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Promo Video! Queen + Adam Lambert On Tour Live in Hong Kong 2016

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Posted at : Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS 



Lam-My said...

Adam, at the end of the concert you might want to thank the Hong Kong audience with...

多謝 dor jeh - Thank you. (formal or for a gift)

唔該 (Mm goi) - Thank you. (informal for a service)

Example if someone helps with your luggage ... Mm goi

Your fans may say: lei ho chock 樣 ... you are very sexy/handsome/chic...lwl!

你 ... 好 ho / very ... 樣 chock / chic

Goodbye 再見 (joi geen) ... 拜拜 (bai bai)

再 joi / again ... 見 geen / see

Your smile is beautiful.

你嘅笑容好靚。lei gor siew yoong ho lang

你 嘅 lei gor / your
笑容 siew yoong / smile
好靚 ho lang / very beautiful ... (ho/very, lang/beautiful)

Adam, you and Queen are 顶呱呱 ding gua gua / top / epitome (used as a phrase).

blu said...

Boy . . . his hair grows fast . . .

Dee R Gee said...

blu, thank God.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I hope it grows in quickly ... not complaining ... just LOVE his Gorgeous locks the way they were ... longer & different color!! ADAM is so Handsome ... just don't want anything to take away from that beauty!! I vote everyday on the two Most Beautiful polls ... I hope every Voting Glambert will join me in voting for ADAM ... I hate seeing him in 2nd place ... here's the link for all interested Voting Glamberts .... Thanx!!

World's Most Handsome Men poll ...

Most Handsome American Men poll ...

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Dee R Gee said...

Voted on both. No way should Adam come in second. Every poll keeps that gorgeous face out there with the stars.

Nanbert said...

Blu and Dee R Gee... that ad was filmed a good while ago ... B.S. (before shaving). Sorry to disappoint you!

I'm voting as often as possible. I wish that was a better picture of Adam on that website...but grateful that it's not of one with half his hair shaved off and the rest dyed green!

Nanbert said...

If we are going to have regular language lessons on this website, I will volunteer to add some short lessons in useful French, `and I'm certain there are other Glamberts who can contribute in Hebrew, Italian, German, Spanish and other pertinent languages on a regular basis. We could space them out so that there will be only one language lesson per comment section.

Any thoughts/suggestions on this? Any volunteers?

Lam-My said...

Language is life and soul
And so I enjoy them
Why not, it paints a culture
Originated, transformed
Through thousands of years
To arrive on our doorstep
Take a leap of faith
Linguists have a field day
If you know one language that's okay
But if you know 3...
Your life is 3 times richer!
And that keeps ignorance, arrogance at bay

Lucy said...

@ Nanbert-----I love learning bits and pieces of different languages. French is the only one I have studied, but I have ended up in an area where Spanish would have been more helpful!

Nanbert said...

Lucy.. I studied French at the Ecole Berlitz in Brussels (French-speaking area of Belgium), where we lived for two years (1958-60)-- but mostly just"absorbed" it by living there. Then we moved to Libya, where we had a wonderful "houseboy",from Tunisia, who spoke three languages fluently... Arabic, French and Italian... but NO English. So, strangely, we communicated with him entirely in French during the four years we spent there. He was an invaluable translator for us in Arabic. One would have expected him to be a braggart or arrogant about his multi-lingual abilities, but he just accepted it as a part of himself, like an arm or a leg... and I admired him for his strength of character and self-deprecating demeanor among us and his peers.

But I digress, sorry, it seems the older I get the more I live in the past. That said, I have to admit that my French has gotten quite rusty since I stopped "living" with it, but I still retain some useful rudimentary memory of the basics.

Lam-My said...

Come to think of it...I might have killed more than one bird with one stone; I remember now, the pre-signing days, I had a couple of Anonymous Stalkers who supported each other. By golly they have names! but their game is still so lame. Kind of evokes a song I learnt as a child, called three blind mice:

Two blind mice
Two blind mice
See how they run
See how they run
They both ran after
The farmer's wife
Who cut off their tails
With a carving knife
Have you ever seen such a thing in your life
As the two blind mice...two blind mice...

Nanbert said...

It has turned out to be a beautiful and peaceful day here in Pittsburgh!

My thoughts on PEACE....

Waste of time to live in the Past
Don't hold on to animosities fast
Life's too short.. Death too soon
Be a kind person.. don't act like a loon
Smile with the Sun, don't bay at the Moon
Give it a try, new friends you'll find soon
In any case, please don't be a buffoon

Lam-My said...

Of course, the guilty party will swiftly advise me not to live in the past. Inadvertently, you have admitted you were indeed my Faceless Stalker; I always like the truth...past present or future. You see, by going back to the past, I now realise why you have replied the way you did on the previous occasion accusing me of making things do have an axe to grind! To tell you the truth, I had a lot of suspicion about you all this time. You see you may be Anonymous or with a name, but one's writing is like a thumb-print, it exposes one's brain. Look at all the demeaning words you are spewing...very reminiscent of my cowardly faceless stalker who finally has no choice but remove her mask.

Lucy said...

Oh boy!

Nanbert said...

It's neither clever or amusing when children's poetry is turned into a thinly veiled threat by some paranoid stranger..............who delusionally decides you are a hated enemy... a "Faceless/Anonymous Stalker"... rediscovered...from some "pre-signing time" (whatever that is)!!!!

Nanbert said...

BTW..My sophomoric poem on "Peace" (above) was a H.S. English homework assignment I found
poking through an old scrapbook.... It was NOT written as "advice" to anyone in 2016.

Yes, I admit it, I'm a hoarder. And you should see the piles of papers I have accumulated re:, articles, photos, etc. etc. -- photocopied from my computer excursions -- that I promise myself to organize, but somehow never do. I seemed to have lost my scrapbooking skills, and the piles keep growing..... Oh my!

Here's my question - Is there anyplace or anybody who I could send all my Adam papers to that would love to scrapbook/organize them for themselves...or for Adam?

Lam-My said...

Your "thoughts on peace" (above) follow with derogatory words that are far from peaceful! You are confused and contradictory as usual!

Just like when you termed "toxic literature"/ "tempest in a teapot"/trivial. Confused and contradictory as usual!

You also can't tell the difference between something that is explained/substantiated from something that is made up!

Finally, if you don't know what the "pre-signing-in" time is...then it's obvious you are trying to evade and inadvertently admitting you were my Anonymous Faceless Stalker! Otherwise, why do you need to pretend you don't know what is "pre-signing-in" when it had been such a big thing on this site. Got you by the tail! Oh I forgot, your tail got cut off by the farmer's wife (above). By the way, children's poetry/songs carry deep meanings. Yes, "paranoid" (above) was one of your words often lashed out on me as that cowardly faceless stalker!

Nanbert said...

ADMINISTRATION: I respectfully request that you publish here the DATE I FIRST joined this website, for all to see, in order to correct a case of mistaken identity. I am being labeled an "Anonymous Faceless Stalker" (see above) and being harassed by my accuser for some offense/s, real or perceived, visited on her by another person/s at some earlier time she called "pre-signing-in".

Lam-My said...

Don't try to evade again! Admin will not be able to print the date you first joined this website because everybody including me was labelled Anonymous without date of joining until the signing-in formalised. For example, my date for joining this site is printed as 2014 when the signing-in took effect. In reality I was here since 2011.

Perhaps, just steer clear of each other, which would be a better way to eradicate disagreements. I seldom initiate conversations with are the one who keeps hinting at/badgering my comments. In fact, you suggested that we treat each other as if we don't exist on this site, very recently! Go check! Do what you say! Confused and contradictory as usual.

Nanbert said...

I definitely joined AFTER that date. That's why I didn't know what it was.

And yes, I was the one who suggested we "don't exist for each other". Still the best idea. don't blame me for "hinting at/badgering your comments". No one can MAKE you comment when you are not addressed --surely you can control that. But you choose to find insult where there is none, and conspiracy where there is none -- you are not the "Star" of every comment or remark.

I am simply not interested in you...nor should you be in me. I tried once to be a friend, and you threw it back in my face. You seem to love and thrive on conflict -- just go elsewhere for your fun.

And stop calling me a STALKER! --I AM NOT THAT PERSON -- THAT'S LIBEL!! And stop your veiled threats with "Two Blind Mice" soon followed by.. "By the way, children's poetry/songs carry deep meanings"! How would you interpret that if it was said to you? who are so quick to find offense?

Enough... a decent person would be expected to apologize for calling me "a stalker", but I guess I can't expect that of someone who doesn't exist!!

Lam-My said...

Well, you are quick to ask for an apology; what about you apologising first for saying I made things up and not only that; you asked for an explanation and didn't even bother to at least say thanks for my taking an interest to offer an explanation and straight away write it off.
If you infer things said in my comments, like above, I can respond to it. Like in the above case, I was using Cantonese for the fun of it, but you have to sarcastically describe it as "regular language lessons on this website"... Go fly a kite I say! The thread is on Hong Kong and it was not a lesson, I just enjoy languages. How often does Adam go to Hong Kong or China; how can that be on a regular basis that I use Chinese and even if I do, it's not your site. Live and let live!
This problem is best settled by staying clear of each other's comments.

Nanbert said...

I rest my case!