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Adam Lambert on Twitter & Instagram: Germany! First time sharing these new songs with media.. starting in Berlin, so excited!! • Swipe through for a few new song titles.. ;) #NewEyes #Velvet

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Posted at : Monday, June 03, 2019

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glitzylady said...

For those who have Facebook, this is posted on Adam’s page there too..

Dee R Gee said...

VERY provocative song titles! Those at the mini-show were given a real treat! Can't wait to hear all the new music on Velvet.

Adam looked great. Perfect hair. Great shirt. Just right whiskers. LOL

We are SOOOO ready!

Magiclady said...

Very interesting new song titles. Can't wait to hear the new songs!

Patria said...

Someone on Instagram kidded Adam by saying they can't wait to hear 'Stay For Drinks!' Adam responded ' hahahha'

I think it should be the title of his next album.

Patria said...

I'm anxious to hear the new songs, but honestly, "Feel Something" keeps running thru my head on and off anytime of the day. I find his lower range sexy. I love that song.

Mi Re La said...

I was hoping Adam would have long hair at Queen concerts this summer. I'm so sorry he cut his hair. The new haircut seems to be too trivial.

Patria said...

"Velvet" will be a song also. Right?

Sunflower said...

Wonder why he chose Berlin to release the other titles of the songs? I can't wait to hear all these songs! Looking good over there in Germany!

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I cannot read the song titles!! I don't mean to be 'bitchy' but the older I get the more I miss!! Besides that ... I've been at the BG Fashion poll for June & tried to vote several times now & I've been rejected each time!! So Glamberts I guess it's all up to you to do the Voting & the reading & the concert going from here on .. I'll just come here for everything ADAM & find out where everything else is that I can't find by my stupid old self!! SO FRUSTRATED!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

BTW ... what is "reCAPTCHA" connection??? (scratches head in bewilderment)

Dee R Gee said...

Patria, I thought the "stay for drinks" thing was very funny, too! It would make a great title for a song.

Outlaw, here are the song titles so you can read the:


Loverboy sounds very intriguing to me. I hope these songs have a lot of energy, whether they are uptempo or slower ballads. I just want to be WOWED by each one.

Rosepetal said...
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Patria said...

Outlaw I feel your frustration. Been there and back and expect to be there again. You know the drill, some days you will have a grip on everything and the next day no grip at all.

As for concert going, I expect August will be my second and last concert. Most days I think I made a mistake buying tickets because I'll be hated by everyone trying to get past me. (I hope no one knocks me down) Today I started going to a chiropractor and with her help and a new pacemaker I'm confident this (last) concert will be doable. It's a long way to August so I expect to doubt myself often. Hah, hah ha

Was it Betty Davis who said 'growing old isn't for sissies.'

Patria said...

Adam says the hair was all fake and extensions.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Patria .. TYSM Glam Sister ... these eyes can't see as well as they used to but with friends like you & everyone here on 24/7 ... I'll be fine!! I won't even attempt a concert ... and much as I love all of my Glamberts ... can't take the screaming any more either!! That's why I thank the Universe for YTube & Twitter & FB & IG ... all the 'ninjas out there keep me well informed!! Sorry to hear you won't be going much any more .. I know how you feel ... I used to feel like a hockey puck when I went shopping!! People don't know you can't move so they try to pass you & you lose your balance!!

Are these only a few of the songs on the album .. I hope not?? Now that he's touring in Germany .. maybe we'll get to hear some of the songs on YTube .. I'm dying to hear some more .. especially LIVE on tour!! Can't wait!!

Hey!! If the hair was all 'smoke & mirrors' ... then ADAM can change up his look whenever he feels like it!! I like that idea!! I love him no matter the length or color or style!!

Thanx again Glam Sis ... You ROCK!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Dee R Gee said...

It's fun that he admitted he used extensions on his hair. It seemed doubtful that his hair grew THAT much in that amount of time, even for him. BUT, I do think he grew his own hair out a bit beforehand. We saw his own hair get longer. But I guess he needed to grow his own just a bit in order to attach the extensions.

Actually, I have enjoyed the long hair, but I just as happy to have his current look back again. I love seeing more of his beautiful face. And he seems to have trimmed back the facial hair a bit, too.

Excited to see the new song titles. Hope we'll be hearing the songs in the US before long, too.

Nanbert said...

Dee R you, I'm also happy to see Adam's current look return...and more of his handsome face. Also, it is more in keeping with the wide variety of costumes Adam is accustomed to wearing.

Rosemary White said...

Amen, Dee R Gee and Nanbert. :-))

Mi Re La said...


annemarie said...

Adam said in answer to a fan, his extensions were real hair, so he didn't lie about it being
all real hair. LOL. Looks like Adam is going to be far from home often this whole year, hope Javi can handle it, he has Pharaoh for company. I have only heard of one friend in LA. Good that he has a full time job, that helps. Someone mentioned the crazy work hours, the reason for going to work so early, is that in his job he is dealing with customers in Europe, and they are 8 hours ahead of us. So going to work at 6 am, would be noon over there. I personally thought his hours fit into Adams schedule pretty well, because Adam sleeps til noon most days, because he stays up very late. The Javi is home shortly after 2 pm, unless he works overtime once in a while.

ElEvans said...

His job isn't a problem anymore he quit it and he is working on his own business right now

annemarie said...

EIEvans, I did not know he had quit his job. Any idea what his own business might be? Is it something he is doing on his own, or is Adam partnering with him?

Nanbert said... you are! You thanked us for giving you all that information about Adam in an earlier thread....but you haven't said if it gave you any useful insight into him. I also wonder if you followed up on any of the "resources" suggested. I also hope you were sincere about wanting to know. It was hard to be sure from your rather ascerbic remarks ...but many of us were willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

ElEvans said...

Yes thank you I followed up almost
all of them. Very useful. I'm a really
nice person, try not to believe what Sue said about me.

Sue Smith said...

If you are a really nice person then stop being so nasty all the time. I'm not the only one that has a problem with you.
Of course you wont read this who cares
But you start acting like a decent person Sue be lovely to you

Nanbert said...

How about we say:

ElEvans is a nice person!

Sue Smith is a nice person!

Nanbert is a nice person! (had to throw that in, too)

Glamberts are nice people!

Wipe the slate clean!

Start over...with a positive attitude!

It MIGHT work!

Sue Smith said...

I'm willing but saying your a nice person and acting the opposite is the problem. If you are a nice person act like it. Because some very hurtful things about Adam and someone he loves has been said over and over by ElEvans.
Act like what you said you say you are and all will be fine.
If you dont care for something there are much better way to put comments. Being direct is one thing being down right rude is another. Does not matter if ElEvans does not read this that is the way I feel. But I do agree Nanbert that is a good plan I'm willing but ElEvans has to also be willing to change that attitude.

Rosemary White said...

Hear! Hear! Nanbert. :-)

Angeladam said...

Anne Marie and Patria
yes his hair WAS false extentions(which I was slated for being nasty/snarky about on here remember !!) his reply to a fan who asked were they extentions was "DUH" which means (according to the Cambridgeshire dictionary)"Indication of perceived stupidity/distainful indication that something is obvious " so not really a nice comment to a fan IMO.
Yes I think Nanbert has a good point about wiping the slate clean , although, even when I wasn't commenting on here,( but had a quick look) I was being totally slated by the same few especially Sue, called a troll, and accused of trolling around the internet for garbage to drop off here (lol) accused of using all sorts of different names on IG a blatant lie, even though I have also seen comments on IG (which could easily be said by the like of Sue unless of course she has a twin as very similar comments that I've seen posted on here from her , which is what she's actually accused me of ! so no not nice is it, ) ( I rarely comment on anything on IG just look and laugh TBH )
When I put my recent comments on about Javi losing his job(which he did get fired from common knowledge ) and looking worse for wear and was so glad his mom came over to sort him out, and added DUH as a kinda joke lol) again I get totally told I'm nasty !!,Adam wasn't nasty using the same expression to a fan ?? hmmm,also glad I didn't comment saying Javi looked SMUG on a recent pic of him and Adam because I would have again been told I was nasty/snarky,one person said the exact words but not even a murmer of being snarky or being told she was jealous because he's with Adam lol !
anyway I will hardly be on here , but really annoyed at the nastiness towards me, then these same people say if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all, or is that only for myself and ElEvans to follow ?? anyway this is a public blog site not for arguments to ensue, I only get back to nasty people on here.
BTW Adam's interview this morning on UK TV went very well, hope his next single does a lot better

Angeladam said...

Nanbert I really thing you have a great idea here, but yet again Sue has to 'have a go at ElEvans' how about Sue changing her attitude as well !

Nanbert said...'s not in my hands....I'm just a visitor here, like you. It seems that everyone has sensitive "buttons" to be pushed...some more than others. For example, you choose to find fault with my use of "smug". I define it as well pleased, satisfied, and happy with the status-quo....what on earth is wrong with that? That certainly describes Javi's expression to me...not remotely derogatory. Do you have a better one? That's the problem...people are always ready to put their own "spin" on things...or look for "slights" just to stir up excitement and conflict. WHY?

I love Adam's voice and personality, and feel that he is the best current male singer/performer of this generation, and I want to know everything about his career. But I also don't wish to delve into his personal life...(except what Adam shares with us himself)... because that's where most of the conflict, gossip, snarkiness and nastiness seems to happen among "fans".

This is a delightful and "positive" place to visit for a keep up with what Adam is doing, and when....and, mainly, to follow his career....accurate and supportive. To see/hear all his latest videos, interviews, and reviews. To share and comment on what we see and read ....with like-minded GLAMBERTS...even to make friends!

If that is too saccharine for you, there's plenty of excitment elsewhere. However, if it appeals to you, visit.....but, a word of advice, just don't come in "loaded for bear" like you did in your last couple of comments. Clean slate!

Angeladam said...

Nanbert of course you are SO right you are JUST a visitor here as everyone including myself are, however sometimes it seems ( and not just to me) that a few here go out of their way to "diss" anyone with a tremendous amount of poison towards them( even to the point of making stuff up about them!) who doesn't put a "saccharine" comment on here.
you said what was wrong with your comment about saying Javi looking "smug", of course now you possibly choose to interpret it in a different way, perhaps being on the other side of the 'pond' it's interpreted differently ?
Oxford English Dictionary definition:
SMUG : narrowly contented with one's own accomplishments, beliefs, morality, etc;self-satisfied to an annoying degree of complacency( so NOT a compliment at all !)
Perhaps then you and others on here would therefore think about different interpretations different nationalities may also have on here ? without being overly sarcastic and
having downright nasty outbursts saying how horrible I and at least another couple on here are for their views.
So I don't think I need a word of advise from you or anyone else on here do you ?
SLATE CLEAN of course on my part anyway, AND nice to see Adam, wearing unripped jeans !!

Nanbert said...

Angeladam....well, I guess that makes your position crystal clear. Guess I'll just have to pull back my olive branch. Do you really enjoy that style of rhetoric?

BTW, if it pleases you, I see that my definition of "smug" was not entirely accurate. I MEANT it as I explained... well pleased, satisfied... which is also part of the definition...but evidently not the more primary one, which, yes, seems to be rather derogatory... Mea Culpa! I used "smug" incorrectly. I learn something new everyday.

Angeladam said...

I said slate clean on my part !!!' thought that was fairly plain, just don't need a condescending 'word of advice ' which sounded more like a threat tbh, but hey ho they say 'sarcasm is the lowest form of wit ' so I'll take it on the chin wth no hard feelings !

Nanbert said...

Angeladam...why so angry, sarcastic and vindictive all the time? My "word of advice" was actually quite sincere.. yet you choose to call it "condescending" and "sarcastic"....and "more like a threat"!?!?!?. What a surprisingly paranoid interpretation!

But you come in here with unpleasant gossip , and when it is made clear to you by various people that the subject matter is not welcome, you choose to attack all those that complain about your remarks.

But you KEEP coming back in attack mode (i.e. "loaded for bear"), and then complain about the "nastiness" directed toward you. Did you think that you would be welcomed with open arms by those who have just encountered your unwelcome gossip and personal barbs?

I, and most people here, think of Adam like family....GLAMILY, if you will....and, for the most part, act and converse here accordingly. It's a WARM, KIND and SUPPORTIVE FAMILY ....FOR ADAM!