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Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Monday, May 9, 2016

Posted at : Monday, May 09, 2016

 Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEW


Lam-My said...

Hello Chibi Adam...You're back to say good-bye; a little sad, just when I am taking a liking to you. So you are actually a fireman; all the while I thought you were a Spaceboy from the Red Planet. Anyway, firemen are so brave and selfless, some even dash into a burning house to save someone who can't escape, like being engulfed in smoke. Fire is a master and a servant rolled in one.
Good-bye Chibi! Perhaps, will see you in the far-off future. Thanks for inspiring me to write Chibi stories.

Lam-My said...

11 hours ago - Uploaded by Ri Fletcher
Adam Lambert performing Welcome To The Show at Kesselhaus in Munich.

You're always welcome Adam ! to any part of the world.

Lam-My said...

Bringing back my Chibi story with a couple of changes...

Helloo Chibi Adam...good to see you again !

You like my new hexagon space module; I left the mothership to venture out...this time, I brought along Chibi Terrence and Chibi Holly.

You're looking so confident unlike the last time being chased by those Red Spiders.

Oh they've gone back to Mars. I made a mild complaint to Mars Spider King and he ordered them to stop stalking me. lol! Spider King is my confidante, trusts him a lot.

Hey, do you know what your hexagon/triangle/circle spaceship represents?
Well, it represents the Universe, more importantly, You! Me! Life! One! beginning, no end.

Ah, Lam-My, there you go again...I'm not so deep lol! I just like this hexagon shape because it lets me sit on any side I like and then zooom! zooom!

So I see you have come to sell us pillows? Well they look nice but not sure if I would sleep well on them.

Why not? They're soft and nice...handmade by those Mars Aliens in the Red cave...they use hypnotic material to lull you to sleep.

So how would you transport them here to the Earthlings?

Oh, simple, by telekinesis...I don't even have to lift a finger.

Yea, good for you...flying, firefighting and singing all over the world and zooming around space descending on Earth to bring us your latest technology pillows.

So when can I join you in your hexagon galactica spaceship?

Chibi Adam:
Er... how shall I put's not going to happen; actually, I've come to say good-bye.

Silence... softly...

What? You mean you won't be coming back anymore? I was hoping to zooom around with you on your hexagon spaceship!

Thanks for the lovely times anyway and for inspiring me to write Chibi stories.

May 2, 2016 at 10:17 PM (1st print)

Anonymous said...

These Chibis are just gorgeous!! & oh no!! It's time to say good-bye to the Chibis??!! O^O Thank you so much CreativeSharka for sharing your beautiful art with us. Hopefully, there'll be more Chibis at some stage in the future. Can't have too much of a good thing!! :-)

Dee R Gee said...

I LOVE these!

glitzylady said...

CreativSharka was saying "goodbye" to the The Original High tour by creating this group of Chibis, but I have no doubt she will continue to create these awesome Chibis for Adam (and his friends, including the men of Queen etc..) in the future..

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

@glitzylady ... kind of OT ... what happens to TOH tour band now? I really liked these musicians .. they really had it all together ... IMO!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw

Kindred said...

I love these Chibis too! Their faces are so beautiful and all the details.:)))
In a couple of days I'm gonna crawl back under my "countryside-rock" for some vacay-time this summer. Of course I'll come back to check the QAL-news and can't stay away from a few other interests either, hehee;)! Thankey for your Chibi-stories and have a nice time here Lam-My w your upcoming QAL-inspired posts. I'm gonna try and check them up:)!

I'm so thankful and spoiled for the active admins on this site, especially Admin Fan for everyday Adam-info. Thank you sooo much and keep up the good work!:D
It's surprisingly cold yet here in Finland but IT's SUMMER for goodness sakes isn't it!!! So shorts and T-shirt on and out to the sun,jippiii.....!:D
Ps. One last look of Adam's GMA TOH performance, oh yeah!:)))

Lam-My said...

Hey Kindred! You sure know how to live life to the fullest surrounded by love and nature...who can ask for more. Have a great summer under your countryside-rock! That is so uniquely put. I was just talking to Anne Marie about Adam returning to Finland with Queen...and I told her, will be waiting for her ninja skills to spill the beans; now you too, update me on their never-ending love story. lwl! Thanks a lot Kindred! and AdminFan!