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Adam Lambert is working on a concept album and a musical

Filed Under () by Admin on Sunday, February 20, 2022

Posted at : Sunday, February 20, 2022

Here's an excerpt from an article from THE SUN

Adam, who has performed alongside Queen legends Brian May and Roger Taylor for more than ten years, says he is desperate to tour again this summer.

He is also working on songs for his own musical, which will feature on a concept album.

Adam said: “It’s been interesting writing songs for somebody else’s story, and it takes some of the pressure off.

“So much of the industry is about: ‘How do I connect with the people? How do I create a brand?’ But there is something more pure about this.

“Your product needs to sell and get streams. But on my last album, Velvet, I worked really hard to separate myself from that.

“I think this musical is the next step in that direction.”


Dee R Gee said...

I know it's a ways away, but I can't wait till we get new solo music from Adam. The album for the musical sounds exciting and I hope it's all a success. But there's nothing like Adam singing his own songs live.

The Ant and Dec show is approaching on Feb. 26. Looks like they are very popular in the UK. And just read that Adam will be on another UK show, "Rise Up With the Arts," on March 27. Apparently he will perform and maybe do an interview, too. We'll see. Many guests of all kinds have been on the show, including Brian May. Sounds very good to me!

Nanbert said...

Goodness! Adam appears to have become a "staple" celebrity in the UK! Great for him, but it will be nice when he shows up more on prime time here in the U.S....although that is definitely improving. He has finally arrived at the international recognition that he has earned and so deserves. All of this exposure will surely enhance the acceptance of his new album/musical, when it is finally released.

Adam has proved his mettle with Queen, and finally won the grudging acceptance... even fandom ... of many die hard Freddie fans. And Queen has provided an extravagant showcase to display Adam's larger than life talent and presence. The time for their long delayed tour is approaching...hope there's no "hitches" in it this time. Can't wait!