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Adam Lambert Biography

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Posted at : Tuesday, March 20, 2012

In this video, takes a look at the life and career of singer Adam Lambert, who was born in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Anne Marie said...

Too short, but they did cover his singing career very well.Loved it, well done.

Anonymous said...

loved it, covered him very well. thanks for posting this.

Anonymous said...

Very nice... especially the end//"let me out of this dream"...

Anonymous said...

You know at the AI audition, the judges stopped him short and said, okay. I bet you now if he sings to them they won't say okay; probably let him continue to the end of the song and ask for more! LOL. The running on the pavement waving that special yellow piece of paper, a lifeline for him then, is very very nostalgic, always gives me a flutter. At that time, without knowing anything about him, i noticed the way he jumped, turned around to wave at the camera was different, graceful. :)

Anonymous said...

I am sitting at the computer and I hear that Adam will be here in Seattle on Friday! That is what you meant when you asked if I was getting tickets @daydreamin!! Glitzylady are you going? Wow! I need to keep in touch more.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand . Why is america shutting Adam out?
He is promoting the hell out of his songs and I have not heard it once on the radio! He is fantastic and puts out good music! WTF? I keep voting at radios stations and requesting ....but ...nothing! Does any body know why?

daydreamin said...

@lmb YES!! That's what I meant! You and Glitzylady need to win!! I'm pulling for you two big time! You might want to ask others to help you but you'll have to give them all your info in advance cause the radio stations WILL ask for it.

I will actually be seeing Adam in San Francisco next week! It will be an evening performance and on Sauli's birthday!

I loved it when Adam was running down the side walk with that yellow ticket (in San Francisco).

lorraine said...

Adam is finally coming to his hometown, San Diego on Friday March 20th. I have tried so hard to get passes to see him but all I get is a busy signal when I call the radio station. Then, when I finally get through ,someone answers and says,"We just gave them away." Three more days of this-I can't tell you how heartbreaking it feels to live so close to the venue that Adam will be at {my daughter lives 8 blocks away} and know that she and I won't be there.}

lorraine said...

I meant to say that Adam is coming to San Diego on Friday, March 30th.

daydreamin said...

Lorraine, just go anyway! Sometimes they let you in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just try!!!!!!!! I got in for Colby Cailat last summer by just showing up!

daydreamin said...

Here is an excellent write-up by Hoopla at Adamtopia from the Kansas City performance: (may have to split it or read more at the website listed below)

from photogallery at Adam Lambert private show!
By 105.9 Kiss FM (Albums)


(I've copied Hoopla's posts from last night)

Okay, guys, I was going to try to make my recap organized, but just realized I'm not going to have time. So I'm doing a stream-of-consciousness thing as quickly as I can. I took notes right after, when we went to lunch! Me and my notes! But I swear, he talked with us for SO LONG that I can't possibly remember everything!

There are three of us in KC (sort of, long story) who have been friends for over two years now. Mary won tix, took Terri as +1 (they met first, and then I left them for CA!) BUT at last minute, I decided to go anyway on the off chance they'd let me in. THEY DID!

Audience was absolutely crazy diverse--age and gender-wise.
He and Tommy came out to very loud applause/screaming, and after greeting us, he sang BTIKM. (Adam sounded insanely good oc, and Tommy's playing was great.)

Then hostess read some of our written questions:
*What did you learn from Idol?
A lot...blah, blah...(he replied sincerely but we've heard the same answer many times.)
*Who would you most like to perform with (alive or dead)?
Freddie Mercury (Note: no segue into Queen this summer--hostess did not seem to know much about him-damn it.)
*What have you brought along to read during radio promo? (MY Q! She said who's Hoopla? And I spazzed out and dropped my camera (which is a worthless piece of shit anyway, lol) and said "That's me!" So he looked directly at me while answering! I blushed! FFS, I haven't blushed in 30 years!)
Nothing. Really not reading at the moment, promo=too busy. He's been catching up on Breaking Bad instead.
*What do we not know about you? Something you want to keep private?
Really nothing I can think of, I think you guys know everything about me already--better than I know myself! (That ol' chestnut, lol!)

And that's all I can remember of about 6 written q's because, seems like same Q's he always gets asked.

Then he sang WWFM, and as sick as I think I am of that song, I LOVED IT! He did something different in the middle riffing part, held a really long note (?) but anyway it was incredible!

Then hostess was just kind of standing there awkwardly and Adam said we can see if they have any more she invited questions, people were tongue-tied, so I waved my hand excitedly and said I have more questions! And it was like I got to have a conversation with him, lots of back and forth...

And I'm posting this now, before I lose it...will continue with the really interesting part in next post...

BTW, after he finished WWFM, hostess asked him name of new album and when it'll be out. He said MAY. Finishing music, radio logistics, but they definitely know it'll be May now. BUT they are >this close< to choosing new's between two songs.

(That's when awkwardness ensued until he moved things along by asking for more questions.)

Okay, so then since I enthusiastically asked to ask another question. I asked: We saw a tweet about you being in a recording studio in Chicago this weekend? Were you finishing a track? Could you share with us what you were working on?
Iwas working on a NEW song, one you guys haven't heard before.

Aha! I can see why CD won't be out til May--finishing tracks and NEW music!? And I can see why it's tough choosing the new single because I LOVE EVERY SONG I'VE HEARD FROM TRESPASSING!
Well that's nice to hear! What songs have you heard exactly?

daydreamin said...

Cuckoo, Trespassing, Chokehold, and Naked Love...and honestly I love them all. (And I do, peeps, I do.) Note: I forgot to mention OOL and NCOE demo because I felt guilty for taking up so much time with my questions. I MISSED MY OPP TO SAY "JUST SAY NO" TO NCOE AS SINGLE BECAUSE I WANT A SONG YOU HAVE WRITTEN!!!
Okay, so out of those songs which do you like BEST?

If I were to choose, I'd go with either Cuckoo or Trespassing--one of the upbeat songs! I really do love all of them, you're the best at angsty ballads, but I'd love to hear C or T on the radio!
Well, thanks, I appreciate your opinion! He said more than that, but ICR because I was starting to hyperventilate (seriously) because it really did feel like I was having a private conversation with him and I got self-conscious. That much eye contact with him just *whew *overwhelmed.

Then my friend Terri just talked to him about many things in a lead-up to her question, and my favorite thing is she said she promised her husband to tell him that HE (her husband) is a HUGE fan of his, too! And that she wouldn't even have her camera out except she promised her hubby she'd take pics for him.
(Adam said "Cool" and flashed her the peace sign (for her husband!)
She also told him that the three of us met at a concert 2 years ago, were from 3 different states (we were at the time), and have been friends ever since.
He said "That's great! I love hearing stories like that!"

T's question was "What size venue do you think your concerts will be this time, for the Trespassing Tour? We like intimate settings, but arenas would be nice, too."
Adam said it depends on how many albums we buy! (i.e., money) He'd love to do big venues/arenas, but it just depends, they really haven't figured that out yet, will have to see how the CD sells.
And maybe we could do arenas but somehow make parts of the show feel close and intimate at the same time, even in a larger venue.

*Then a gay man told the saddest story. He was a nice-looking well-dressed man who had been out in a bar on St. Pat's and got attacked by someone in the bar because the guy thought he touched him. He kept his hand in front of his mouth while he was talking at first, then he kink of teared up and said, "I'm sorry you have to see me looking like this, but look what "they" did to me. His mouth was a mess. All of his front teeth had been knocked out, lips split, face bruised. His question was "I know you must have faced some hard things, do you cope with something like this? With bullying and violence.
Adam was just splendid. He was very empathetic/sympathetic. But also very honest. He has never faced anything like that. He had a loving family, and though he knew he was different and it scared him, he wasn't really out in HS and just kept to himself about orientation. He realizes he was very lucky. Not everyone can just move away from "home" to a more supportive community. But he hopes his music reaches people and helps them realize we are all very much more alike than different. He also asked the guy some questions, realllllllllly was caring to him, and his final comment was:
I think you should SUE HIS ASS.

daydreamin said...

(sorry this is so long!)

*A cute little girl (5th Grade maybe?) asked him if he knew who Justin Bieber was?
Adam laughed and smiled and said he doesn't exactly KNOW him, but he has been around him a few times and is really impressed with his talent. He plays guitar, drums--cool! And his new music is supposed to be really good!

An older gentleman asked him now that he's a famous celebrity (I lurv how that sounds), what's it like when he goes home to his family? Is anything any different since fame?
Adam said nope--dad's in SD and when he sees him, they get along great. Mom's in SF and she really helps him out a lot with things on the home front, very supportive. And I have a brother Neil who is VERY honest with me, has no problem saying "You looked like shit" and I'm "Ummm, okay! Good to know!" (He said more about Neil--was funny--but basically said they all keep him grounded and none of his family treats him any differently since AI.
I'm not sure exactly when this part of the conversation came up...when he was talking to me about choosing new single or answering another question about release date...but he was very open about radio play.
Oh, I REMEMBER: Someone asked "Is there anything about the record business or radio you've learned since AI that really surprises you?"
A LOT. Radio station play is not how you think it would be. It's not about the quality of a song, or even about what the station's audience wants--it's just politics. It's about the station owner and/or director just making a decision about who/what they want to play. He pointed to the first row of radio peeps (we were in center, right behind them) and said, "I'm sure you guys know how it is, you work in radio. You see it every day." He said that really surprised him.

Okay, my hands are giving out, so I'm typing a disclaimer before they do. He talked for a LONG time. As long as any other radio station interview on this promo tour, based on all the vids I've seen. So I KNOW I've forgotten questions.* And my recap is NOT verbatim--but I'm afraid no one took video of the whole Q&A. I know the station didn't. Damn it.
That's a long story there as to why he was in KS in first place--Lawrence is a cool little college town (Go Jayhawks!) but...
I talked to lots of people before, during the meet and greet, and after it was all over. Interesting stuff, all of it.

And I did sniff him--he just smelled like a nice, clean guy, no special scent. But he does give great hugs. He had to pry Mary away from him, lol...she was clutching him like she was never gonna let go!

And the ONLY thing I regret is that while we were lining up for pics, he was still in the corner of the stage with a couple radio peeps. I was looking right at him--he smiled, yawned, stretched waaaaay back with both hands over his head in a near-backbend and I could see 18 inches (of his beautiful lily-white skinny belly, you bad girls! ) I would give anything if I had been taking vid at that moment. Then again, it's burned into my brain, so I guess that'll suffice!

*Like "If you had the power to change one thing in the world, what would it be?"
He gave the guns answer again (like in the what would you do if you were President vid). He said just get rid of them. Why do people need to hurt each other?

Read more:

glitzylady said...

@lmb and @Daydreamin
Yes, Adam is coming to Seattle on Friday!! I've been trying to get tickets but no is usual for me.

NOW, for the GOOD NEWS: I just found out tonight that I'm going to PORTLAND, OR, on Sunday for the Bing Lounge radio promo show AND a meet and greet!! The Universe works its magic again! The opportunity came totally out of the blue from an unexpected source, and I am still stunned and so excited! So finally, nine Adam Lambert concerts later, and no live shows for me since 12-10, I am finally going to come face to face with THE MAN himself! I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am..YAY!!!

Listen to KISS 106.1 at around 7:15 a.m. and 5:10 p.m. for a chance to win tickets for the Seattle promo show. You never know what might happen!!

Anonymous said...

This vid is way kool...

Anonymous said...


WOW!! Congrats!! Now you just need to try to keep you alive!! LOL!!
We want...of course...every detail!!


Anonymous said...

OT----Tedder has written for a number of superstar artists, including Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Hilary Duff, Far East Movement, Adam Lambert, Jordin Sparks and Leona Lewis, to name a few.
Tedder to guest star on "SMASH" with Adam's friend Meg Hilty (Marilyn)

Anonymous said...

I hope when Adam gets a break from promoting he gets to watch "SMASH"
His friend Megan who talks about
Adam in the nicest way (she's worked with him in musicals) is great.....along with Katherine McPhee who also was on AI.

Anonymous said...

Glitzylady congrats!!!!!


Detailssssssssssssss after!!!!:)))


Anonymous said...

We international fans are sooooooooo envious of our U.S. Glamily who are lucky enough to meet Adam at these radio promos. The next best thing is reading about them so please keep us up-to-date with all the details. :D

HK fan said...

Huge congratulations, no one deserves it more. So excited for you. Enjoy every moment, and tell us all about it as soon as you can.

lmb, just go along if you can to the radio station. You never know, I know a fan that went to one of these radio promos last week (as a ticket winner), and they let about 20 of the non ticket winners in as so many winners never showed.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recap daydreamin' - so happy for you - and congrats to glitzylady, too.

My favourite part of the video is when they say Adam sang to standing ovations on Idol and show a clip of his family cheering! lol

Anonymous said...

@daydreaming- Thanks for sharing, love reading about glamberts that get to meet the man in person. Someday I hope- don't even think he's coming to florida for radio promo. So I'll experience through all of you that go.

@glitzlady- Congrats- finally you'll get to meet him- I'm so happy for you, fill us in after


Anonymous said...

I thought they did a great job with that, pretty much covered it all in that short time.

Anonymous said...

4:21, I know all you international fans feel jealous that Adam is here in the U.S. and very far from you,
It is YOU international fans who are Adam's biggest supporters!!! We U.S. fans are counting on you to help us get Trespassing to the top of the charts and to support all his singles world-wide. We need ALL your help in making this happen. The U.S. is still not totally on board with Adam in a huge way. That's just the way it is. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE keep the excitement alive and the anticipation high!
We're all in this family together and we need each other.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the information about the meet and greets! I almost feel like I was there with Adam! I don't know how I would be if I was actually talking to him! I'm so happy our Glamberts are getting to meet with Adam! He deserves the love that we give him.

Ditto from me about the international
fan base. We definitely appreciate all the fans outside of the US who know and appreciate a great star like Adam Lambert when they see one (and hear one sing!).

Thanks to all Glamberts far and wide! Keep the faith!

Anonymous said...


I agree with you. Adam needs all the fans he can get no matter where are they from. About the exitement, that's not a problem for me....well...maybe a sometimes I have TOO MUCH!!!!LOL!!


The Dark Side said...

All I can say is WOW!!!!

daydreamin said...

@Glitzylady I am so excited for you!!!! Woo Hoo! I am going on the 28th, so give us every detail and I will do the same. They told us no photography, but I see it at practically every promo he does, so I might still bring my video recorder and camera like last time so you all can see through my eyes though I'd much rather all of you were at one of these too! International fans don't give up! I would not be at all surprised if he goes to see you too!

I can't believe he is doing so much promo. Hopefully he will get to Florida and some of the other places so you can all win or just go and see if they will let you in!
Fingers Crossed for everyone XXX!!

@lmb I hope you get in! You deserve it and to tell Adam your story!

Adamluv said...

@glitzlady and @daydreamin - so happy for you both! And a tiny bit jealous since I live here in LA and have never met him! We want details, please. And @lmb - really hoping you get in too! ... Adamluv

Anonymous said...

lmb here : Glitzy! Soooo happy for you! This may not be my time to meet him. I have a lot of appointments on Friday.The vids have impressed others who want to help pass our Referendum 47. I will be a busy Glambert until November. My heart is here at this site and of course with our Rock God.
And glad to see your post. You hit the nail on the head. I asked people to come in "regular" clothes and just show up as I have always seen beautiful, caring people of all ages, shapes and colors. As Adam said, "Love has no orientation".
So MAY it is! That seems too long... But before that, we will have glitzy's detail. Loved the other ones here!


Anonymous said...

OOPS I meant Referendum 74. Mind numbed by Adam....

lorraine said...

Thank you, daydreamin.I'm not sure I can set myself up for more disappointment but who knows??? I think you and Glitzlady are so deserving of getting to see Adam. You do so much for all of us on this site.

daydreamin said...

@lorraine, think positive! You'd be kicking yourself if you found out you could have gotten in without a pass!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you again,daydreamin-I always told my kids to be positive-now I have to follow my own advice! You are a sweetheart....

lorraine said...

Above comment by lorraine

glitzylady said...

Thank you for your kind words! I am still sort of in a daze. : )) I've also been really busy with that pesky "real life" lately so haven't been on the site as much, but try to keep up with what's happening..Which is hard to do with all the promo shows. I'll try to keep my wits about me on Sunday so I can give some sort of rational report of the event I'm going to..Still making last minute plans for heading to Portland. Its going to be awesome! And of course Seattle is more vids will be coming at us. : ))