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VIDEO: Q+AL Los Angeles, Night #1, July 19, 2019: "In The Lap Of The Gods" & "Somebody To Love"

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Saturday, July 20, 2019

Posted at : Saturday, July 20, 2019

We all knew that Los Angeles was going to be something special for Q+AL on this tour (when is it not? it's Adam's home, and it's Hollywood!)  and last night was no exception. 

First, a little backstory: two Queen songs that are in my Top 5 of Adam performances at any Q+AL concert happen to occur sequentially in the Rhapsody Tour setlist, "In The Lap Of The Gods" and "Somebody To Love." 

When I heard the first chords of ITLOTG last week in Vancouver it was like I was zapped with a beautiful memory oh! this wonderful gem from the 2014/15 tour! and then Adam started singing and chills engulfed my entire body for the duration of his performance.  Adam's vocal mastery on this song, together with the poignancy of Freddie's music & lyrics, is simply otherworldly. 

And STL ... can we talk?!  Well, we all know what an Adam masterpiece it is ⁠— he just SLAYS it every performance, every tour, every time and it's always one of THE major highlights of any Q+AL show. 

WELL... as you might expect, Adam was ON FIRE in L.A. last night and, particularly, on both these songs.  So, I was thrilled to find that they had been put together into one video, courtesy of YouTuber fiercealien ... EPIC!!


Angeladam said...

Brian's looking on like a proud dad !

Patria said...

broddybounce is this the concert you were going to take your brother/friend to that was unsure of the QAL combo?

Sue Smith said...

CNt wait ro have time to look at this. Going to a bday party. Can't wait to see all vids.

Dee R Gee said...

Eber said he will be at the LA show tonight. I'm sure he'll have some clever things to say about it. He's always fun. This band is ON FIRE!

broddybounce said...

Hi Patria -- no, it was the San Jose concert, and thanks for remembering and asking. I'm sorry to say that my brother walked in 'not an Adam fan' and walked out unchanged. :( But he's a hard nut to crack and extremely cynical (and I did mean to refer to him as a nut!, but he's not a bad person and means well) . In hindsight, I do wish I had just listened to his initial disinterest and not bought him a ticket for his birthday -- I woulda preferred to either go with someone else, or myself, because I could feel his air of cynicism most of the night, which slightly spoiled my experience. First half-hour or so he was between watching the concert and doing stuff on his phone -- during a Q+AL concert!! Although he did say he liked seeing Brian & Roger and thought the band was great. Ok.

I'm going to have a bit more time to post tomorrow and will probably include a post of my photos of the two shows I went to, Vancouver and San Jose.

Thanks, Patria!

Sunflower said...

Even Adams "ohs are amazing as his whys"! Brian and Roger look adorable! Lol

Patria said...
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Patria said...

Well that's a bummer,broddybounce. You gave it your best shot. At least you can put it behind you now. I'm so glad Vancouver went well. And we've got all these new videos and upcoming live streams to immerse ourselves in. Forward

Dee R Gee said...

broddy, sorry to hear your brother decided not to climb onboard the QAL train. Oh well, his choice. I just hope that he didn't claim that Adam can't sing, or some other such thing. It's one thing to not care for an artist. It's another to claim that a singer with an obviously stellar voice can't sing. Some have said that about Adam and it's ridiculous. I guess it's better to enjoy the show with someone who is onboard and really willing to give them a try. Sometimes minds simply can't be changed. The show looked fantastic!

Can't wait to see your photos!

glitzylady said...

So thank goodness you went to the Vancouver BC show with me (and some other friends..).. We all know how amazing and special and perfect Adam Lambert is when singing with the legendary band Queen..And what a GREAT TIME we had at that concert!!! But as @Dee R Gee said, you just can't win 'em all..

Patria said...

A review of last night

Linda said...

Well, I was there last night (my 4th QAL concert!) and took my daughter, who likes Adam, but left being in awe of his talent and more than anything, his VOICE! Fortunately my daughter LOVED the entire show! Sorry broddybounce. :( It was, as always, a spectacular show!! The pyrotechnics, the amazing talent of these wonderful men, and always Adam's voice!! When Adam sings IWTLF, I always, on cue, get teary eyed. His voice simply touches my soul. Even though Brian's long solo is sometime criticized for being too long, my daughter was so moved by it (her deceased husband was a wonderful guitarist, so she had a special appreciation for Brian's masterful performance). She took some wonderful videos and sent them to my phone, so i was rocking out and re-living the excitement more than once this afternoon. Anyway, it was another memorable and perfect QAL extravaganza and we loved every minute!!!!! They're just sooooo special and I feel privileged to have seen them 4 times.

Sunflower said...

Broddybounce I have a sister in law who isn't a fan of Adam and she teases me but it's all good nothing mean and it cracks her up on how excited I get about Adam and tells me " I can't, I just can't"! So that makes me laugh. In 3 weeks is my Chicago show and my brothers stepdaughter is coming with me, Who IS NOT into Adam BUT likes Queen! So guess I'm a bit lucky in that, she came with me on Queens +Adam last tour and she loved it! Still NOT a fan of Adams, so I don't know. Lol She's a 16 year old and does love Rap music to which I LOATHE! Oh well "Such is Life"! Patria thanks for the link of the review, enjoying so much reading them and it's only been a week and 4 days?! Lol Linda it is truly a blessing you can share with your daughter this fantastic period of time in music history! In my eyes we're witnessing history for both Queen and Adam! I was gone all day yesterday so I need to play catch up with LAs 1st concert videos today and tomorrow! Have a Blessed Sunday everyone!

Sue Smith said...

Linda I am so happy for you and so glad your daughter enjoyed it. Adam is a showman and actor. Something he done all his life and seems to enjoy every minute on that stage. He has said it is his happy place.
Adam is not just a singer but an actor and loves being in character for each song.
He may not be everyone's cup of tea but with Queen he has certainly won over the majority of concert goers.
Hearing much I went in that concert a skeptic sure they meant Adam and came out a forever Adam Lambert fan. You cannot win them all but he sure changing many minds through Queen.
I'm so glad she enjoyed that guitar solo of Brian's its amaizing I honestly dont know how he does it. He had nearly 50 years of experiance doing is magic but I would think his hands feel shredded the next day. But guess he used to it.
I just thank so much to every person who puts up these videos up right now for those that cant go right now. I have gone however before and its amaizing but looks like it has just gotten better and better with every single concert of QAL.

broddybounce said...

Thank you everyone for your wonderful responses, re. my brother's insolence and your experiences with your family or friends seeing it. Yes, we can't please everybody, although there is always a little something for everyone in a Q+AL concert (I just can't see how anyone who comes a nonbeliever isn't completely converted into an Adam fan by show's end!).

And I also want to throw love over to glitzy and thank her for what she wrote above -- yes, it was AMAZING sharing that show with you, the night of a lifetime!, and I will cherish that experience forever, thank you. Indeed, very happy I was able to go with you and sit with someone who is very much INTO Adam -- for at least one of the two concerts I saw! AND you got to experience my complete and total "body electric" when Adam started singing "In The Lap Of The Gods" -- as I said in the introduction to my post with the ITLOTG & STL videos, my whole body started tingling and didn't stop til the end of the song. Part of it was that I actually forgot about that song, and then when I heard it, it was sense memory and it was like I was transported to another time. If they ever do "Save Me" again, I'll be in full rapture.

And, by the way guys, speaking of "pink elephant in the room"... I think the pink elephant of ALL FIVE years of these tours is actually this: why, oh why, did they choose to NEVER perform one of Queen's biggest hits and one that I think Adam would slay: "You're My Best Friend." ??? Roger did sing that on the Kiev, etc., tour, right, but he hasn't since, and Adam hasn't, and I don't get it. It is one of my favorite Queen songs. Definitely was my very favorite of their catalog before Adam came aboard (now there are SO MANY to like!). But there is so much they could do with that song -- actually, my idea is for Adam to address that song directly to the audience and a great moment to do his usual handshaking -- which, for some reason, first time, he didn't do this tour.

Sue Smith said...

I noticed that I believe not doing the Radio GG hand shake may have been a security thing in these arenas. Do to all that has happened these last few years at concerts. I really pretty glad about it. It was wonderful to see him to see him go out among the concert goers but it scared the heck out of Me. In these days you cannot be to safe. Certainly most fans would not harm him but it is a security risk in this day and time of crazies doing what has occurred at concerts. Just my opinion for what it is worth.

Sunflower said...

Broddybounce you and I both! I've been wondering for 8 years why Queen/Adam haven't sang "You're My Best Friend"!

broddybounce said...

That could very well be, Sue, it does make you wonder. He's done it very successfully in the last tours, but maybe in this particular day & age one has to be a bit more careful. Maybe they'll bring it back in the future.

And, Sunflower...right?!?! I wonder if somebody knows the answer. Must be something about that song that is some kind of secret between Brian,Roger and Freddie, I don't know... After three tours and they still haven't done it... I guess we're never going to hear it live, which is really too bad. Massive hit in the US at least, And I just totally love the song... The lyrics and the arrangement and the instrumentation and Freddy's voice are all just wonderful... And I think Adam can do an amazing justice on it too!

Nanbert said...

broddybounce....your description of your..."brother's insolence"... just broke me up! But I really sympathize with your disappointment in his indifference to spite of Adam's brilliance. It somehow spoils your enjoyment, as you are paying so much attention to your brother's reactions that you are not as intensely "into" the concert as you might be. And, of course, his indifference has to certainly throw cold water on your pleasure!

Good try!....but I suggest you go alone next time...or find a Glambert to help multiply your delight and enthusiasm. Wish it could be me, but I think we probably live on opposite ends of the continent. Fortunately, didn't you and glitzylady hook up together for a concert? How nice! You two probably multiplied into at least enthusiasm and delight! Heaven!!!!

broddybounce said...

A follow-up from this post that I had put up almost two weeks ago about "In The Lap Of The Gods." As I wrote in the introduction to this post, ITLOTG is one of my favorite Queen songs that Adam does. Well, as I was watching videos of him doing that song over the last, say, 5 or 6 concert dates, I noticed that he was inadvertently switching up two words.

In the middle of the song the proper lyrics are:

"Believe me, life goes on and on and on
Forgive me, when I ask you where do I belong?"

In those last several dates, up to and including Toronto, he switched "Believe me" with "Forgive me" so that you heard it as...

"Forgive me, life goes on and on and on
Believe me, when I ask you where do I belong?"

Sure, it works somewhat, and probably no one but diehard-diehard Queen fans noticed, but you can see how it definitely makes much more sense in its proper form, especially the second line.

SO... crazy man that I am, I tweeted Adam about it!

Loved u in Vancouver & San Jose! "In The Lap Of The Gods," one of my big faves of your Q+AL performances (both 2014 and this year) -- SO amazing! But ... from videos of last few shows, haven't you (inadvertently?) switched phrases "Believe me" and "Forgive me." ???
8:04 AM · Jul 29, 2019

WELL... I went to go look at a video of ITLOTG from Washington, the first show they did after I sent my tweet...AND... he sang it correctly!

Adam did not respond to my tweet but, given the first show they did after my tweet he corrected himself ... well.... hmmm ....???? :))))