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METRO UK: Sixty Seconds With Adam Lambert

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Monday, August 5, 2019

Posted at : Monday, August 05, 2019

New piece from UK's Metro newspaper called "Sixty Seconds With Adam Lambert," a promo piece for Playmobil The Movie, which opens over there this month (but not in the US until Dec. 6th!).  The title of the interview might make you think it's a video -- but it's not, just print.  But lots of good questions!  Here are a few to tease you with:

What do you love most about your Playmobil character?
Emperor Maximus reminded me of being in theatre when I was a kid. He’s a very theatrical character, a loveable villain, bad but hilarious.

Do you sometimes have to pinch yourself when thinking about where you are now?
I’ve had those moments. I’m never totally satisfied but when I stop and put things in perspective, I feel very lucky.

Do you have any pets?
Yes, I have a little dog and love him so much. He’s a Basenji-Chihuahua mix and he’s got a split personality.
What does that say about you?
Maybe that’s kind of like me. In some ways I can be very alpha male — driven and dominant — and at other moments I’m a total puppy dog.


broddybounce said...

Nothing to do with the subject of this post, but since this is the latest one I'll just put here that we do have some more Philadelphia reviews to put up, and a MASSIVE post on several things that came out of Boston -- but we won't be posting that until a bit later.

Nanbert said...

broddybounce...can't wait. I'm loving the reviews Queen and Adam are getting....especially Adam, because he's really being recognized for his massive talent more and more this time around, and it's very exciting!

Strangely, I would have thought that after the movie, "Bohemian Rhapsody", there would have been a lot more "he's not Freddie" cropping up. But it almost seems like the opposite is true.

Is it remotely possible that after seeing/hearing "Freddie" in the movie, people are making a more realistic comparison between Freddie and Adam? They say hindsight is always better, and often the longer a person is dead, the more "virtues" are discovered or remembered about them. Maybe that explains the mostly unrestrained and often effusive compliments for Adam everywhere QAL performs this time around.

Anyone have thoughts about that theory?

Sunflower said...

I enjoy learning things on Adam when he's asked questions in this manner. Broddybounce you have me intrigued on this Massive Post from Boston! Nanbert I had the same thoughts about people who will compare Freddie and Adam upon seeing the Bo Rhap movie. To me Freddie was a popular and loved frontman who became huge during his era. At that time I followed another British group, Duran Duran, I was crazy for these guys who were known as Pretty Boys. So when Adam hooked up with Queen, I was reintroduced to Queen and I never looked back! Adam and Freddie are 2 extraordinary artists, during Freddies heyday there was no one like him. Adam to me is this century/generations answer to Frank Sinatra (went way back, lol), Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, George Michael and Freddie! Who today in 2019 can bring good quality entertainment as a soloist or frontman? Adam can do it all. Look around the crowds at QAL concerts, young children -older adults of varying ages. Frank, Elvis, Michael, George and Freddie all have brought generations of all walks of life together. Not only Freddie but I really miss George Michael and his voice. But today Adam is "da man" lol. People shouldn't compare Freddie/Adam. Adam is here to carry that torch (as he says) to continue the legacies of all of those that aren't with us. Sorry I wrote too much. I'm a Gemini and we're known to talk too much! Hahaha