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Adam Lambert 2020 Europe Solo Tour Announced! Includes Wembley Arena and Manchester Gay Pride!

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Posted at : Tuesday, February 04, 2020

Adam Lambert announced today that he will be embarking on a solo tour of Europe towards the end of this summer to promote his new full-length album, "VELVET."  Dates are as follows:

Aug 30: Manchester (UK) Pride
Sep 01: London, SSE Arena Wembley
Sep 03: Amsterdam, AFAS Live
Sep 04: Cologne (Germany), Carlswerk Victoria
Sep 05: Berlin, Huxleys
Sep 07: Warsaw, Expo
Sep 08: Hamburg, Grosse Freiheit
Sep 09: Copenhagen (Denmark), Vega
Sep 12: Helsinki (Finland), Ice


Sunflower said...

Oh boy! It's happening alright, happy for the UK fans will get to to experience "Velvet" tour first. Then a mini Las Vegas Residency, what? In between the QAL tour? He's Superman! I doubt I can make it to Las Vegas, so I'll wait for a Chicago or Indiana stop ( fingers crossed). :)

Dee R Gee said...

All such great news! And the best part is that Shosh says thare will be a US solo tour in 2020, so that means he'll have Oct. Nov. Dec. to US dates. This has been a very busy year!

Saw that ROSES is already doing quite well. Be sure to re-Tweet it in all CAPS. It's a lovely song. I wonder what the video is like that he just did for "Velvet?" I'm assuming that's the song he did the video for.

ElEvans said...

Angeladam if I remember correctly your name and the fact that you are from U.K. I have a question. Do you think that Adam
will be able to fill up Wembley arena? It's large venue

Lynn said...

I would love to be able to see him on his USA tour. Hope he comes to Louisiana.

Jean Renard said...

Glamberts, you would not believe the new GUITAR HOTEL that was built and just opened in Hollywood, Florida, a few miles from my house. It cost 1.5 billion dollars and houses an incredible arena, especially for rock star performances. It is an addition to the Hard Rock Hotel where Adam performed 4 years ago during his solo tour (I flew from Arizona to Florida to see his show). I was blown away when I went to the Guitar Hotel at Christmas for dinner (fourteen restaurants). It will be one of the most highly desired arenas in which to perform in the United States. Take a look at this Masterpiece of architecture, which I am sure Adam will want to perform there during his solo VELVET tour. Jean Renard › hotel › the-guitar-hotel

Angeladam said...

Jean Renard, hope he performs there it sounds an incredible place !

Angeladam said...

ElEvans hi, about Adam filling up Wembley Arena,to be totally honest with you I'm not sure, as you say it's a very large venue for him to perform a solo concert there, his last solo tour
in London a few years back was at the Hammersmith Apollo, a much smaller venue (which he filled of course) perhaps after the QAL tour which has multiple concerts at the O2 arena, he may well fill it, especially if during the UK leg of the tour he performs some of his own songs ? who knows, as the say it's "in the lap of the Gods"!I'll be going regardless lol !

Mi Re La said...


Dee R Gee said...

Very good Newsweek article. Adam is well-versed on many things and speak well about them. Things like politics and music and a bit of philosophy.

As to the question of Adam filling Wembley arena, I read somewhere that Kelly Clarkson performed there and the arena was simply configured smaller to be a more appropriate size. KC wouldn't be able to fill that venue either. This is done all the time with various venues. Nto every act booked into a venue is expected to fill the place. I've been to shows where whole sections were blocked off ahead of time because those seats were not intended to be sold. I think Adam's audience configuration at Wembley will be set up to suit his audience size. The bookers of these places know what they're doing. It's there job.

Jean Renard said...

A number of years ago, I attended Adam's concert in Phoenix, Arizona, on a week night (I think it was on a Tuesday), at the Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, which seats 14,870 - however, Adam's concert only sold 7,000 of the seats. The coliseum was a little under half full. We still had a great evening and we were a wild and crazy audience. I am sure that the coliseum made some decent money on Adam or they wouldn't have booked him. Even the sale of food and drinks alone to an audience of 7,000 people can make a big profit for the venue. Jean Renard

ElEvans said...

How his U.K. Velvet side A promotion went? Was it successful?Do people in U.K. Know who he is except lead singer for Queen? My U.K. friends are going to Queen concert in o2 but not for Adam's solo concert:/

ElEvans said...

Interesting thx. Maybe his tour management think that people from other EU countries will come to London but other locations as Amsterdam or Warsaw seems more affordable and intimate. Sorry but size of Wembley arena terrifies me.


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Angeladam said...

Dee R Gee, I also heard about Kelly Clarkson not filling Wembley, and as you and Jean said, they probably close areas off( if not full to capacity), I've been to various concerts by different artists where only half of the venue has been used, the rest sectioned off, the promoters, I'm assuming must have a ball park figure of how many ticket sales they need make a profit.
ElEvans for some reason, I thought you were from the UK not the US ! I don't think his Velvet side A promotion went that well tbh, lots of people know who Adam is mainly from American Idol,( which is shown over here), but of course a lot know of him through Queen and have followed him because of how good he is fronting them, you need to tell your friends who are going to the QAL concert at the O2, to book Wembley too and see him solo, they won't be disappointed, he is amazing to watch, even though (dare I say), I don't think Velvet is a strong an album, as his last one IMO only !

ElEvans said...

I am in London so often that I feel like half British sometimes;) Here's the thing with my U.K. friends and Adam they don't like his new songs at all:/ even though they love him with Queen. I could go to his concert at Wembley Arena but his solo music isn't my cup of tea so I don't know what to do....

Mi Re La said...
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Mi Re La said...

For ElEvans and his friends

“ROSES” by Adam Lambert & Nile Rodgers

"Two of my all-time favorites came together for an epic song that would transport listeners to Saturday Night Fever. Adam Lambert recruited legendary guitarist Nile Rodgers for his latest single: “ROSES.” This track is pure music nirvana! Between Adam’s impeccable vocals and Nile’s “Get Lucky”-esque guitar licks, “ROSES” could be a shoo-in for the 2021 Grammy Awards. A+ "

A question for ElEvans: If you don't like Adam's music why waste your time around here? Just to spread the venom?

Nanbert said...

Good point, Mi Re LA.

Thanks for the great review you posted..."a shoo-in for the 2021 Grammies"... has a nice ring to it!

Sunflower said...

Finally someone mentioned Grammy! Adam has had many more singles I considered Grammy material! Thanks Mi Re La for posting this. I thought ELEvans was a fan of Adam's solo music? :(

Sue Smith said...

I love Adam's Velvet side A. The Original High was a very good album But Velvet side A is superior in my opinion. I just love Adam with Queen. Oh my but Adam doing his own show and music is the ultimate love of my life!
He going to surprise them all in Vegas with his creative splendar. Yes, they may have seen it all but they have not seen Adam Lamberts solo concert where he calls all the creative shots especially in Vegas.Absolutely cannot wait for side B of this great album. ROSES is a funk filled gem one of my favorites can't wait for the rest of side B. You can't please all the people. If those people do not care for superior music there is plenty out there to please their kind of taste.

I saw hundreds of comments that just love Rose's saying it is their favorite
So far. Just read some when I was feeling very low this week. Adam is not here to promote it wish he was.
He did say he was shooting a video for another song so that is something to look forward to among much more this year.

Sunflower said...

Sue...I know you've been occupied with family but a few days ago it was announced that we can "preorder" VELVET" now on Empire Records or Amazon. VELVET release date is March 20. I ordered my copy a few days ago on Amazon (I have an account there),and I will be sent an email when I should get it! Just to let you know.

Sunflower said...

Sue to be specific VELVET the whole CD, sides A and B!

Sue Smith said...

Thank you Sunflower I will pre order it. After the funeral yesterday I had alot of family and some friends come to the house. My daughter and her doggies just left. I am so tired and still down from it all.
Sunflower I will preorder the entire CD. I do believe Adam said the entire CD will come out next. Thank you for the info.

Sue Smith said...

Oh my goodness the beautiful art work below. That huge green bow love it. The outfit so amaizing. I hope they keep the videos on YT a good while. I still have not had time to watch the latest videos from QAL.

Angeladam said...

ElEvans, hi, of course if you don't like Adam's solo stuff that's your choice, I certainly would say just go and see his concert,( especially if you're already in London), he puts on a really great show, probably more so now, than his last solo tour, he may even have special guests such as Nile Rogers showing up?(who is also incredible in concert) probably Terrance Spencer,and he'll more than likely throw some of his previous songs in.I'll definitely be there !!