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Hr3 Germany's Lidia Antonini Interviews ADAM LAMBERT (1-29-12)

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Adam Lambert, Lidia Antonini and a gold disc that we gave him for his first hit single!
Adam Lambert on 29 January celebrated its 30th birthday. The day was spent in Austria in the snow. But not without working: He had a gig there, where he sang five of his songs. "I can not complain, it was nice to sing on my birthday." Thinner and fitter Adam looks a little different than in March 2010, when he was last with us. He is thinner and fitter. He says he eats differently and works out a little more. And he adds: "If you travel a lot, it's hard to eat healthy at a rest stop, it is hard to find fresh salad..." Adam Lambert has impressed us with his career: He was the second in the eighth season of "American Idol 2009" and last year he was nominated for a Grammy. What a tribute! His song "Whataya Want From Me" came to number 5 on the German single charts.

Thanks to GaleChester!


Anonymous said...

Unusual little interview. Nice little inpromtu notes at the start.
Jadam. NZ

Anonymous said...

”Adams Stimme ist gro├čartig - - - ”

Short translation:
Adam’s VOICE is
grand, great, lovely, superb, awesome, de luxe, sublime, splendid, gorgeous, fabulous, magnific, excellent, grandiose, brilliant, admirable, wonderful, bodacious, stupendous, magnificent, hot, shiznit, marvelous/marvellous, gr8, beautiful, neat, genial, the cat's pyjamas...

GGD Gal - did I already say ten times today that he’s GORGEOUS…

Adamluv said...

@GGD Gal - totally agree with your list of words to describe Adams voice. OT - go back to Tues./thread on Noelle Dadon since her mom left a new comment this morning which gives much more info. about the situation. Well worth it, believe me! ... Adamluv

Anonymous said...

@Adamluv, thanks for the tip, will do!
Have been listening to these two recordings of BTIKM (this and the next thread) several times… Truly need some air now (made even a double post in the next thread, pressing too heavily on the publish your comment button… LOL)

GGD Gal, gasping for air… :):):)

Anonymous said...

@2:39... sorry... meant to say "next two threads"... WTF is the matter with me today, geeesh!