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Adam Lambert Rumored To Be In Contention To Replace Boy George As A Judge on The Voice Australia

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Friday, September 4, 2020

Posted at : Friday, September 04, 2020

Adam Lambert performs on The Voice Australia in June 2019.
Our friend and Adam Lambert superfan Gelly has tweeted an article in the Australian newspaper Adelaide Now (part of the Daily Telegraph newsgroup) that Adam is on the short list of contenders to become a judge on the new season of The Voice Australia.

This comes upon the news that, unfortunately, Adam's friend, Boy George, has not been invited back as a judge on the show, along with another artist/judge with whom Adam has been friendly in the past, Kelly Rowland.

The article states that current judges Guy Sebastian and Delta Goodrem will return as two of the four judges — therefore, it would seem that the consideration of Adam would be specifically to replace George.  Also being considered for that seat is another American artist, Usher.  The two female artists in contention for Rowland's seat are Australians Kylie Minogue and Jessica Mauboy.

We will certainly let you know if more news develops on this potentially exciting new role for Adam!


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Nanbert said...

Anyone have any idea when the dates for "The Voice" would run? What about COVID-19? What about the Queen and Adam Lambert tour? What about Adam's "Velvet" tour?

Oh my, that news brings out more questions than it answers! I know Adam seemed to enjoy his stint on "The Voice" last time...and he was great on it...especially mentoring. It's nice that they want him back.

Well, hope all that gets sorted out to Adam's advantage....and health. I assume that if the pandemic has not subsided, The Voice will not be broadcast... and Adam will not go to Australia. And I am certain that he will choose Queen over The Voice if there is a scheduling conflict. But what about his Velvet tour?

Fingers crosed that he gets to do it ALL!

broddybounce said...

Nanbert, I'm wondering if it would be a "virtual" The Voice Australia? That's how American Idol just ran the last many weeks of the live shows on its recent season and a few others had similar. Judges were home, and contestants were home. It's not quite as exciting as the in-studio, but at least it gets the job done and they don't have to cancel. Although I have to say, as a contestant, I'd be pretty bummed. You don't get all that excitement of performing in front of a live audience, a lot of the perks of going to Hollywood and being in the studio and in LA and all that comes with it are gone. Also, as a contestant you're probably less memorable, I'm sorry to say.

The only thing with The Voice tho — it's the visual aspect of that that would be ruined because you need the audience to see the singer but not the judge — although I'm guessing the production company could work it out so that the judges have a special feed and when the singer sings the screen gets blacked out, so to speak, but if they hit the button then they can see them.

I haven't watched The Voice (US) in a couple of years (really dislike some of the judges they've been having on) so not sure if that's more or less what the show did this last season. ???? Anyone know?

Sue Smith said...

I have no idea how they would work it out. However it does look like the Voice was on at the first season of this year in Australia. I believe they have 2 seasons a year. It probably would start late September or early October. So this season at least would not interfere with Queen or velvet. Not really any concerts going on this year.
Australia has really not had near the covid 19 out break that many have had. I know Tom Hanks and his wife was the first. Not sure about what happened after that.
Adam knows how to choose talent he very good at it. He was a judge on the XFactor in that country not the Voice. But he has been a guest singer on that show many times in Australia. Guess will see what happens they may choose the other guy up for it. I do sincerely believe Adam would be by far the best judge. He been there done that as a contestant and a judge and he was darn great at both jobs.

Rosemary White said...

The Voice competition is only held once a year in Australia and it's already happened this year so I guess they're looking at next year's show. Yes, Adam has only been a guest singer on The Voice, not a mentor but of course, he was a mentor in 2016 on The X Factor Australia when his "student" (for want of a more appropriate word), Isaiah Firebrace won. Isaiah is doing well - apparently he's received more than 300 million hits on one of the online channels and he came 9th when he took part in Eurovision. No doubt he'd love to catch up with Adam if he's part of The Voice panel. It looks as though Australian Guy Sebastian will be a mentor on the show again who was on The X Factor with Adam, and he's met the other Australian mentor, Delta Goodrem as well. So we'll see but it might not be possible if he's on tour with Queen.

Dee R Gee said...

Well, it's great that Adam's name is in the mix. They do love him in OZ. He has a strong fan base there. I'm sure it was Adam that helped Isaiah win on XFactor, although Isaiah is certainly very talented in his own right. But having Adam as his mentor sure didn't hurt.

We'll see just how realistic it would be for Adam to get this job. Timing is everything. It has to fit in with his schedule. But it sure pays well. And it keeps Adam in the media with a nice big gig on his resume.

Still puzzled by AI's steadfast avoidance of hiring Adam as an actual judge. He's been a mentor more than once, and he's been a substitute judge once. And he's performed a number of times. He's one of AI's most stellar alums. You'd think they would have hired him long ago. Quite honestly, I think the singing shows are on the wane in general. I guess The Voice in the US is doing ok. Idol is hanging in there. But none of them are what they used to be.

Sue Smith said...

Yes Adam was a judge on the XFactor Australia few years back. He was a wonderful mentor to Isaiah. Isaiah had been on the year before Adam was on it and was eliminated do to forgetting parts of his song. He did that again the year Adam was on but Adam said we all forget lyrics I have. He knew he had real talent. He certainly helped him and mentored him to do his best. What ever is best for Adam is what I hope for him.

Nanbert said...

Thanks, everyone, for reminding me that Adam was a judge on the X Factor, not The Voice. I was further confused by the fact that Guy Sebastian was mentioned, too. Either way, it's nice to have Adam recognized for his personality/sense of humor... as well as his talents. And he is SO "at home" in Australia. Some of his most hilarious interviews have come out of there, IMO. Whatever Adam wants and...yes, Sue... is best for him... is what I hope for him, too.

I often wonder about AI, too, Dee R Gee. There is definitely a "closeness" between them and Adam. Perhaps the explanation is as simple as conflict of scheduling. Certainly AI reached out to Adam in an emergency as a brief replacement judge.

Nanbert said...

And, Broddy, the possibility of a virtual The Voice never even occurred to me. Oh my...that would be hard to do!...and much less interesting. Damn this pandemic!

Rosemary White said...

Nanbert, Guy Sebastian won the first Australian Idol competition. As well as being a judge/mentor on The X Factor Australia, he's been a judge/mentor on The Voice Australia for a number of years. He's very successful in Australia.

The Voice Australia is popular with viewers but has yet to unearth an absolute superstar. Maybe viewers lose interest after the show has ended. Australian Idol resulted in more success stories.

Another titbit about Isaiah - he very recently took part in this year's The Masked Singer and he was great as Wizard. Absolutely INCREDIBLE costumes all round!!!!!!!!

Nanbert said...

Rosemary White....good for Isaiah! I REALLY liked him. Hope he has a very successful career.

Sue Smith said...

Adam had planned such a big year this 2020 year. I know he has things planned for next year other than QAL and hopefully QAL can do it next year as well.

I just feel he is working on a certain project right now as well. SS said he was resting this week and back to work next week. Plus she said he was working on things they were excited about.
This pandemic really messed up his plans this year as well as other artists. This was a real big year for Adam. I have had a feeling he may be on the mask singer I guess here, this year. Have no idea how they would work it if no audience. Virtual I guess but the audience votes. That just a feeling that's all. I really have no idea.
This is a fun fact and shows how much people that work with Adam like him.
Isaiah and the other girl Adam guided in the finals plus another girl he mentored at the X factor came to see him at QAL. They came back stage to see him as well. Isaiah has been on several of Adam's twitter parties.
I honestly believe he did better on the competition because of Adam's mentoring. He really got the right mentor that year for him. He was very talented however he had been on the show a year before and was eliminated. Isahia said Adam was the best mentor ever. Adam is a very good judge of talent and he has been through the ringer as well on a tv competition show.

Rosemary White said...

Sue, I forgot about the girl who was in the finals of The X Factor Australia when Adam was a judge/mentor. She was good too. She and Isaiah have completely different voices and I liked them both. I don’t know what the girl is doing now but I hope she’s going well. Isaiah’s voice is unique and that may have contributed to his win plus he seems like a lovely guy. I have his debut album which consists of the covers he did on the show and it’s great. The Voice Australia finished not long ago but I don’t know when it’ll be screened on the TV channel it’s going to – hopefully when Adam’s available. He’s a really good judge/mentor.

Nanbert said...

Rosemary....I think I remember that Adam actually mentored three contestants. Isaiah definitely had a most unique voice, but the two girls were also both way above average IMO. I think Adam contributed a lot to their development when he mentored them. I'm sure he knew what each needed to help them show their talents to their best advantage. And his warmth and sincerity must have had a calming influence. Lucky contestants!

Also he made a very charming, entertaining and astute judge, didn't he?

Rosemary White said...

Nanbert, 3 contestants? Oh that's right, she was really good! Was her name Natalie? Anyway, all 3 contestants were really good! And there was a young guy at some stage who was good too. If he's the one I'm thinking of, he's also been on The Voice Australia since then. Oh well, let's hope Adam is free for next year's competition but it'll depend on when it's held. He said he really enjoyed being a judge/mentor on The X Factor.

Nanbert said...

Rosemary White..."Natalie" rings a bell, but not sure. The other young guy you mentioned was not as good a singer, IMO, but was quite nice looking (which gave him a leg up).

BTW...thanks for mentioning "The Masked Singer". I googled it, and you're right, the costumes WERE amazing! That was the first I knew about the program. Clever idea! And Isaiah was very good as The Wizard.

Rosemary White said...

Nanbert, I agree - the other guy in "The X Factor Australia" was not as good a singer as the other 3 contestants who were the best in the competition IMO & they had the best judge/mentor IOO (in our opinion!).

All the costumes in "The Masked Singer" were STUNNING, my 3 faves in no particular order, were The Dragonfly, The Wizard & The Queen. There's an episode about the making of the costumes but I haven't watched it yet. The masked singer winner is revealed next week.

"The Masked Singer" is also held in the US & the UK.