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Adam Lambert Featured Guest on The Drew Barrymore Show, Monday, October 11, 2021 (UPDATED)

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Monday, October 11, 2021

Posted at : Monday, October 11, 2021

UPDATE (10/11/21): Adam appeared in two segments on The Drew Barrymore Show and video of both of them, in their entirety, have been posted on the show's YouTube account.  The only thing missing is that at the very end of the second segment, after Drew thanks Adam, a shot is shown of Drew onstage with no Adam in chair, just blank space, followed by a shot of Adam by himself in front of a green screen.  Drew's show is taped in New York and, Adam was in a studio in LA "green-screened in" to make it look like he was onstage with Drew in NYC.  The production team is to be commended — it really worked — the magic of television!


Patria said...

That was a nice interview. I enjoyed it. Covered a lot of ground.

small aside, I like the show opening with Ross and Ruby saying they don't watch violent shows.

Sunflower said...

First time seeing Drew’s talk show and if she didn’t say her and Adam were miles apart I would think Adam was there in person! Technology is amazing. Of course I loved Adam and his wild shoes haha! I just wonder how long will Adam have his left eyebrow like that? Sorry but I don’t care for it, makes me want to fill it in with my brow pencil, can’t stand it, I’m sure it’s fake (please be fake, please be fake) so like his many hairstyles hoping soon he’ll stop with that look.

I also have noticed that at the closing credits Mad World and Demi Lovato were listed! Did the show CUT a piece of the interview? The only pics they showed was from American Idol and Queen, nothing about Global concert. I saw nothing on Queen or Global concert in the closing credits! Arrrgh

Nanbert said...

Sunflower....I agree about the amazing technology....are Drew and Adam really miles apart? Wow!

Like you, I also complained earlier about Adam's eyebrow...and now I'm doubling down on your prayer...."please be fake, please be fake"! Shaved eyebrows sometimes don't grow back! Makes me worry about what Adam might do for his Vegas close to Halloween! Gulp!

Adam seems to swing between "More is more" and "Less is More" (his own description). I get a big kick, chuckle and tsk-tsk out of most of his creative and outlandish costuming. But, although THAT VOICE and stage presence rules during performances....I think seeing him as as a handsome, fun and charming man you'd love as a friend is a big part of his attracting (and keeping) fans. I think most Glamberts feel that way, if they stop to analyze it. He's a very approachable and NICE guy....and he has to be careful not to "mask" or alter his appearance so much that it makes him seem less approachable/charming/loveable, likeable....i.e. less "ADAM"...IMO. Hope he'll "walk that tightrope" in Vegas. I hope every member of that Audience will go home madly in love with him! us! How could they not?
Can't wait for the Livestream from Vegas!

Nanbert said...

Of course....I suddenly realize that most of those Vegas audiences are probably already Glamberts...and will certainly go home still madly in love with him. Of course, they already arrived that way! Silly me!