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THE ADVOCATE: Adam Lambert With Queen Is an Open Celebration of Queer Identity

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Monday, July 29, 2019

Posted at : Monday, July 29, 2019

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This is a new story that came out late last week from The Advocate (the oldest and largest LGBT publication in the United States) which takes a look at how Adam's partnership with Queen is more than just astounding performances that honor Freddie Mercury, it's a "celebration of queer identity."

"Adam Lambert's ability to be openly queer while performing songs like 'Killer Queen' is also a beautiful tribute to Freddie Mercury's memory."  (photo caption)
"No one could dare to approximate the dazzle and swagger of the mustachioed Queen front man, and Lambert doesn’t try. Rather, he remains faithful to the music and to Mercury’s artistry while unleashing his impressive vocal range and innate camp sensibility in a performance that has the crowd on its feet for the two-hour set of Queen megahits.  Bearing witness to Lambert, an out gay man, belt songs that Mercury — a queer man in a time when being out was often a career-killer — made famous, while throngs of people from across ages, races, and sexual and gender identities is proof of the power of Mercury and Queen to cut across difference. "
"Where Mercury, in his sleeveless tops and tight jeans belting “Killer Queen,” was deliciously subversive, seeing Lambert, in his flowing poet’s sleeves, singing that song while the crowd hoots and hollers is an affirmation of acceptance for queer people. For a performance of “Bicycle” in what is the de facto second act of the show, Lambert straddles a motorcycle. He poses, vamps, and stretches backward supine and open on the vehicle in a moment that feels like a pure celebration of his gay identity."


Dee R Gee said...


Nanbert said...

Not too impressed. This article says that Adam "came out" a few weeks after American Idol, which we all know is NOT true....and Adam has said so over and over. In fact, he had been out since he was 18. He said that in an interview after American Idol....and often since then. It would seem that an LGBTQ writer for the "Advocate" should know at least that much about Adam!

glitzylady said...

Re the publicly “coming out” comment in the article: Adam did “publicly” come out ie he stated that he was indeed gay in the Rolling Stone cover article shortly after Idol Season 8 concluded. He was of course out to friends and family etc. ie he was proudly and openly gay since he came out to his family shortly after high school. But the question of whether he was gay..or not.. wasn’t necessarily known to the general public during Idol until the interview was published. Adam said no one in the media had asked him. Although it was much discussed and it was clear to many.

The one error I did notice in the article was his age: he’s 37, not 36.. oops!

Nanbert said...

Glitzylady...yes, I know that.. Lambert fans probably all know that. But the UNINITIATED, reading...."..Lambert (who came out publicly a few weeks after his Idol run)"....can only interpret it ONE way, i.e. that he was in the closet before then.

Adam has over and over STRESSED...even in that Rolling Stone article... that he was ALWAYS out, and never hid the fact that he was queer to anyone, but was not allowed to have interviews during Idol, and therefore the subject never came up. He has always been concerned that many people accused him of hiding his queerness because of fearing it would affect his chance of winning.

Because Adam always felt so strongly about that fact, and has made it a point to say so often in interviews, I feel it's important that I (we) do as well...for him. And most certainly should also the LBGTQ reviewer in the Advocate....of ALL people! IMO

Yes...that statement was "technically true"....but definitely NOT the WHOLE truth!

Actually, I can't help but wonder WHY the reviewer even included that phrase, in parenthesis, at all. It wasn't really relevent...maybe even a "jab"?. Is it possible he's the same person who complained that Adam "wasn't being gay enough" back then?

Nanbert said...

One addition to above....Adam said he had always been out since he was 18!