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EXTRA: Adam Lambert To Participate In "Stronger Than You Think" Livestream, May 27-29, 2020

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Posted at : Wednesday, May 20, 2020

"Adam Lambert ... Glenn Close, Liam Payne and many more will participate in a three-day livestream called Stronger Than You Think.  The livestream will take place from May 27 through May 29 from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. PT. ...  The event will include topics like anxiety, depression, and stress, as well as the need for extra support during the COVID-19 pandemic."

Thanks to reader Dee R Gee for the find!


Nanbert said...

Sounds like a worthy cause....but it would be nice to know WHEN Adam will be on during those three days. That's a lot of hours of watching, and I'm sure I'll miss him the moment I leave the room...or the channel! In spite of being an avid Adam Lambert fan, I am otherwise NOT a celebrity watcher! I rarely know who is who!

In fact, these days, I seem to be a full-time news watcher! Unhealthy, I know! I spend all my time here in my den at my computer, with my TV constantly playing on MSNBC, CNN or BBC here in the room with me. When things get too grim, and I have gorged myself with Adam news and music....I go to youtube and watch cute baby animals, go on safari, watch close-up magic, marvel at savants, watch auditions on American Idol and others, find out how things are made, watch horse-whisperers, take quizes, see unique animals, watch lectures, etc. etc....a world of entertainment.....yet NOTHING can shake that sense of dread and impending doom that hangs in the air! And it's so lonely!!!!!

But I have no reason to complain. I am simply but comfortably retired, and don't have to worry about how I will pay my mortgage or rent, buy food, buy medications, pay utilities, and feed myself and my family like so many people who live from paycheck to paycheck and have lost their jobs....all those people in the food lines we see all over on the news! It breaks my heart, and I donate what I can to the food banks...but I know it's never enough!

Sorry, didn't mean to sound so down. Here it is 4:09 in the AM, and I need to go to bed!

Patria said...

I'll go a step further. Doom arrived in 2016.

Dee R Gee said...

Nanbert, I am one of the lucky ones, too. I keep up with the news all the time. I have family close by. I do not have to worry about putting food on my table or paying my bills. I have time to keep up with Adam. I think this Stronger Than You Think" broadcast is probably quite good. Yes, we cannot tell when Adam is participating but hopefully when it is done, "someone" smarter than I am will able get his portion posted. I am sure he does a good job. He is very empathetic towards others and has sought mental health assistance when he needed it. I hope we find out more about this broadcast. Lots of people are participating.

Patria, I agree.

Nanbert said...

Dee R least we probably shouldn't have to worry about Adam's finances..even though both QAL's and his solo concerts are on hold, and that means a huge loss of income. Of course, that's assuming that he's not buying all sorts of things/clothes(?) on line out of sheer boredom! heh heh! Let's hope he's getting productive (as he mentioned he was) and starting on more music.

As far as Adam being picked for the "Stronger Than You Think" broadcast....he's so intelligent, articulate and charming that I'm sure even people who don't know him will find him most attractive. And if he sings,'s all a plus!

A thought...wonder if all/any of these online personal appearances being made by various celebrities are paid appearances?

Patria, I agree, too! DOOM arrived in 2016....the coronavirus is just "the cherry on top". :-(

Mi Re La said...

VIDEO / NEW INTERVIEW Brian May " We HAVE recorded with Adam Lambert- in secret , but we haven't felt it was right to put it out, we just didn't think it was the right vibe"

Jean Renard said...

You know, there are only a few Glamberts left to even comment on this site, WHICH WAS A SITE CREATED FOR ADAM'S LOVING FANS. This site is suppose to be about ADAM, our love for him and how he has enhanced our lives. You old gals have been chastised so many times about the fact that this is not a POLITICAL site and to keep it about ADAM. Patria, Dee R Gee, and Nanbert, why can you not learn a simple request? I have not been on 24/7 for a good while, just stopped in tonight to do a little check on any news about Adam and, lo and behold, here we go again, in this most difficult of times, old ladies spewing their hate and political opinions. Please, keep your political messages to yourself. There are plenty of chat rooms on the internet where you can sit all day and spew your hate about 2016. Why is it always you 3 who do this? There used to be so many classy Glamberts on here. We used to share our poetry, our essays, our sweet opinions about Adam but there always have to be certain ones who just have NO RESPECT for all Glamberts. Please keep this site about Adam and his wonderful music - take your politics elsewhere! Sincerely, Jean Renard (and, may I add, a Glambert who has always made an effort to be a fan worthy of Adam's respect, and respect for all his Glamberts).

Nanbert said...

Jean Renard....your point is well taken. I'm sorry if you are offended by my politics. Since Adam's opinion of this administration is well known, I guess I assumed that all his Glamberts are like-minded, especially since I also assume we are all allies of the LBGTQ community.

However, I will henceforth endeavor to keep politics out of my remarks in deference to the Glamberts who are Trump/Pence supporters.


Dee R Gee said...

Very nicely said, Nanbert. I agree with your strategy, and I will do the same.

Patria said...

What Nanbert said.

Nanbert said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nanbert said...

Well....I guess we three "old ladies" are of like mind.

Patria said...

Nanbert we are of like mind.
And speaking for myself I am totally on board with that deleted comment.

Patria said...

Honestly I didn't find Nanbert's original comment, or mine, or Dee R Gee's comment barely political at all. I saw Nanbert was temporarily overwhelmed by all the things she said. She is always comforting and supporting to so many of us when we post non-Adam things and deserved some back. That's what I was going for to show her she is not alone in her thinking.

I was surprised by your explosion Jean. But then again you have come after us before. If you'd said nothing this would all have passed by quickly. But here we are.

Nanbert said...

Hahaha....Patria! You read it! And, btw, thank you for your kindness.

Well, basically, since you already read it....I pointed out that Jean Renard seems to be (as far as I can remember)the ONLY ONE who has EVER "chastized" any "old ladies spewing their hate" here on 24/7.

I also pointed out that she could/should have chosen her words more carefully, since she had boasted of her "respect for all his (Adam's) Glamberts", but her words belied that.

Anyway, it's much ado about much anger based on three (3) brief sentences (one short remark by each of us)..... and a waste of all our time! Let's just drop it. That's why I deleted the remark above in the first place.

Sue Smith said...

I'm sorry but as far as I know this is still America Covid 19 or not. We have the right to our opinions regardless of age. This is an Adam Lambert site and Adam has always spoke his mine.
I may be old but that does not make me a dope. I may not have the education some do. However I have been through life 71 years of it. It has not been an easy ride either.
Rarely on this site does any one get political. However that has been hard to do knowing how Adam feels and many of us do.
If you are a Trump/ Pence supporter I totally respect that and would never call people unkind age scoffing names because of it.
I would appreiate if we are given the same respect. Adam Lambert would never in my opinion appreiate that being done to his fans.

Sue Smith said...

Nanbert and my friends on this site. I am not feeling all that well but I will try to explain. My regular doctor would not authorize the operation until I went to cardiologist. She seemed to see something on the EKG she did not like.
However I went again to Victoria got another EKG and it seemed ok.
However because I had a 5 way heart operation 7 years ago they wanted more complete tests at the hospital friday.
A darn battery of them.
I had gone to Victoria which where we go is close to 90 miles from here 5 times in 2 weeks for all this.
I was completely exsausted and had not slept hardly at all in days worrying over all this.
I told the heart doctor I just could not come back at 7 the next morning. We would have left the house before 5 and we were still in Victoria until late that evening. She agreed it was to much. Even if I had, it had to be cleared before the operation from tests and Monday was a holiday so that may not have happened even if nothing may have been wrong.
So I am going back on the 27th of May and get the full range of cardiac tests done.
So the operation will be rescheduled. The cardiac doctor said a week or so should not make that much diffetence.
However I am in alot of pain. The back doctor office said keep them posted.
If I am cleared hopefully I should get the operation shortly after. Next week or two depending on the doctors shedule. The spine doctors.
Just keep your fingers crossed my heart checks out so I can get this back operation done finally. It will be soon rescheduled if the heart tests check out. They will be done at the hospital in Victoria 27 of May 7.00 in the morning to start. Hopefully if I am cleared I will shortly after get the operation. Thanks for your concern.
Love Sue🌻

Nanbert said...

Oh dear, Sue, so sorry you are going through all of this! I'm sure the last thing you want/need are more delays...more hassles. No one should have to jump through so many hoops!

I already sent you a best wishes comment a couple of threads ago. Hopefully you won't be delayed by more than one day! Hang in there!

Sue Smith said...

Thanks Nanbert I know you sent those wishes. I just wanted to explain better what was going on.
Thanks I am trying to hang in there.

Sue Smith said...

I made a mistake I go in for cardiac tests on Thursday the 28th not 27 sorry.

Angeladam said...

Hmm Nanbert.

Nanbert said...

Best of luck, Sue, hope the tests clear you for immediate surgery.

And thanks for the support above. Sadly, American politics these days seems to have turned into a contact sport, rather than matters for discussion and compromise.