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Fan Art! New Chibis of Adam Lambert & Terrance Spencer

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Thursday, December 29, 2016

Posted at : Thursday, December 29, 2016

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS




Lam-My said...

Helloo Chibi Terrence! You look rather fashionable. You and Chibi Adam have built up a friendship of a lifetime, from way before Idol.

Yes Lam-My, we are more than now don't get carried away...we are true brothers who will jump through fire if need be for each other.

So are the both of you planning on Tour 4 round the world?

Don't know yet, still under wraps.

Chibi Terrence, you're a great dancer! I have the honour of seeing you live on stage doing Fever along with Johnnie and Adam. The three of you practically read one another in your dance movements anticipating one another's moves; as a result sooo fluid.

Helloo Chibi Adam! you seem rather quiet.

Hi Lam-My, just wanted Terrence to share my limelight; he is indeed my true brother, he always has my don't bully me!

No, that will be the last thing I would do; why would anyone bully you? You don't even fight back...but when you do, it's Smash! ping pong return lol!

Cheerio! my regards to Johnnie as well.

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...

Hey, Chibi Adam, since you love children so much, I have a new Grandma June story to tell.
By the way, when I first saw your Grandma June snapchat, it irked me, because my concept of you was Handsome Adam and Grandma June knocked me off my rocker, which in fact gave rise to my Grandma June / Red Hair / Alien story like a kind of vengeance at Grandma June lol!
Okay this new story does not go to the outer periphery of our galaxy; it's down-to-earth, a wee bit supernatural.

Grandma June though advanced in age still hiked through the woods nearby her cottage by the stream. She said it kept her alert physically and mentally.
One afternoon, she was as usual hiking round a footpath that wound its way along the meandering stream.
She heard footsteps and so looked back to see who that might be. It turned out to be a little boy walking, and at the same time blowing a flute. It sounded ethereal, the melancholic strains permeated the woods beautifully.
Grandma June waved at the boy...who didn't seem to notice her and continued playing his flute.

Out of the blue, a pair of leopard eyes illuminated a dark corner of the woods. Grandma June panicked and rushed to protect the little boy who seemed oblivious of the danger and just kept blowing his flute. It was too late, the leopard closed in on the boy, growled and showed its fangs. Grandma June screamed to alert the flute boy and to shoo off the beast.
Flute boy was oblivious of the imminent danger...what he did next was completely astounding.
He turned to face the leopard and continued playing his flute at it. The growling beast whimpered, stopped short in its ma mia! it retreated into the woods.

What was that all about? Grandma June was completely mesmerised at what happened right before her eyes!
Was it some unknown magnetic field at play? Perhaps the frequency of the sound emitted by the flute scared it!
Grandma June rushed up to the boy and gave him a heartfelt hug.

I'm Grandma June...what's your name? she asked gently.

Flute boy didn't utter a word, continued playing his flute. Grandma June was really puzzled.
Is there something wrong...why can't he say his name; can he hear me...wondered Grandma June.
Soon they reached a shady part of the stream. Flute boy played a new tune and all of a sudden a very large turtle swam up close to the banks; the boy climbed onto the turtle's back and lo and behold the turtle swam away downstream with him playing his flute on its star-shelled back which served like a boat for him.
Helluva weird! muttered Grandma June.

At this moment, a voice was shouting desperateley: Sonji! Sonji! Come back!

Grandma June pointed downstream, assuming he must be the boy's father. The man ran for his life to find Sonji. Thank goodness, he had got back onto the banks of the stream and his father reprimanded him fiercely:

Don't you run away from me again Sonji ! The little boy didn't utter a word.

Sonji's father thanked Grandma June and explained that his son was special and could do unusual phenomenal things; but he didn't talk much.
At this moment, Flute boy Sonji smiled at Grandma June and finally uttered 4 words that made her sooo happy!

'Thank you Grandma June!' perhaps he felt Grandma June saved his life.

Anonymous said...

"Brotherly love" chibi. :-))