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Billboard: Adam Lambert Continues to Prove He's Queen's Ideal New Frontman at L.A. Show

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Posted at : Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Queen + Adam Lambert experiment -- which began tentatively in 2012, three years after the legendary U.K. band joined the American Idol finalist on stage during the show’s season finale, and has been touring the globe for much of the half-decade since -- has now been fine-tuned, to the point where it should really be a permanent partnership.
This isn't to say Lambert doesn't deserve his own career. But fronting Queen should probably be the pop star's full-time gig: Perhaps not since Mick Fleetwood stumbled upon the Buckingham Nicks duo at Sound City 43 years ago -- leading to a lineup change that would turn Fleetwood Mac into one of the biggest bands of all time -- has there been a more serendipitous fusion of two established recording acts.

The story is not just that Queen, the ‘70s and ‘80s prog-rockers with one of the most unique catalogs in pop and rock, appear to have finally settled in with Lambert; in a way that carries the franchise forward, decades after the tragic 1991 death of frontman Freddie Mercury. It’s that their new world tour, which launched in Arizona last week and arrived at the Hollywood Bowl for capacity shows on Monday and Tuesday (June 26 and 27), is a seamlessly executed Vegas assault -- a just-right balance of kitsch, classic rock and ‘70s excess. It's all there; the bombast, melodrama, the drum solos, the glitter, the great songs, a crazy light show, big power chords. Even Brian May’s power cape.


Adam Lambert Continues to Prove He's Queen's Ideal New Frontman at L.A. Show

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Nanbert said...

Very flattering to Adam...but I'm not sure what the author means by saying Queen and Adam should become a permanent partnership...a full-time gig: 1. Should Adam abandon his solo career? 2. Should Queen enfold Adam completely into "Queen", as a full-time, designated (i.e., no longer "Queen and.....") part of "Queen".

The author is being very flattering, but Brian and Roger probably don't want to tour FULL time, and there is still time for Adam to write for and tour with his own music. No doubt they can coordinate so that there's no conflicts. Seems like a win-win situation.

I, and most others I've heard before, are thrilled that Adam tours with Queen. Actually, I like Adam's work with Queen to be timeless and classic... and dread that it may end some day. And it also has provided the BEST promotion Adam will ever get...and provides him with considerable gravitas in his own career....and a great deal of confidence.

In truth, Adam's voice is often better suited to Queen's music than his own, IMO. With Queen he has been allowed to explore his own voice and showmanship within a myriad of genres. He has honed skills that he might have taken many more years to acquire on his own. And he has "learned the ropes" among the best.

And he is being "showcased" in the best "location" in the world.

Long live Queen and Adam Lambert!!!!!! Monumental artistry...perfectly dovetailed!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Great article .. makes me shiver with joy for QUEEN & ADAM!! The well deserved accolades are flattering but the actual truth!! I'm so happy to read that other important & knowledgeable people agree that ADAM is the perfect fit for this newly evolved QUEEN!! His youthful vibrance & enthusiasm coupled with his golden voice & his in your face delivery gives new life to all the members of the band!! You can see the love & respect these guys all have for each other & it's a beautiful thing!! Long live QAL .. may they Rock ON 4 Ever!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)