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Adam Lambert TikTok: "The Witch Hunt — San Diego Look," October 23, 2022

Filed Under () by broddybounce on Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Posted at : Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Adam Lambert posted a TikTok on how he applied his make-up for the October 23, 2022 performance of his "Witch Hunt Tour," which took place on  at The Balboa Theatre in San Diego, California.

Thank you to Adam Lambert Superfan and YouTube user y0116jp for not only
converting the TikTok to YouTube, but also adding the wonderful soundtrack!


Nanbert said...

Beautiful artistry...very exotic! It's time for Adam to take up some serious painting, if he hasn't already. I always worry about his eye makeup (especially the little sequins and gems he sticks around the lids)... for fear that something will get into his eye while he performs.

I have to admit to a bit of nostalgia on seeing Adam's beautiful pre-makeup face....he's just so naturally handsome! And he seems so much more approachable/loveable au natural.

Do I detect some lip plumping? Oh Adam!...please don't start messing with perfect!

Dee R Gee said...

I can't see Adam any lip plumping. His lips are plenty luscious, IMO. This Halloween calls for heavier make-up, due to the theme. I like his lighter look, too. I wouldn't worry about effects of the make-up. He's been putting it on and taking if off your years.

Just saw a article about recent Carrie Underwood concert where she didn't sell out the venue. I think it's getting more common, unless you're the current teen idol, like Harry Styles. I th ink the Witch Hunt is going just fine, and his fans are loving it.

Sunflower said...

Yes Adam is naturally handsome! I am in awe tho when Adam comes up with these amazing looks!

Sunflower said...

Guys! Got an email for a Livestream from Hollywood Sunday October 30th!!!! Tickets on sale now. Also offering a live one-on-one 60 second video call with Adam Lambert! The Witch Hunt Livestream I meant! I’m so nervous!!!

Sunflower said...

Adam made a video about the Livestream for those not on any other social media. the place to go, but broddybounce will probably post that video here! 🙏. Oh my God I am a complete mess! But happy I got my ticket. ♥️

Dee R Gee said...

So thrilled that Adam is offering a live stream for the Hollywood show! And the live chat, too! Had a feeling that would happen!

Just saw a vid on FB that Brian May posted. Along with some other musicians, he is performing with Jerry Lee Lewis! Brian has such a full legacy of performing with amazing people over the years. So sorry to hear about Jerry Lee's passing. He was one of founders of Rock and Roll.

broddybounce said...

Missed this! Thanks Sunflower!! POSTED!! :)