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New Photos! Queen + Adam Lambert Asia Tour @ Taipei 9-19-16

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Posted at : Monday, September 19, 2016

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Anne Marie said...

I think he does sometimes read our posts, I just said a couple of days ago, that the shorts and the crown were out of place, it is not regal enough. And Voila here he comes with a robe, befitting a king with the crown. Luv ya Adam. I think there were a lot of requests asking for the feathers to come back again. He takes notice what his fans like, and "IF" he agrees he does his best to comply.

Nanbert said...

Anne Marie, you are probably right.... and/or Adam's friends may tip him off to "trends" in fan's remarks. I am constantly amazed at the wide "swings" in taste or preference just seen on this website.

Even though Adam marches to his own drummer-- part of the reason he's more than simply "A VOICE" to his fans-- I'm sure it's important (commercially) to keep his "ear to the wall". He has stated about us (Glamberts) that "we let him be himself", and that's true, because we all love him. He can't "shake" US with an offbeat costume or haircolor.

But, most importantly, there are still a lot of people who... never heard of him before.. don't know any thing about him ... have never seen him... or have made up their minds that they are not interested in him...etc. etc.... you know what I mean. Those are all potential Glamberts if just given a "start".

That's why IMHO we are doing Adam a dis-service if we ONLY say "Adam, I love you".. "Adam, you're beautiful", "you're wonderful, Adam", "you're perfect, Adam"-----that is already "a given" from Glamberts...nice to hear---but incredibly dull, and not very helpful.

I'm sure Adam's "people" are not simply "Yesmen"-- nor should we be. Because we all have the same goal -------TO HELP ADAM MAKE THE WHOLE WORLD GLAMBERTS!!!!!

We would NEVER want a "Plain Vanilla" Adam...that would be a disaster! But we do want him to show off at his best, while still being his wonderfully weird, offbeat...and loveable self!

Sorry about the soapbox, folks -- Adam seems to bring that out in me!

Nanbert said...

P.S. If you're there Adam....please bring back the gold fringed, gold studded sleeves you wore in the first QAL tour. I can see you unfurling them like wings while singing, and dramatically spinning around and around with them flying about you at the end of "Somebody To Love"...Sigh! It's so "Signature Adam", IMO.

And, oh yes, wear them with those black leather pants! Sigh, again!

Kathy said...
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Lam-My said...

皇后合唱團 - warng ho hir charng tuan / Queen band/choir (second photo)

皇后 warng ho / queen (literal)

皇 warng / king (traditional)
王 warng / king (shortened form)

合唱團 hir charng tuan / band/choir

合 hir / together/joined
唱 charng / sing
團 tuan / group/band/choir ... 团 tuan (shortened form)

This sentence is really cute:

我的 Monday 不 blue...My Monday is not blue lwl! Queen and Adam lifted her spirits.

我的 wor der / my
不 bu / not

This last word encompasses all ... 爽 ! shuang / super / great / enjoyable

晚安 wahn arn / good night

Lam-My said...

I left this out: (1st photo, not second)

美好星期一 mei how seeng chi ih / beautiful Monday (Taipei QAL concert)

美好 mei how / beautiful
星期一 seeng chi ih / Monday

星期 seeng chi / day
一 ih / one

(4th photo)

最騷的那種 jui sow der na joong / the hottest/sexiest kind lwl!

最騷 jui sow / hottest
那種 na joong / that kind

fluttsp said...

WOAH!!! Photo #4!!! <3