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Adam Lambert Interviewed On The Red Carpet at ITV Palooza 2021 (+ Brian May!)

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Adam Lambert was interviewed on the red carpet at the ITV Palooza 2021 in London on November 23, 2021.  Most of the video is of Brian May being interviewed but we set the video below so that it starts at Adam.  If you would like to see Brian's portion, simply scroll the video back to the beginning.

Watch Here! Darren Criss & Adam Lambert Will Premiere Their New Music Video "Everybody's Waiting For The Man With The Bag" On Dec. 1, 2021

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Posted at : Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Darren Criss has a new album out "A Very Darren Crissmas" and one of the fabulous songs is "Everybody's Waiting For The Man With The Bag", dueted with Adam Lambert, will premiere on Wednesday, December 1st, 2021

It will show up here on Darren's You Tube Channel so keep checking back! Looks like just after the stroke of midnight..

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UPDATED With Official Video! Adam Lambert Appears Today (11-30-21) Along With Darren Criss On The Kelly Clarkson Show, Perform "Everybody's Waiting For The Man With The Bag"

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And now we have the entire official video from The Kelly Clarkson Show! Watch  below! 

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Adam Lambert 24/7 News Co-Admin Goes To See Adam Lambert in Las Vegas!

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Posted at : Saturday, November 27, 2021

I have been promising to create a post on my experience seeing Adam Lambert at his mini-residency at The Venetian in Las Vegas on October 27, 2021 — life got in the way and I was only able to get to it now.  Thank you to our loyal reader Nanbert for being my cheerleader and providing the encouragement to get this accomplished!

I went to the concert with my friend Ellen — an old pal of mine from Los Angeles who now lives in Vegas.  We went together to see Queen + Adam Lambert at their mini-residency at the Park MGM back in September 2018, their Crown Jewels engagement, and we had a blast.  So, of course, had to see Adam at his own mini-residency together.

When we got to our seats, Center Orchestra, back near the audio booth, I was very happy.  This is what it looked like pre-show...

It was a packed house and everyone couldn't wait for the show to start — which did so around 8:20pm.  Lights went down, and Adam just walked out from the back of the stage down center and the crowd went wild.  And the location of the seats almost didn't matter — most everyone stood up throughout most of the show.

Adam looked great, sounded magnificent, the band was superb and, although the set design was a wee bit simplistic for a Vegas show, the video in the background added a lot of color and drama and excitement.  
Here are several photos I took during the two-hour set. I have to apologize, however — sadly, my smartphone camera, which usually takes spectacular photos, somehow didn't have the proper lighting, or perhaps the zoom lens degraded the quality, or maybe I needed to set a different exposure, but they didn't come out nearly as good as they should have.  And even though I used some software to try and get them as clean & clear as possible, I could only do so much.  But, you'll at least get a good semblance of what I saw.  
I can't recall which photos went with which songs; however, they are in the correct chronological order.

The best part of the whole thing is that Adam's voice was simply incredible, out of this world, and I was amazed how, no matter that he's gotten older, his voice has just gotten better and better.  I feel like the best is yet to come from Adam insofar as his vocals!!  And he hit some of those amazing glory notes that sent electricity throughout my entire body.  If I can recall, in both "Night" songs — "Evil In The Night" and "Marry The Night" — he really let loose with those high highs!  

He absolutely delighted me with the medley of "Runnin'" and "Chokehold," two of my favorite tracks in Adam's entire repertoire, finishing the medley with a stunning "Sleepwalker."  "Black Hole Sun" was magnificent.  And, of course, capping the show off with a wonderful performance of WWFM.

Ok, kids, so if I have to submit one massive disappointment: when I saw he performed "Can't Let You Go" in the first two shows I was so excited — it's my very, very, very favorite Adam track of all.  I couldn't believe it he was performing that live onstage.  Alas, for the 3rd, 4th (mine) and 5th shows, for whatever reason, he decided to leave it out, bringing it back only for the final show.  I was gutted.  I know, I get it, it is an extremely difficult song to sing — it really gives his vocal cords a workout.  Actually, I thought maybe he felt he just needed to give that a rest and save it for the big Friday livestream — oddly, he left it out for that, too, bringing it back only for his final show.  It's just one of those things and at least we do have video of it from those three shows.

But, overall, just a wonderful evening, and I am really glad I decided to take the plunge and go.  And, given Adam's ever-evolving vocal genius, that makes me excited for what we can expect next summer with the Q+AL tour and videos we will undoubtedly get to watch.  And, I am hoping upon hope, that maybe, just maybe, they'll extend the tour and go to other parts of the world ... like perhaps somewhere in the Western Hemisphere..?!!


Adam Lambert Visits Boy George In London, November 19, 2021

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Adam Lambert just spent two days in New York City in meetings as well as attending Broadway shows (Company and Jagged Little Pill) — and now is in London — and met up today (11/19/21) with his ol' pal, Boy George!  (As always, thank you, Gelly.)

Roger Taylor Praises Adam Lambert In New Podcast

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Roger Taylor of Queen was interviewed by Pattie Boyd for her podcast, Patties Podcast.  Pattie was a highly successful international model in the '60s and later became well-known for her photography.  She was famously the spouse of first George Harrison and then Eric Clapton.

Pattie, in her interview with Roger posted November 5, 2021, asked him about his new album, his life, and his career with Queen and, inevitably, the subject of Adam Lambert came up — upon whom Roger heaped great praise!  The below video featuring the audio of the interview, specifically the portion about Adam, was excised from the larger, longer podcast by Gelly, with our appreciation.

Updated! OFFICIAL ABC Video Added Here! Adam Lambert Will Sing QUEEN's "The Show Must Go On" Tonight 11-4-21 On ABC-TV "Queen Family Singalong" Info + More! 8PM (7PM Central Time)

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 Info and Videos with Adam Lambert & host Darren Criss 

On ABC TV at 8 PM (7 PM Central Time

Adam Lambert

Below is the Official ABC Queen Family Singalong show's You Tube Video of Adam Lambert performing "The Show Must Go On" 

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Pics & Vids: UPDATED!!!! Adam Lambert As "Poseidon, The King Of The Sea" For Halloween, With Boyfriend Oliver Gliese As A Pirate

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UPDATED! Adam Lambert, along with his boyfriend, Oliver Gliese, and Adam's good friends Charl Brown & Anthony Lee Medina at Megan The Stallion's Halloween Party in Los Angeles. (Anthony is Terrance Spencer's fiancΓ©, who I'm guessing couldn't attend the party as he is performing in Los Angeles at the Pantages Theater in the "Hamilton" musical.) 

Note: all vids & pics are from superfan @4gelly on Twitter

Looks like they had a REALLY good time! 

Oliver as a Pirate

And Adam on Instagam "Under the Sea @olivergliese #hottieween Thanks @theestallion !!!" 

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Las Vegas Weekly: "Adam Lambert is back and broadcasting from Venetian"

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Nice piece in one of Sin City's free newspapers, Las Vegas Weekly.  Thanks to our reader Nanbert for the find!
It’s the first time an artist has offered a ticketed livestream for concertgoers at any venue at Venetian or Palazzo, and it’s likely one of the first such endeavors on the Las Vegas Strip.
Lambert...tells the Weekly: "A lot of (fans) can’t get into the country right now, and a lot of others just don’t feel comfortable traveling in our country.  It just seemed like a great thing to do to give more fans some of this experience."

Las Vegas Vlogger Profiles Adam Lambert's Opening Night At The Venetian, October 20, 2021

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An Adam Lambert fan by the name of Lucy Angelo, who runs her own vlog, Lucy's Las Vegas, takes a look at the opening night of Adam's mini-residency at The Venetian Resort & Casino on October 20, 2021.  She does a very nice job introducing what's about to happen and then showing highlights of the 90-minute concert in just 7 minutes.


Adam Lambert Does Halloween Vampire Makeup Tutorial On Glamour's YouTube

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