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Press Party: 5 times stars showed their appreciation and admiration for Adam Lambert

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Posted at : Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Adam Lambert is currently working as a judge on the latest series of The X Factor in Australia, but he has enjoyed an incredibly varied career so far that has seen him tour as the frontman of Queen, star as Eddie in the recent remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show and return to American Idol as a guest panelist.

To celebrate his achievements and talent, we have rounded up five quotes from other stars who have publicly expressed their admiration for both his personality and his numerous talents.

1. Harry Connick Jr. joined American Idol as a full-time judge in 2013 for Season 13 and praised Adam Lambert's ability to both connect and empathise with the contestants when he stepped in to briefly replace Keith Urban:
"He was terrific, and having the perspective of someone who has been a contestant was really unique. It was so unfortunate, the circumstances having Keith not being there, but you couldn’t find a better replacement for him. Those shows were exciting. It was really cool."

2. In 2015 Robbie Williams told the Polly and Grant radio show in New Zealand that he admires the vocal powerhouse's talent and would love to duet with him in the future:
"He’s really handsome and strikes me as a nice person. I should sing something with him. Will you tell him I said, ‘Hi’ and send my love and I said we should do something together?”
3. Adam Lambert has been touring with iconic rock band Queen for a few years now and members Brian May and Roger Taylor regularly shower praise on his ability and prowess. Legendary guitarist Brian May told The Telegraph that Lambert has an inimitable talent:
"Adam is a phenomenon. We weren’t looking for another singer but Adam is kind of a gift from God. He has a technical ability beyond 99.9 per cent of singers in the world. You see that and can’t help but think, 'I wonder what would happen if we opened that box again?'"


5 times stars showed their appreciation and admiration for Adam Lambert 

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blu said...

When I read articles like these . . . it makes me cry . . . with happiness and then sadness that more people don't recognize what a talent Adam is.

Thank you again Brian May . .

The Dark Side said...

I often wonder back when Simon said Adam would be an International star--probably knew being on AI all those years that the US is not that open to Gay stars. If nothing else this current election has shown the US in its true light.

Anonymous said...

What The Dark Side said!!
and it makes a sad aching feeling deep in my heart when I think about it.

Anne Marie said...

It is so great to hear other stars applaud Adam for his singing. I am surprised that they only found 5, it seems every star who hears him says the same thing. I know I have heard many people who sing, claim they have never heard anyone sing like Adam. It's not just his singing, it's the whole package, I can't begin to name all the reasons he is so appreciated by other people. I think Brian says it best, he is for them , a gift from God. I think we can all say that too.

Anne Marie said...

I am so glad he did not follow his dads advice, and stay with the job he had, just to go on some game show. Wasn't long before his dad saw the light, LOL. Plus Adam go to pay his dad back the money he owed him from his first tour.

LTA said...

As a loyal fan, I invested my crazy time checking the updates and watched him live in concerts. When I met him, my family told me that I needed an intervention but I refused he!he!. Can't wait for more!!:)

Anonymous said...

I think the only reason families don't conduct interventions is because they know it's just wrong to take away deliriously happy.

LTA said...


I forgot to mentioned that the word INTERVENTION is hated now in my family circle he!he!

We are all insane in every different ways ha!ha!

glitzylady said...

Luckily, my entire family adores Adam.. My husband has met him, chatted with him, and totally gets it. And has since our first introduction to Adam on Idol. He even said "We need to vote for Adam Lambert, because he's the BEST!".. and we had never voted for anyone on any reality TV show before.. Adam was our "first".. ;))))

No intervention for us...

Dee R Gee said...

Luckily, my husband is on board, too. He doesn't follow Adam like I do, but he is always interested and "gets it." He loved Adam's RHPS performance, and we saw QAL together in Chicago. My metal head son just moved to PA so we won't have as much chance to talk about music, but he also "gets" Adam, even though he's not into pop music. My son totally respects Adam's talent and his amazing stage attitude. He knows I'm nuts about Adam and teases me when he can. I'm so glad I found a few Glamberts friends close to me to meet up with in person.