard Artist 100 Chart"

"The Artist 100 is the first weekly survey dedicated to measuring artist activity across Billboard's most influential charts, including the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, Top Album Sales and the Social 50. The Artist 100 blends data measuring album and track sales, radio airplay, streaming and social media fan interaction to provide a weekly multi-dimensional ranking of artist popularity."

Adam Lambert's "Ghost Town" Is #1 For the 3rd Week In A Row On #SouthAfricanTop100 (SA Charts)

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Adam Lambert's "The Original High" Album Art Covers A HUGE Window At Warner Music Poland! See VIDEO Of The Reveal!

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"The great revealing of Adam Lambert's "The Original High" album cover on the Warner Music Poland office window in Warsaw."

Photo credit: Screen shot via @glitzylady of Adam Lambert's full window display of #TheOriginalHigh Album cover at Warner Music Poland Headquarters from the video below

Video via Gagda Witam on You Tube

UPDATED With a report of the event from an administrator of

Twit longer LINK HERE