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Adam Lambert Tweeted: The Flu SUCKS 😷 🤮

Filed Under () by Adam Lambert on Sunday, February 10, 2019

Posted at : Sunday, February 10, 2019

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Dee R Gee said...

Awww. Adam must be sick. Get well, baby! You got a lot on your plate!

Mi Re La said...

Get well soon!

Mi Re La said...

I'm very worried that Adam has flu. In my country there is a flu epidemic. In three weeks, 99 people died of this flu.

Mi Re La said...
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Mi Re La said...

I hope that Adam will rest and will treat very seriously because it is a form of flu with very violent symptoms

Nanbert said...

I hope Adam at least got a flu shot this season... that would make the flu, if one still gets it , a lot less severe, and shorter lived. I would be surprised if he didn't get a flu shot. But he certainly WILL for next season!

Poor Adam....the flu can be really miserable... but he's fit, so I hope he comes through it quickly.

Am the only one who thought, on hearing the news, that Adam is to sing in the Elvis Special on the 17th, and wondering if he'll be enough recovered in 7 days to perform? Then I realized that the performances had already been taped....stupid me!

Mirela, sorry to hear about your flu epidemic. I hope you got a flu shot. Take care! I've been getting a flu shot early every fall for many years. If you don't already, remember to get one for yourself EVERY year from now on. It really makes a difference. I know it's not supposed to work for regular colds, but honestly, I haven't had a serious cold since I've started getting yearly flu shots.... for many years now.

Mi Re La said...

Pharaoh is keeping him company!

Mi Re La said...

Nanbert thank you for the advice. I have never made a flu shot. I have a fairly good immunity and rarely get flu during the cold season. I try to avoid places with a lot of people during this period of epidemic and I took a lot of vitamin C.

Mi Re La said...

WINNER: Best actor - Rami Malek
WINNER: Best sound - Bohemian Rhapsody

Queen star Brian May says even if Bohemian Rhapsody goes home empty handed, making the film has been an “amazing journey”

Dee R Gee said...

Yay for Rami! And YAY for the sound technicians for BoRhap! Well-deserved! Now we'll see what happens at the Oscars!

And take it easy, Adam. Just snuggle up with Pharaoh and get past it.

Sunflower said...

Ooh since when does Adam get this sick? He's the healthiest man I know? I hope he gets better. I'm exactly like MiReLa, I never take a flue shot, been blessed with good health ( eh an occasional sneeze but I rarely get colds), besides many family members of mine get sick from flue shots so they too stopped getting them. I too am cautious when I'm in public. Congrats to Rami for Best Actor and Best Sound for Bohemian Rhapsody at the BAFTAS! I saw it on the internet. Lol

Glamitup said...

Get well soon Adam!! I haven’t had Flu in forever and think I have only had the real flu a couple of times. I don’t get the shot either. Many people in my area got the shot and still tested positive for the flu. Sometimes they don’t get the formula right when they put together the shots. So many different strains. Adams shirt looks really pretty in his picture with the doggie. He doesn’t wear many bright colors so it was a surprise. I need to expand my colors. I usually stick with black but I really need to add some color for spring! Maybe some neon colored shoes? Haha I hear the neon colors are coming back big for Spring! That’s up my ally! High school in the 80s was a blast with the clothing! Take care Adam if you read this!!

Sue Smith said...

Get well Adam baby. The flu surely does suck. Take care of you.

Dee R Gee said...

Just saw video of Rami's acceptance speech It will show up here soon, I'm sure. It was a lovely speech, so humble and grateful. I love how he mentions the "sacred ground" that is the UK's rock music legacy. He is so happy to be accepted by the UK audiences. Rami is a very good guy and I'm sure this role will open many more doors for him.

Lam-My said...

Helloo Pharaohboy!

Good morning Lam-My. My Daddy is sick so I have to stay home with him; he's getting better, now staring at that ubiquitous rectangular thing.

Helloo Adam! Flu not good but it actually strengthens your immunity. Just for precaution, don't hold Pharaoh so close, like in the picture.
Well, since you are recuperating maybe I entertain you with a quirky story:

One day, Bert and Pharaodoggo were out jogging in the woods. Wham! a little orangy orang-utan leapt from a tree, fell right on top of Pharaohdoggo. Being very alert Pharaoh turned and wrestled it to the ground; opened its mouth to attack the little orange monkey. These orangy monkeys are usually very fast but this one was lying down and Pharaoh kept attacking it.

Phara! Rockstar! Stop! Daddy called out.

Pharaoh responds to 'Rockstar!'

Bert picked up the baby orang-utan which clung to him shivering in fear, trying to avoid Pharaoh standing on its hind-legs, to get to it. Pharaoh is very possessive of his Daddy.

Bert examined it, one leg seemed bent inward, limp. He decided to take it to a vet. An adult orang-utan was loitering in a distance perhaps looking for her baby.
At the clinic, the vet bandaged the injured orang-utan's leg and sedated it so it could rest.
Several days later, Bert went back to check on the baby monkey and it was up and about; it turned out it was a slight fracture and as a baby, recovered fast. Bert decided to take it back to the woods; Pharaohdoggo seemed less aggressive.
Sure enough, mom orang-utan was pacing up and down the woods looking for its infant. When she saw Bert holding her baby, she swang from the tree like Tarzan to retrieve it; baby orang-utan was clinging to Bert for dear life with Pharaoh eyeing it in case it dropped on him again. Bert then gently let it go on the grassy path. Mom orang-utan wasted no time, grabbed her baby which desperately clung to her body. They scampered into the woods.

Pharaoh! Are you okay? ... Ooooeeeh! 🌳🌴🐒🐕


Sue Smith said...

So Hope's he starts feeling better he has a big year in front of him. I get a flu shot every year in October. Get them to soon protection wont last the flu season. Very important with people with heart issues and heart surgeries.
Age also plays a factor. You can be very healthy an Adam is and it struck him. It worries me as well. Hope some person is there to help him out make some soup or something. Get what he needs.
It has help me not get really sick with the flu had other things but not bad flu since taking flu shots. They dont always cover every strain of flu but still if you get it usually it's not as bad.
Just hope Adam starts feeling better. Before the shots several years ago got very sick with the flu. Before I started taking them regularly and went into pneumonia.
Adam is strong if he stays in the house
And takes care of himself if he can he should knock it out soon. He has his buddy by him. My little girl dog is always by me through thick and thin.

Angeladam said...

Awh poor Adam, it'as probably because of all the recent travelling to Italy, Uk then back quite quickly back to LA, I know he shared (a couple of weeks ago) a pic of him having a vitamin drip, would have though it would have helped though, he'll probably just rest up with Pharaoh and not go out too much until he's better !

Nanbert said...

Sue Smith, you are correct about the flu shot. Important to know this, everyone:

The flu vaccine formulated each year provides protection against the most prevalent strains of flu, but occasionally a new strain of flu suddenly pops up which was not included in the vaccine.

It is NOT POSSIBLE TO CATCH THE FLU FROM A FLU SHOT...the vaccine is is made from killed virus, which can't give you the flu.

Often, when one gets the flu shortly after a flu shot, they think it was caused by the flu shot....which is NOT true. It only means the person was exposed to the flu just before or shortly after receiving the vaccine...and the vaccine has not had time to develop FULL immunity....which takes at least two weeks.

I am writing this information because I see some serious misunderstandings above about the flu vaccine. Many lives can be saved by getting the flu shot before the flu season. Even if you do get a flu strain not included in the vaccine...or catch the flu before full immunity has been established...YOU ARE LESS LIKELY TO HAVE SERIOUS COMPLICATIONS from the flu if you have had the shot! It is the "complications" that cause so many deaths, especially among the ill, elderly and the very young.

And, the more people who get the flu vaccine, the fewer there are to pass the virus on to others.

Mi Re La said...

Ozzy Osbourne was hospitalized last week for the flu, Because his health was getting worse doctors have decided to move the singer to the Intensive Care Unit, Doctors see themselves as helpless because he does not respond very well to medication.

Nanbert said...

Not to seem unsympathetic about Ozzy Osburne, but isn't he rather famous for "responding" to TOO MUCH "medication"? I imagine his health was pretty bad to start with. Hope he makes it. I think he's over 70, isn't he?

Sue Smith said...

Nanbert I also agree with what you further said about the flu. Sorry to hear about Ozzy heard he been in and out of the hospital with various illnesses.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

So sorry to hear that ADAM has the flu!! I have been very fortunate to not have had it at all ... no shot either!! But then I don't come in contact with very many people since I am housebound ... my family all keep away if they even have a cold so as not to contaminate me & I do get a pneumonia shot when it is time plus they send nurses to the house to check on me & my doctor gives me my annual checkup & orders my tests for me so I think I'm safe!! I have a fabulous health insurance company & they call once a month to check on how I feel .. even sent hubby & me a Valentine's card!!

I love this latest chibi ... another cutie ... Sharka ROCKS!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

creamtangerine said...

Get better baby boy. Love you and your music always.