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OUT: "10 Adam Lambert Covers That Prove the Artist Is a Vocal Legend"

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Thursday, April 29, 2021

Posted at : Thursday, April 29, 2021

Thank you to reader Patria for suggesting this cool article that OUT just published.  We might quibble slightly with their choice to include four Queen songs because, well, he's a member of the band!  But they did pick four good ones indeed.
If they left out any of your favorites, please let us know in comments.



broddybounce said...

"Believe" was such a game-changer for Adam. That's my favorite cover of his!

Dee R Gee said...

It makes a big difference when a performance is seen by a huge TV audience on a major network. That's why doing a TV spot of any kind is a big deal. You get exposure to people who are not already your fans. "Believe" was a real coup for Adam. It will be remembered as a stand-out moment among many Kennedy Honors shows over the years. Cher's tears helped, too! That night, lots of people beyond the Glamberts got to hear what Adam's magnificent voice. Same thing with QAL opening the Oscars. First rock band to do that. Might wind up being the only one. But it sure made an impact for Adam.

Sure hope Adam can get his momentum going again once things get going again. Every artist is in the same boat. Adam's got some projects going. Hope they all work out well.

Word is out that the Starstruck taping is going very well and that the judges are performing, too. At least someone reported that Adam did some songs that the contestants were using.

Nanbert said...

Here's a cover that I've always loved by Adam...of "Feeling Good". However, this is NOT the performance from American Idol, but a later, more complete, studio recording....with noticeable differences between the two. Enjoy!

The photos accompanying this cover are from the American Idol performance, Rat Pack night, of course. Oh my, didn't Adam look amazing?

Both the live Idol version and this studio version are superb showcases for Adam's voice.

Nanbert said...

Another cover I bet most of you haven't seen/heard yet..... this recent beautifully fan edited video of Adam singing an exquisite a cappella COVER of "Lilac Wine"...lovely!

broddybounce said...

Nanbert, I enjoyed that, thank you. I checked and turns out we actually did post this song back in 2018 ... but it shows Adam actually singing it, he filmed it on his Instagram and sent it out in four different parts. Someone, of course, compiled it into a full video. Here is the original post that glitzylady created:

Thanks again for reminding us of how gorgeous it is!!

Patria said...

I probably shouldn't but I have a homemade cd with most of the studio versions of Adam's Idol songs. Someone put the links on the internet and my son made it for me at my request. 'They' were stopped after a while it so I didn't get the end of the season songs. "Feeling Good' is one of my favorites. I play it in my car 3 - 4 times before I let the cd move one. I love that the music does not get in the way of Adam's vocals. "Ring of Fire" is incredible, too.

Thanx for the links, Nanbert.

Nanbert said...

My pleasure, Patria. Those studio versions were made available on Itunes from Idol, if I remember correctly, just like the videos of the actual performances were. I purchased both the videos and the studio versions....but later my computer was highjacked and most everything was either scrubbed out or encrypted....and I unfortunately lost all those early Adam performances....sob! The one I included above I recently found on Youtube.

And yes, "Ring of Fire", of course, was iconic.

Broddybounce...I DO remember the original "Lilac Wine" that appeared here way back then. But this edit is nicely-done, and two Adams (in it) are even better than one!.... heh heh