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Socialite Life: Instagram Dog of the Week: Pharaoh @ Adam Lambert's Pup

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Posted at : Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS 


Lam-My said...

This is one of the best Adam/Pharaoh instagram pictures. Both so in sync and peaceful. Pharaoh seems so absorbed on what's taking place / Malibu.

Hey Pharaoh, what's on your mind; you seem intrigued.

You're right Lam-My...I was wondering what the hell they were smiling and laughing about.

So what do you think that was?

Well, maybe they were just pretending for the camera. Owoooh!

Ah, that's called pseudo lol!

Your Daddy and Uncle Sauli sitting next to you, are definitely not pseudos. I know that for sure. They mean what they say and say what they mean regardless the circumstances. That's hard to do because all of us have biases; be that as it may, we must try to accord fairness.

I've been treated very fairly after Daddy adopted me; he makes sure I am happy with what I want to do.

Yea, your Daddy is a very fair person; treats everyone with equal respect and dignity but of course those close to him, like you, in a special way.

By the way, I like your ears, so big like antenna dish to capture all the sound waves. Would n't that be too noisy? lol! I'm going to look that up further.

Daddy's home er now my home is so quiet, surrounded by trees and woods; I can hear a pin drop. Owoooh...

Bye Pharaoh! I like talking to you; so unobtrusive and you ever get angry? lwl!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Hi Lam-My ... Just wanted you to know that I really like this little exchange between you & our Pharaoh!! Do you think that's what he's thinking when he & ADAM are being photographed?? Those are cute thoughts!! I appreciate your ideas of what Pharaoh might say if he could talk 'human'!! lol Light 'n Love

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Lam-My said...

Hey Tess, you are so appreciative! I actually had 5 dogs in my lifetime from childhood to adult; perhaps that's why I treat them rather humanly lol! You too had a dog you refer to as Old girl, sounds human. Pharaoh is good for Adam. Adam seems to identify with it, like quite alone when Adam is by himself. Also, Pharaoh was a rejected dog by the owner's landlord and Max, his name then had to be given to the Rescue shelter. Perhaps that pulls at Adam's heartstrings. Very strange though, I'm also drawn to Pharaoh, its human-like mannerisms and always looking at us with his big eyes and big ears as if trying to say something with no sound, so I have to give him a voice lol!

Lam-My said...

By the way, Pharaoh knows you...I told him you are Grandma Tess! lol! Hey Tess, I read you are partially deaf in one ear; so do you hear Adam's high notes very clearly? Very beautiful and pure, you know! As for me, I hear his high, low, medium notes to the core of my brain.

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

I think Pharaoh is overwhelmed by how much attention and love is given lately

Dee R Gee said...

Pharaoh has no idea how famous he is! He just knows that he's got a great owner who takes care of him and is a great snuggler.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Lam-My ... Thank goodness I'm not completely deaf .. it's more like a noisy interference in my head which never stops .. sometimes wakes me when I'm sleeping. I hear ADAM's voice very well ... his notes are so flawlessly pure & clear ... and he doesn't slur or mumble when he sings!! When the noise in my head gets too bad .. I put on my headset & listen to ADAM .. that's the only time I get any relief ... Thank you ADAM!!

We lost Old Girl two years ago this month!! I loved her dearly .. my one & only pet .. she was a sweet thing .. never barked in the house .. only outside at passing dogs .. never at people!! She had long floppy ears that flapped in the wind & beautiful soulful eyes!! She adopted us .. came to our back door one morning ... and never left. We looked for an owner .. she had a collar but no ID ... no one ever claimed her so after six months she became ours. I never want another dog .. hubby & I are too old to care for one .. can't go for walks .. so we just remember Old Girl fondly with misty eyes!! Tell Pharaoh Grandma Tess says Hi & loves him & his daddy very much!! lol TTYL Light 'n Love

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Marielle Linthorst said...

I read somewhere about someone who was almost deaf. He said Adam was the only artist whose voice he could distinguish, because it is so clear. So Adam can make the deaf hear :>).

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Marielle Linthorst .. ADAM's voice comes through all the noise in my head so clear ... I can distinguish every word ... so distinctly!! There are only a few singers I listen to these days .. basically Italian tenors or men & women with high pitched voices ... all beautiful ... but my preference is ADAM!! I never get tired of listening to him ... especially when he sings sweetly or really belts it!! No one can compare to ADAM!! I don't know what I would do if I couldn't hear him sing!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Lambert Outlaw....sounds like you have tinnitus in your ears. So do I....had it for years. Mine sounds like a field of loud constantly-chirping crickets. Wish there was a cure!

But like you, Adam's voice finds its way in somehow, and seems to drown it out when he's singing. Can't get enough of that voice!

Marion M said...

@Marielle Linthorst : read that as well somewhere! Was it a comment on youtube?

@Dee R Gee : I think you're right. Pharaoh knows nothing about fame...only about the care of his owner...although i can't help but feel that in some pictures he's looking at Adam like: "put that phone down dude! Enough already!" ;)

Mirela Gheorghiu said...

Adam Pharaoh keeps in his arms like a child.Hope that one day even have a child that Adam knows how to give so much love.