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Adam Lambert's Snapchat photo "Moisturize"

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Posted at : Tuesday, July 05, 2016

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Lam-My said...

That's called a facial mask supposedly to remove dead skin cells; moisturise. I used to do that but retired its use many moons ago. It helps to a certain extent only, I think the skin is due largely to one's constitution...more effectively tackled from the inside out...healthy lifestyle, good wholesome food, cleanliness.

Anne Marie said...

I agree Lam-My, I think Adam does all of that. He has to face close ups of camera shots all the time, so I think he works extra hard at his skin problem, that he claims he has. It isn't easy being a celebrity, it's a constant awareness of being diligent. One of the many reasons I thought S was good
for him, they think alike on these things. Not sure if S is a past event any more. Adam seems to have no room for much down time. Hope he gets a vacation before he hits the road again. He might just stay home and have friends over, he has a lot of family and friends to see now, especially little Riff. He must be looking forward to being in his own home, he hasn't had much of a chance this whole year.
Hope you are doing well, Lam-My.

Lam-My said...

Thanks Anne Marie... hope you are well too; as older people, health comes first; other things can wait a little while longer. I can only write so feverishly when I'm well and I enjoy doing it; actually Adam started me on this...will always hold him accountable for what he has done. lol! Actually, Adam is good for semi old folks like me and you as well, who are still very brain alert, but slow down considerably in bodily metabolism/mobility.
You're spot-on with regard appearance to the minutest detail, like face, weight, skin, health etc. so I don't envy's a huge undertaking just making sure to appear flawless on camera; must be quite nerve-racking; but he has 2 big pluses on his side, his God-given beauty and multi-faceted talents...that will take him a long way. The only big sacrifice now is a real relationship...somebody toooo love; actually, he is surrounded by love...and that is helluva lot!