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Yahoo! Music Lyndsey Parker Interviews ADAM LAMBERT (Grammys & More Backstage 2-10-12)

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Posted at : Saturday, February 11, 2012


Anonymous said...

FINALLY!!! Finally heard BTIKM on the radio ...Boston's Kiss 108 played it as an EXTRA on the "Top 30 Countdown..."

HELP HELP!!! Need huge response... This is BIIIIG time... the Countdown makes it or breaks it here. They Didn't say a word about it in intro... just "Adam Lamber's new one --- Let us know what you think..."

Please write in!!!! Please let them know we love it! --- Play it and put it on the countdown, you love it, etc. Let's get this some attention...Woooohoooo!!!

Critical this makes it here!!!
Thanks, Cindy

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Cindy. Well finally and I missed it. And I've requested the song many times. Maybe now it will be played on the Matty show during my drive times with so many listeners.


Anonymous said...

Oh! Adam!!!! You don't need to cross your fingers my dear. This is your year baby and the album will be huge in/out.

You will win I'll bet anyone who dares me!!!!:))))


The Dark Side said...

Always love the Adam Lindsey Parker interviews. She is so cool, and gets good info. Doesn't ask the same stupid always asked questions. Tried voting on Vh1 today for Adam and it told me I had already voted my 20 times, which I hadn't voted even once. What's going on?????

glitzylady said...

@The Dark Side..
Did you vote yesterday?? If so, I think its on a 24 hour clock, so you would have to wait until after the last time you voted yesterday... : ))) Seems to be the way those things are set up..

Anonymous said...

@the dark side

Me too. I tried voting many times on. vh1 but I get the same message. They probably have to set everything after thr Top 20 Countdown this morning.


Anonymous said...

I so agree that hopefully we will see Adam next year at the Grammys when Trespassing is nominated for album of the year. That would be terrific. Love watching these interviews. He must have done dozens by now, but Adam is still personable, articulate and candid. And that was interesting to hear the comments about his international success and acceptance, even moreso than he may have received here for his first album. The collab with Bruno Mars should be very exciting and I hope it is included on the album. It seems that Adam has the best of the best working with him on Trespassing and I cannot wait for its release in March(or April).

Anonymous said...

@ AG
Hi! I hope so!!! Matty itM would be the perfect time to showcase him, especially since he gave Adam that STELLAR intro at Kiss Concert. W O W!

So glad you request, me too, and keep going!!!! Write to Billy too!!! This is our time now to Get the Adam ball rollimg.... WooHoooo!

Interview, NICE! Wow how many did Adam DO??? WONDERFUL to see and hear him everywhere, hope all these stations play him.

So from his own lips... he WILL sing again with Queen. R r u m b l e begins... OMG I cannot wait for this...!! I only hope they do it right and it's presented AS EPIC as last time, but this time HERE on USA prime time tv during a HUGE viewing event!!! THAT is how this country needs to see him.

Yes Adam, WE can't wait to hear the recorded track of Trespassing either, It must be incredible! I almost wish they'd released that one first. Maybe they felt BTIKM was safer.. but damn Trespassing sounds great!

Anonymous said...

@ Cindy, I did write to Billy with a few big "thank you"s and with hopes that it would be played on the morning show. Fingers crossed. Hope others do the same. MGF where are you?


Anonymous said...

So sweet and how about this the word "G--" didn't even come up in the interview. It is about DAMN time!