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Posted at : Monday, August 04, 2014

As you may have noticed, a few weeks ago, this site "Adam Lambert 24/7 News" AKA "Adam Lambert TV" switched to a new "Sign In Only" Comments Section. 

What follows in this very important post are some explanatory comments re the changes, AND some important "How To's" for registering to comment here.. 

Please take a few moments to learn more about the reasons "why" and the more practical and more immediately urgent aspects, and hopefully, we will answer the question of "How in the heck do I sign in here??!!" with the currently available options offered for sign in.

We apologize for the inadvertent confusion and frustration that this unannounced change has caused amongst the readers of the blog.. 

A little history: 

The blog has been open and accessible to all since it was first conceived as an Adam Lambert fan site early on in Adam's public career, via American Idol. As his career took off, as he has become well known around the world, the blog has attracted many fans, worldwide... The open forum style was easy to use, easy to comment on, and allowed anonymous comments..

The present and (possible future) of Adam Lambert 24/7 News:

Adam's career is wondrously and beautifully evolving, changing, branching out into new areas, and this blog will hopefully evolve along with Adam.. Some changes are in the works, and the first significant change is the sign in requirement.

The Blog Owner made this decision a few weeks ago, with some misgivings and regret, but felt it needed to be done at this time. For those who post here, it came suddenly and unexpectedly, and has as a direct result, necessitated a scramble for some who had not been "signed in" ie registered,  previous to the change on July 20th, 2014, to learn the sign in process. It has been difficult  and confusing for some.. So with that in mind, here are the basics:

**The blog itself is through "Google Blogger", one of the offshoots of Google. It is a fairly basic blog format. with certain limits as to what can and cannot be done within the Google format (and perhaps may be upgraded in the future..but for now, it remains...).

The sign in options are these, as allowed by the Google Blogger site.. (many blogs, websites, etc.. allow sign ins via Twitter and Facebook, or other methods, but currently, these are the only options..):

So here we go:

Google Blogger: Go to this site to create your basic Google acct.. and it will give you options from there.. you will create a "gmail" acct., which you can use to create your Google Blogger identity, which you can use as a sign in here.. It also allows access to You Tube and more.. It's the method most who have created accounts for use here have chosen so far.. 

***A plus: you can delete your own comment if you make some glaring error or wish to retract the comment you made, for whatever reason.. We all make flubs we wish we could just erase (at least I have!!) and it's a very helpful "perk" of signing in with Google, or some of the other options.. Unfortunately, the Google Blogger blog format doesn't have the "edit" option available for comments, so deleting the entire comment is the only way to change a comment already posted to the blog..

**once you have created your Google Blogger acct., be sure to create a "display name" by clicking on your own acct. and clicking on "View Profile" and then going down to "display name" to chose the "name" you will use here.. Type that into the box, and you're good to go! Some choose to use their "real life" names but most, including myself, use a nickname.. 

**A respectful request: Please do not comment as "Anonymous"... It can be confusing and we would prefer you not use that.. although you certainly have the right to do so..

Google +: Another option.. Many of us have Google + accts as well.. and some have used it as their sign in here...

Live Journal: Live Journal is another option this is easy to use, easy to create an acct... and easy to create a "nickname"..

Word Press: And another option: create a Word Press Account here:

Type Pad: I'm unfamiliar with this one, but it's another option.

AIM: another option, (associated with AOL).. 

So in conclusion:

We truly hope this helps to clarify the changes to the format here and the info re the sign in makes it easier for you to sign in.. and makes your experience more pleasant as a result.. 

We're here to celebrate Adam Lambert and this is one of the ways we can do that: chat and flail in a safe place.. 

**Comments and suggestions are always welcome here, for any and all members of the "Admin team" which currently includes the fabulous founder of the blog (to whom I am FOREVER GRATEFUL!!!), aka as @Admin, with @Admin Fan, our newest member @broddybounce, and myself..

And remember: Differing opinions, discussions, etc.., new info links about Adam Lambert are ALWAYS welcome as well, and appreciated,  with only ONE request (and this is a BIG one!!): PLEASE keep it respectful and civil.. 

Thank you all for your patience! 


By the way, the sign in info listed here will be posted at the top right of the blog in the VERY near future as a permanent addition to the blog main page.. Which will make it easily accessible to anyone at any time..  


Unknown said...

Behind you 100%, Glitzlady. This should help all coming here wanting to post, but confused as to the changes.

Looking forward to many topical discussions!

xo laura

V Camilleri said...


esther macha said...

Love this blog...Thank you for all your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Wish we would have heard this from Admin herself.

glitzylady said...

I was asked by Admin to create a post explaining it all.. The "admin team", including the Admin herself, have discussed it.. It's not just coming from me :))

Rosepetal said...

Hope this helps and we'll all be chatting it up again soon.

glitzylady said...

I hope so too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks glitzy. This site is a much better place since the sign in. Fully support. :)

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Hi its me formerly Jadam.

The Dark Side said...

For one and all responsible for this blog we thank you Glitzylady. Perhaps this will curtail the negative posters who come on the sight to stir things up. While I think we should all be able to give an honest opinion, they went beyong hoping to get reaction. I really don't like those leather ball caps Adam wears, but live the fedora or top hats. Honest opinion is simply that. Btw very easy to get in site if you have a Giogle plus account. Follow the few steps it takes to get one. cheers!

kitty said...

Glitzylady just curious can someone somehow have two display names? Just a feeling this is happening already, hope I am wrong.

glitzylady said...

In a word, yes..

Magiclady said...

I am thankful to all on the admin team, who continually work hard to make this a wonderful blog and spend their own time to make sure we have all of the up to date info on our boy!
In addition, they have a good attitude even though they are continually criticized for the choices they make.
It is simple, if you do not like the choices that are made here, there are several other Adam sites that you can comment on.

Holly said...

Well said, hopefully the numbers of comments will start increasing and the site will be more pleasurable to visit.

GLb said...

I guess we'll never see posts with more than one hundred comments here again. No trolls (except the half-breed me), no name calling, no arguing, only hearts and... Fan Art drawing. Nice and kind of boring.

Recently, I tried to explain to an American (of Southern Middle America, extremely, almost annoyingly polite, who entered my group of friends through marriage and doesn't speak our language) what happens when we talk. We do argue a lot. When we discuss anything, no matter how serious, we are like a bunch of young (well, let's say so) wolves, without an alpha or omega, that fight over... the final word. We are quite clever guys, we know each other's weaknesses very well and we bite at our vulnerable points. And yes, our egos bleed sometimes. Still and all, we've been friends for almost 3 decades, since we were sharing the same.. croissant and milk (...or whatever one share with each other as children). Even when we do not argue, it sounds like arguing for those who do not understand what we say.
So, I'm here to stay, as my(biting)self, in spite of... any returning bites from the glam-light-hearts-and-flowers-loving ..Berts.

Unknown said...

Thanks Admins for all your hard work! I love that we sign in now to write our comments. This is what majority of internet blogs are doing. I assume because of bullying and it's harmful effects. Some sites not only have required sign in, your comments aren't posted immediately, comments are reviewed and monitored.

glitzylady said...

Haha! You aren't a troll and never have been :)) And I'm glad to see you back here...

The sign in isn't so much to keep it all hearts and flowers here, (who doesn't enjoy a good **discussion**??!!) but to perhaps help to discourage the "hit and run" internet nasties who troll sites, leave their hate and insults (toward Adam and others...), and then sit back with their virtual popcorn to watch the mayhem unfold.. There's "fun" mayhem, and then there's the ugly kind.. Hoping to keep that second one away from here if we can...

As people negotiate the sign in process (hopefully this info posted in this thread helps.. in truth, it's not hard to sign in at all!) I think we'll have some **interesting** conversations, don't you?? After all, it's "Adam F. Lambert" :))) we're talking about here, right?? :))) Just a little momentary lull in the Adam news/action right now...

And as I mentioned in the thread post: the only thing.. ie "rule"... we'd like to see here is **reasonable** civility toward Adam and other commenters..... (and perhaps keeping X rated language to a minimum...)

That's it for rules...

Party on...


PRS said...

Not sure if I've done this right so I'm testing it out.

glitzylady said...

Yay!! Just right!

Anonymous said...

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glitzylady said...

Hi Beverly
I can understand your frustration.. Sorry it took us longer than it should have to respond to you.. My apologies..

I hope you'll come back here and read this..

I'm wondering if you can go in to Google Blogger, (click on your Google name), which will take you to your account, and change some of the settings..

Click on the "Edit Profile" button.

You should be able to create a nickname "Display Name" that will be shown here on the blog instead of your actual first name...

And you can remove your photo or substitute it with something other than your personal one.. Or not have it displayed here.. You can also uncheck the "Share My Profile" box..

When finished, click on the "Save Profile" at the bottom of the page to save the changes you've made.. And see if that fixes the problem.. Hoping so!!

I don't know if this will help, but I do hope you'll give it a try, because it would be awesome to see you posting here again!!! ..

glitzylady said...

Hi again Beverly,
I'm now doing as you requested and deleting your comments from this blog post.. I did screen cap them and will share them with the blog owner if we can't resolve the sign in issues for you..


Allysa Mentor said...

I understand why this is being done, but the fact is there aren't nearly as many comments as there used to be :((