Skinpress Demo Rss Alisan Porter and Adam Lambert 'Talked Every Single Day' Throughout Her Journey on The Voice

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After being crowned the winner of The Voice's tenth season, Alisan Porter has a lot of gratitude for not only her coach, Christina Aguilera, but also her family and friends, including Adam Lambert.

"Oh my God, Adam – I think we talked every single day throughout this process and from beginning to end, with song choices, with outfits – he's so particular," Porter, 34, told reporters after the finale on Tuesday. "He's like, 'Your makeup tonight was perfect except for this.' And I'm like, 'Okay, well Adam said...'" 

Because Lambert – who appeared on the eighth season of American Idol – has been through a similar process before, he knew just what to say to keep Porter at ease.


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Anonymous said...

An article in the June/July edition of Winq magazine ..........

Dee R Gee said...

I wish Alisan luck. It's brutal out there in the music industry regarding of your previous credentials or even your talent. Very few singing show winners (and contestants in general) become superstars. The Voice has produced none, I think. Idol produced a few. I know it's been said before, but most viewers of these shows will vote their asses off but far fewer will actually support the singer they voted for by buying their music. Out of sight, out of mind.

BTW, the comments section of the article veered off Alisan and wound up focused on Adam for quite a while. Some good comments from Glamberts. Some comments also from a few who don't "get" him at all.

Dee R Gee said...

Meant "regardless of."

JAK said...

I imagine that like Adam, Alisan wants a recording career and the touring that goes with it, concerts, etc. A hard business.
Alison has an exceptionally strong voice, I personally feel that the place for her would be on the Broadway stage. She has acting skills and would be a knockout belting out songs that would make the chandeliers dance in the theatre ceiling.

So would Adam!

Anonymous said...

I'll be keeping an eye out for her album. Can barely wait to get it.

glitzylady said...

Just getting this out of the way first... The article's comments are sad in many ways.. Avoid unless you want to be upset. So many internet trolls out there, with no clue about anything other than putting others down.

Anyway... Back to the actual subject! I've followed Alisan Porter's career almost since the day I first discovered Adam, back on Idol Season 8. She and Adam have been dear friends for years and I love the fact that they are there for each other..

I'm so grateful to have been at the Glam Nation Tour concerts at both the last two which were in LA, at the Music Box and the Nokia Theater, where Alisan opened for Adam, along with her band at the time. She was awesome then too. The Music Box concert was possibly my favorite of the 6 GNT's that I was able to attend (so long ago now!!) because it was SO personal to Adam, and felt so intimate: a full circle moment being back in the theater that he performed at least one of the Zodiac Shows, where he sang "A Change Is Gonna Come" for the first time. Alison was a performer with that very talented group of performers back in the day.. And of course she co-wrote "Aftermath" on Adam's first album. And dueted with Adam at the Music Box that night..

I also have her 2014 album "Who We Are", which was self-published... and have enjoyed it very much for the past 2 years..

If anyone is interested, here's that album in iTunes:

She's not only a skilled and talented vocalist but a wonderful songwriter.. I've followed her life and career, her joys and accomplishments, including her marriage and the births of her two beautiful children, fairly closely in the past 6 plus years.. I do this NOT because Adam tells me to, but because I find her interesting and likable and talented and worthy.. And I resent the implications that I see bandied about that she won because of Adam Lambert's influence.. It takes more than a few Glamberts votes to win a major talent competition! She was the popular contestant from the very beginning and the one that most reviewers expected to win.. Even "The Voice" coach Adam Levine said that she was the likely winner at the time of her blind audition. And she wasn't even on his team.. He just knew that could happen, based on her voice and talent alone..

So thrilled for her and wishing her great success.. I have a feeling that she may well be the first real "The Voice" success story.. And if knowing Adam plays a small part in that, so be it...

Just my 2 cents.. :)))

Dee R Gee said...

Thanks for your overview of Alisan. I knew little of her beyond Curly Sue so many years ago and only re-discovered her through Adam. She has really had a lot of experience in show business. And I do think she might just be the first contestant from The Voice to actually become a star. Maybe she and Adam will try to perform together at some point. They go back such a long time as friends. I hope that all the Voice voters who voted for her will follow through and buy her music. THAT'S the key.