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Adam Lambert In Amazon Music Live Q&A, Wednesday, October 14, 2020 (UPDATED!)

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Posted at : Wednesday, October 14, 2020

UPDATE (10/14/20): Here is the recorded Amazon Q&A!  

Thank you, Adam fan and YouTube user Hana Fris for putting it on video!

And the first 14 seconds of this IG Stories from Adam's account is a post-Q&A "thank you" from Adam strictly to his fans...

Adam promoting Q+AL Live Around The World on Amazon:


Sunflower said...

It's been a week I have'nt been here. Last week I voted in person, only because I did'nt qualify for a ballot (Indiana), no problem came up. Then my debit card got hacked so I had to get a new one, then unexpected visit from my brother and sister-in-law (Tampa). My younger brother a successful surgery from Cancer in his Kidney, thank God he's doing good now, Cancer free now! :) makes me happy. Still waiting for my QAL CD/DVD set! Overwhelmed with all these QAL and Adam interviews but could'nt be happier for them! I love them so much! ❤

Sunflower said...

Hopefully I can see and hear Adam on this Amazon Music Q&A.

Sunflower said...

In my first comment I meant mail in ballot.

Patria said...

I voted also. Last week. I filled out a mail in ballot and hand carried it to my county court house. Two days later I checked on line and see they have recorded receiving it. I think Iowa doesn't start counting them until election day, however.

Dee R Gee said...

Looking forward to this Amazon Q&A!

Nanbert said...

Speaking of mail-in ballots...I mailed mine via Priority Mail 1-Day on 10/05/ I could track it to its reception. It should have arrived on 10/06...but didn't! I frantically tracked it every day...until it finally registered as "Delivered"...on 10/12/2020. It took 7 days to travel 13 miles! Whew! My next concern is whether or not they've registered it as being received in the Election records. Hopefully I'll be rewarded with that information in a few days.....fingers crossed.

This election is making me SO-o-o-o-o anxious! So worried my vote will get lost, misplaced...or stolen! Saw news that PHONY mail-in drop boxes were being put out by Republicans in California!...Oh my! Guess we can figure out what they planned to do with those ballots!

Dee R Gee said...

The Amazon Q&A was so good! I think Adam has a pretty smart perspective on his future in the long term. He is thinking about ways to be in the music/entertainment music both onstage and behind the scenes. He's so creative and he works with other people so well. He is well-liked by everyone he meets. He had so many things to say in this talk. Love that he has more projects in the works than we even know!

Patria said...

Nanbert, has the your county recorded your vote as received yet?

Nanbert said...

Patria...yes, finally on 9/12/20.

But then on 9/14/20, news came out that it was just discovered that almost 30,000 ballots had been incorrectly printed, and would have to be replaced by a new ballot, which will be sent as soon as possible. The erroneous ballots were mailed on 9/28/20....but not all ballots sent on that day were incorrect.

Since my ballot was registered as mailed on 9/28/20, it is a good bet that it was from the incorrect printing/mailing. I've been trying to find out...but the phone number I can call is constantly surprise!

Oh my! Life is really getting out of hand!

Patria said...

What a nightmare this all is. This is terrible for everyone's health.

I'm worried about all Iowa mail in ballots. The box for filling in for B/H is on the fold. The glue didn't hold up on the mail in envelope. I called and asked if I could tape it, they said no. Suggested I use elmer's glue. That required pressing and holding it in place which put pressure on the fold.

I will never go to the courthouse drop box again. It required maneuvering in downtown Des Moines construction on every block or corner. I didn't try for street parking because of the heavy traffic. I went straight to a parking ramp, had to park on the skywalk level and it turns out the elevator is out of order. I had to walk up and down 4 flights of stairs. The dropbox is actually 2 blocks from the courthouse where in person voting goes on. I had to wait in line to enter the building and hand them my envelope. (It was not a long wait, 5-10 minutes. I needed the rest by then)

The parking ramp became automated since I last used it. No window to pay a cashier on the way out. There was a cashier however who told me I had to get out of my car and go to a glass cubicle to pay for my ticket. I backed my car off to the side and when I got back the cashier said no I can't just put the ticket in the machine while I was standing right there. I had to get in my car and drive up to insert it in the machine. Isn't automation great? not!

If I can't vote in person in my town, I will trust the post office.

How can anyone like the quality of life we have under Repubs?

Nanbert said...

Patria...I hear you! Sorry you had such a hassle....but proud of you to persevere. I just hope everyone else who wants our country back will be so tenacious!

As far as my county was finally able to put a special link online to check out the ballots in error....and MINE WAS NOT IN ERROR!...MY VOTE IS OFFICIALLY RECORDED! WHEW/HURRAY!

Oh my! Nothing replaces voting in person!!!!!!!

Patria said...

That's really good news Nanbert. We've both done all we could to vote.

I knew from going on line my ballot was received officially, but this afternoon I also got a notice in my mail acknowledging it and assuring me it would be counted. The workers in charge of elections appear to working hard at making this as smooth as possible. I had called for info 3 times before I received my ballot and each time the person answered in a friendly helpful way. No attitude any of the times.

Now we wait.

Nanbert said...

Patria, speaking of friendly helpful people.... all the postal and election people I talked to were very friendly, helpful and patient, too...even quite chatty... even though they must be under a lot of stress by this time. It really helped to calm my worries. Nice!

And we wait.