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iHeart Radio: Adam Lambert "On With Mario Lopez," September 16, 2019

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Monday, September 16, 2019

Posted at : Monday, September 16, 2019

photo from Adam Lambert / Mario Lopez interview from 2018
Mario Lopez spoke with Adam Lambert about his new single "Superpower" and his forthcoming EP Velvet (Side A), as well as his work with Queen, on the iHeart Radio show "On With Mario Lopez," which aired September 16, 2019.



Dee R Gee said...

Adam always has nice interviews with Mario Lopez. Laid back and friendly. Interesting story about Adam's swimming pool in the house he's trying to sell. I just assumed that the shallow pool was there when he bought the house. But no, someone talked him into it and now it's probably a negative factor in his trying to sell it. Oh well, live and learn. Adam has a great, deep pool in his new house. The other one will sell eventually. He'll be glad when it happens.

Nanbert said...

Dee R Gee....haha...and he probably spent a fortune for that 1 1/2 foot pool!

But, he could "turn lemons into lemonade" by turning that shallow pool into an exotic koi fish pond...with stepping stones to a small central seating area, plus a bit of Japanese style garden planting around'll sell like hotcakes then, I bet!

Dee R Gee said...

I dunno. Koi ponds are lovely. But I think most Californians think a real pool is a necessity. Especially in Adam's neighborhood.

Nanbert said...

You're probably right....but at least it might have a better chance to sell. Many older people are not so interested in pools. At least I saw that when we lived in Florida for a few years, where pools seemed to be a necessity.

choons said...

Sweden is close to Finland ..... I know, I know, but ... sigh.

Sunflower said...

Good interview with Mario!

Mi Re La said...

Adam with Mario Lopezn - new photo

Sue Smith said...

Yes very good interview!

Angeladam said...

Choons I think a certain Finnish gentleman wouldn't be care Adam being so close performing in Sweden, he's well moved on , who knows Adam may even invite him and his gorgeous bf to the concert, I'm sure they will always be friends.

Sue Smith said...

Adam looks so hunky beautiful in this photo. ML is also a good looking man. There just something about Adam that's just screams special as he lights up every place he goes. I know this is a photo from 2018. However every place I've seen him go to promote the music recently or whatever he been doing he just beams I'm content and happy now and he repeatedly said it.
He so loving presenting these 6 new songs and performing them and more new ones next year. He worked so hard on this music.
Being content and happy in ones personal life so helps whatever you are doing in life and he certainly seems happier than I've seen him in years.
It so sad what happened to Avicci and after I found out he committed suicide it scared me so much because I knew Adam went through a bad time. I just thank God he got help and came out of it ok. He now has a BF as well as a very good friend he can share the happenings in his life that is so important, especially I think to Adam.
He going to Sweden to honor Avicci and help raise money for suicide prevention
With other celebs.
This is the reason he going after the show for Avicci is over he may stay to do some album promotion and then he may not. He spent a couple months in Sweden when he worked on the album the Original High. He has said how very cold it was but dont know what season they are in around time he's going in December. Again I'll say how lovely I think it is for these celebs to go there to do this in Avicci honor. Yes Avicci deserves it the whole thing is so sad he was so young.