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BrianMayCom Tweeted: 4 FEB: @QueenWillRock +@AdamLambert'15 Berlin.

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Posted at : Saturday, February 04, 2017

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Nanbert said...

Note: If you click on the link above in Brian's email, you'll get to his website, where if you scroll down, you will find the Late, Late Show video and several a long list, on the left, of the "USA and UK Press Coverage (Queen and Adam Lambert on the Late Late Show)"... I counted 77... with links to all their articles about the performance and each one included the same video!

Great advertisement for QAL's North American tour! That video was wonderful...I've watched it many, many times so far.

BYW, did you notice that James Corden "flipped the bird" to Adam a couple of times....which was "blurred" out in the video? On the second one, Adam looked at the audience in surprise, and mouthed to them "He flipped me the bird!" I had to read several articles and watch many videos before I got it all.

Nanbert said...

Correction... Adam mouthed "He flipped me off".

Wonder if that was in the script, or extemporaneous.