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The Grammy Museum's "Programs At Home" Digital Series features ADAM LAMBERT (UPDATED)

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Posted at : Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Grammy Museum today (June 15, 2020) premiered an interview with Adam Lambert, which we previously announced two weeks ago, for its Public Program Digital Series, "Programs At Home." The video interview is titled The Drop: Adam Lambert.  The Museum's description is, as follows:
"As part of the GRAMMY Museum’s new Programs at Home series, Moderator Scott Goldman interviews Adam Lambert and talks about the making of Lambert’s latest album, Velvet. Following the conversation, Lambert performs a couple songs exclusively for the GRAMMY Museum. Adam Lambert’s recent album, Velvet, was released March 20th, six months after the release of his EP, Velvet: Side A."

UPDATE (6/17/20): On his Instagram, Adam posted one song that did not make it on the final video: "Roses."  Thank you, Gelly, for 'transcribing' it from IG to YouTube.


Dee R Gee said...

Thank you!!!!! Enjoy, everyone!

Just watched TSMGO with my DH who has been to three QAL shows with me. He thought it was great! Had some updates, I think. Be sure to watch it on Netflix.

Nanbert said...

Sure wish I had Netflix! I'd love to see TSMGO again!

However, I had the distinct pleasure of seeing Adam's interview and performances on the Grammy Museum's Program, and they were wonderful. The interviewer allowed a great deal of detail in Adam's answers....most of which we Glamberts know already....but nice and in-depth for the general public.

And Adam's performances! Fantastic! He sang four songs, three from his own album "Stranger You Are", "Love Dont", an even different variation of "On The Moon", and a cover of a Weekend song "Blinding Lights".

It's amazing to see/hear Adam reinterpret live his own music from Velvet....singing in a Jazz-like style of improvisation....intricate, complicated and with perfect pitch...only accompanied by a quiet backup guitar. It was simply brilliant! We are seeing even more "colors" in Adam's voice in these works. And he displays such confidence in his agile voice when he improvises! I am even more impressed by his talent each time he sings!


broddybounce said...

Yes, it was a great interview and AMAZING mini-concert! Adam was just perfection. I love that cool old-fashioned microphone he has! Does anyone know who his friend is who's playing the guitar?

Also, looking forward to more things he's planning to come out of the Feel Something Foundation and whatever music it is that he's been writing with others via Zoom! I gotta feeling we're not gonna have to wait five years for the next album this time.

He said in a sort of roundabout way that he got his creative juices out the way he wanted to with VELVET and with his "free control" partnership with EMPIRE but that he might be letting the record company come back in and take a tad more control. I'm sure he realizes that it is a necessary evil, so to speak (or not so evil necessarily) to be attached to a big label that has a big machine in order to (a) getting the album widely released, and (b) PROMOTE IT! Yes, you do have to compromise a bit, but it's worth it — and I can't believe he wouldn't welcome another hit single and another Grammy nomination!

However, I'm not sure if he meant that he wants EMPIRE to take more control — because I'm not so sure that EMPIRE has that kind of structure or muscle, I think they sort of are the kind of company that does let its artists have total control, but I may be wrong — or if he's gonna try and get a new deal with a biggie label. Also, with the exception of Iggy Azalea, EMPIRE is like 98% Hip-Hop and R&B. I've always thought he should enlist Brian to help him get another big record deal. Adam's been with RCA and Warner Bros and there are at least a half-dozen other labels that he could be on that I'm sure who would love to have him. Both Sony and Universal have a number of sub-labels that could take him. Heck, I wish Madonna's record label, Maverick, would have him. They now have some pretty major artists.

broddybounce said...

FYI, just updated the Netflix post adding in Netflix' trailer for the program as well as various graphics they are using to promote it.

And, esp. for you Nanbert, as well as others who don't have Netflix, I added the following in small italics under the link:

"Do note that Netflix offers a free 30-day trial period that will allow you to watch the show, after which you may cancel with no penalty."

Nanbert said...

Broddybounce....I'm impressed you know all about that. All I know is that whatever Adam does next, I hope he has a good team to promote his next album/s....heck, even the ones he has already issued.....and also be helpful to him in some of his other artistic endeavors (which he has hinted at). My feelings are that he would like to work in more behind-the-scenes activities....which makes me worry a bit that he will be less available to us!!!!! Gotta have that VOICE/MAN to make life worthwhile!

Wouldn't it be great if Adam got into acting in movies....musicals, to be exact? He would have been a HUGE star during "the age of the musicals" that everyone loved so much. We need more of that! If he got into it, maybe he could help resurrect it! I remember everyone coming out of the movies after attending one of those musicals feeling uplifted and lighthearted...great feeling!

Nanbert said...

oh, btw...broddybounce...thanks for the info about Netflix. I followed your advice, and took the free 30-day trial. It was too late to try to watch now, but won't it be on for me to watch tomorrow...or later?? I still have to find out how to make it work on my TV. They showed a list of available movies, but it didn't include TSMGO.

I just want to watch it again. I saw it once at my son's house. I asked them to save it (or whatever they did to keep it) for watching later....and we finally arranged to watch it at their house together. But I'd like to watch it at least once or twice more just by myself.

Nanbert said... again. I can't stop thinking about our fellow-Glambert Sue Smith. Her spinal surgery was scheduled for June 10th. Hope it will be successful! It might be a while before we hear from her....although I think all her comments are made on her mobil maybe we could hear something soon. I KNOW she will come back for Adam news as soon as she can.

broddybounce said...

Hi Nanbert! Oh, thank you so much. Well, besides the fact that I research the heck out of things, and I love doing that, my 30+ years in showbiz production has me keyed in a bit on the process for stuff like this. If you'll allow me to 'toot my horn' for a moment, I've been involved in production work on movies, music videos, concerts and live performance, Broadway shows presented in Las Vegas and on tour — and twice for Disney: corporate work at their studios in LA and show production at Walt Disney World. Unfortunately, with the exception of serving as Exec. Director of a summer musical theatre training program in Tampa for a year, I haven't worked in entertainment for about a decade now, which is very sad. I moved to the Bay Area to be near my wonderful senior parents (my Dad turns 90 this Saturday!), as well as my brother and sister (we're all originally from a suburb of NYC), but San Francisco is simply not "where it's at" insofar as showbiz is concerned (despite Adam's label EMPIRE being located here, although that's rare), so it's been tough. But I'm getting through. I never did work directly in the music biz, though — only a few music videos in the late '80s.

Now, as far as Netflix, you're gonna love this: Netflix is a streaming platform where you don't purchase movies, shows, program, documentaries, etc. and then either have to watch them then or there or you have 48 hours to watch them like cable TV "on demand." Whatever they have in their library, and I mean their ENTIRE library, is yours to watch UNLIMITED however many times you wish. And you can be in the middle of your 7th time watching it, get tired halfway through, stop it, come back to Netflix the next day, and it will have held your place all that time! It truly is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Similar services that also do this are Amazon Prime (also known as Prime Video), Hulu, CBS All Access, Disney+, and several more. The only one that can be a little different is Hulu which started out as the service that would show television series after they ran on the networks. So, if you missed anything, or missed an entire series, you could watch it on there ... but with commercials. I don't know, they may also have a subscription plan that is commercial-free. But I missed the entire series THIS IS US and am in the middle of it now on Hulu and LOVE IT, but I get commercials -- although that series can also be watched "on demand" on cable, at least Comcast, with commercials.

Oh, btw, I actually recorded the original airing of TSMGO:TQ+ALS on ABC last year ... and never erased it! So I have it sort of "permanently" (albeit on Comcast's digital server, not a DVD) and have already watched it I think twice since it originally aired. I skim through the commercials. But I am REALLY looking forward to watching it again tonight on Netflix ... commercial free!

Hope you enjoy watching it again and again and again, Nanbert. And, while you have the subscription, go see what else they have. You might enjoy a lot of their programming. Netflix is the one who has TIGER KING (although I hated it) but also the extremely well done MAKING A MURDERER documentary (courtroom drama mostly, not scary) and so much more.

Nanbert said...

broddybounce...Netflix sounds great. Hope I figure out how to use it. Remember... I am very technologically disadvantaged!

Don't worry about me being put off by scary movies...I love them! In fact, I'd rather watch them than a love story, haha! Jaws, Alien, The Terminator, Jurassic Park, Silence of the Lambs....all more my speed, LOL.

Is Tiger King scary? Must check it out!

broddybounce said...

It may take a minute to get, but you'll get it.

Oh, I agree, I love the "intelligent" scary movies, too -- "Silence Of The Lambs," wonderful. Also, "The Shining," and my all-time favorite, "The Exorcist"..!

So, "Making A Murderer," no, not scary, but VERY compelling!!

"Tiger King" is not scary. It is sad. Very, very sad. And I don't mean in a tearjerker kind of way. It's like watching a car wreck, next to a train wreck, next to a plane crash ... and all at the expense of innocent animals.

Dee R Gee said...

I was interested to hear Adam say that he may wind up with a major label again at some point. A major label sure does help with promo, media coverage, etc. But in the meantime, I think he feels he made the right choice in going with Empire. He has a lot of creative freedom and that's what he loves. And he still works with great musicians and songwriters. And I have to say that, even with this virus thing, Velvet has done pretty darn well over all. It continues to get streams and turns up on "best" lists here and there.

I would love for Velvet to get a Grammy nom.

Nanbert, I hope you find a way to see TSMGO. It was even better than the ABC version. The whole story is phenomenal.

BTW, Adam's performances on Grammy Museum were exquisite. That one song was by The Weeknd.

Nanbert said...

Well, couldn't get Netflix on my TV yet....and may not even be able to...from what I've seen, I think you have to have a "Smart TV"....and both of my two TVs are the big box old-timey 'Dumb" kind. The sound is much better, because there's room for bigger speakers... but they don't have all the "bells and whistles" that the new fangled TVs have.

But I finally did end up watching TSMGO on my computer...and still enjoyed it, even though I would have loved seeing it on a bigger screen. Thank goodness my two separate computer speakers are quite good ones. Adam was fantastic! So proud of him!

How wonderful we've been able to witness and enjoy mighty Queen's rise again to the top with our splendid Adam at the helm! Such precious talents....all!

Nanbert said...

Broddybounce, I see what you mean about Tiger King. I read up on it, and know I will hate it. I can't bear seeing animals mistreated/exploited.

broddybounce said...

Nanbert:. First, yes, I hope Sue is doing ok.

Re. Netflix: do you have Comcast Cable, or any Cable TV? Comcast and I'm sure many others have Netflix as one of their "Apps.". You simply find it and it will walk you through how to apply your subscription to the version on TV (as opposed to the one on your computer). That's the way to get around it if you don't have a Smart TV (which, btw, are not all that expensive these days).

Let me know!

Sunflower said...

This interview was so good. Wasn't short so we got to hear Adam talk more. Lol He was cute to say he has the coolest parents to which I agree. That mini concert was amazing, every song he sang Roses too, was gorgeous! I could hear him sing acoustically anytime, I love it!

Sunflower said...

JinJoo is the name of the guitar girl playing for Adam.

Dee R Gee said...

Adam posted that his European solo dates in early September have been officially cancelled. Not postponed. Just cancelled Such a shame, but it's the way things are so most artists right now. I would love to get a Velvet tour is some kind before he has to move on to another album project. Velvet deserves a lot of attention. Hope the Grammys remember how good it is.

Nanbert said...

Whoa! I'm absolutely loving Adam's acoustic renditions of his songs from "Velvet"....with the above "Roses" now, too! I wish these would all be assembled onto a have and hold and cherish! The comments below the videos on youtube were effusive in their compliments. These videos show a whole new "branch" of Adam's immense talent...more colors and versatility to marvel at! These rather informal performances are breathtaking reminders that we are hearing/seeing the best living male singer on the planet...They prove there's no doubt of that! He doesn't NEED a big band or a huge stage setting to shine like the STAR he is!

So sad about cancelling his tour. But he IS getting some exposure, like this...and if you other Glamberts are like me, you're sending links to these performances to friends and relatives, too.

I hope Adam has been saving his money before this, since all the performances he's missing during this pandemic add up to an enormous amount of income loss for him! I don't suppose his Voice Insurance would cover a situation like this.

He better get some Grammy recognition for his brilliance!

I wonder what Brian and Roger think of these acoustic performances.

Dee R Gee said...

Shosh was asked if there would be a re-schedule of the European dates next year and she saidno because there were conflicts with things are were already scheduled for Adam. That makes me feel a bit better, because it shows that he's got other things in the works for next year. We'll find out in due time.

broddybounce said...

Thanks for the alert, Dee, I didn't have a chance to get to Adam's IG earlier. Just posted.

Well, I do hope that at least one of the projects happening next year, aside from Q+AL, is the Adam/Christina tour. I would just really love for Adam to enjoy — as a SOLO artist — the crowds that a Christina tour can bring. We all know he has, and will continue to have, that opportunity ongoing as the lead singer for Queen. But the year that Adam's management determines that its tour bookers will be able to contact Madison Square Garden and LA's Staples Center or The Forum, and Chicago's The United Center, and London's Wembley Arena and all the other iconic arenas and stadiums for Adam's SOLO tour will be a momentous year indeed!

Dee R Gee said...

Broddy, I'm with you 100%! I would love to see Adam fill those big venues to the rafters. In the meantime, I just hope he can sing the Velvet songs next year in some capacity, even it it's one-offs, short shows, whatever. Those songs are great and deserve to be heard in any way he can do it. Hope he gets his chances.

And I hope the Grammy peeps pay attention to the great reviews that Velvet has received and give the album a much-deserved nomination.

Patria said...

I'm smitten with Adam's dark looks in his Velvet Live Sessions videos. Especially "The Stranger You Are"

But WOW to see him here in browns and beiges, including his hair, he is just as gorgeous. Yum

The setting is awesome. There's a twitter account that rates peoples rooms now that they are broadcasting from home. Adam got a 10/10 for this room. ha! It came with the caveat that they didn't like the horizontal books but they couldn't deny the 10/10 because of the entire look.

Nanbert said...

Patria...haha ...people "didn't like the horizontal books" funny! But in all fairness, it seems that a lot of "bookcases" these days aren't even designed for books, but for display cases, with books only as an afterthought...and there's often no way or space to hold many books securely in a standing position.

I think Adam's bookcase achieves the effect it was designed (and filled) for....decoration.

And I'm sure he decorated that room based on the colors in the abstract painting he's shown us here before...which is undoubtedly hanging on one of the walls of that room. Would love to see what he did with the rest of the room. He seems to really enjoy interior decorating, and definitely has a flair for it... a bit "flashy", but certainly "gutsy" and confident...heh heh...just like him!

I'd say 10/10, too.

Patria said...

Here is their exact quote

"Oh the color. Love the wall/plant/neon effect. Is there a bong? Would rather not see the horizontal books but cannot deny the 10/10"

I don't understand their problem with the horizontal books either. It seems to me they are a lot easier to read if they're laying down. Also it has to be better for the 'health' of the book.

I don't even know what to say about the bong question. ha ha ha

The twitter account is very active and quite entertaining. Some celebrities will ask for do overs if they get less than 10/10. I don't think Adam even responded to them, he may have not seen it.

Here's the link if it will show up for you.