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Adam Lambert Tweeted: Had a great time performing on @GMA yesterday- hopefully kicking off #worldpride2019 weekend with some vibes to get you in the spirit! Btw I had this suit custom made by the legendary Edward Sexton in London.

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Lam-My said...

@AdamLambert on @AppleMusic Instagram Stories: "If you wanna hear my new song #CominInHot..."

Click on video.

Lam-My said...

OFFICIAL VIDEOS|@AdamLambert performed on @GMA's Summer Concert Series yesterday, a playlist:
He sang #NewEyes and #CominInHot from #Velvet, plus AOBTD, IWTBF and WWFM! We loved it so much, he's the best 💜

Patria said...

Quick read I've not seen here on 24/7. (disclaimer, I don't read all comments)

Lam-My said...

At an interview: "I wonder if, like many other queer people, Lambert sees queer liberation as something of a myth."

I like Adam's perceptions and taking action on LGBTQ.

“I think we have to hold on to an idealistic vision, otherwise, how are we going to reach towards hope?” he asks. “If we don’t, all of us will give up and be indifferent. We need to keep pushing, otherwise all the bigots are going to win! And we can’t let that happen.”
"There’s also the issue of internalised division. “What’s interesting too, though, is that even within gay culture, there’s been segregation, racism, classism and all of this stuff,” he points out. “That bugs me.” ~ Adam Lambert

From what I gather what Adam said...I think the root of the problem goes beyond just the 'queer people'; deep-seeded, it extends to all people who are discriminated against.
Also, by labelling a whole community as 'queer people' seems self-defeatist; like you actually believe you are queer. Perhaps brain scientists, psychologists, doctors will give a more accurate picture as to whether LGBTQ are indeed queer people. My guess is they may conclude that it's all in our DNA at birth. Well, for starters, earthworms and even some species of sharks are hermaphrodites, possessing both male/female reproductive organs; it can also mean possessing two opposing qualities combined.
A scientific approach may yield a faster reorientation of the minds of so-called normal people discriminating queer people.

Lam-My said...

Wah! Adam goes so fast I barely can catch up!

@AdamLambert on Instagram Stories - he's back home in LA:"Yuuum" 😂💕
@AdamL_Daily 2h ago

Click on video.

Lam-My said...

June 28, 2019 - "I was just observing some of the celebrations by Stonewall and just happened to realize that @AdamLambert was standing next to the wall underneath the flags." Via robert_braunfeld ... @AdamL_Daily 13m ago

So it was an impromptu photo; I like Adam like this, down-to-earth, he makes a good missionary, mingles with the crowd but he knows how to be careful.