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Adam's latest Tik Tok Video

Filed Under () by Admin on Sunday, March 6, 2022

Posted at : Sunday, March 06, 2022


Nanbert said...

Adam never quite "does" his eye makeup exactly the same way each time....always a work in progress! It always makes him appear more exotic.. but somehow less "accessible/vulnerable"...probably because it "hides" his very expressive eyes, IMO. Either way, he's always very handsome...but I prefer him a bit more "toned down" and approachable.

I love watching the videos of him on his last full solo tour...funny, joyful, chatty... very open and loveable!...all THAT personality along with his staggering talent!... And eminently loveable and huggable!!! I hope he finds that joy again when he gets back into full touring mode...both with QAL and solo. That's where he seems most light hearted and at home. This pandemic has been a tough trial on him...and us!