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VIDEO! Adam Lambert - Funny , Cute and Sexy Moments 2016 Part 1

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Saturday, May 28, 2016

Posted at : Saturday, May 28, 2016

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Lam-My said...

Well, Grandma June...see what I've got for you!

Grandma June was in the woods, picking herbs and berries to make an organic soup for dinner. Suddenly, she noticed a small light coming from behind a tree. Grandma June quickly turned and hurried back to her cottage by the stream. She was very cautious about unusual happenings reported lately, in the woods. Some said there was a bear with bright eyes lurking. Some said it looked like a person with a torch trying to find his way out of the woods.
So far, Grandma June had not seen anything suspicious but just to play safe, she always kept her distance. As she opened the door to her cottage, she noticed a strange movement swish past the backyard. Now this made her rather perturbed but it didn't seem threatening.
That evening after boiling the soup with the herbs and berries, she sat at table to savour it; these herbs had cell-regenerative properties that kept her alert and younger looking. It was also aphrodisiac, well, not sure if Grandma June needed that. After finishing the soup, she decided to watch tv, her favourite channel carried The Adam Lambert Show which she would never miss. She loved his singing, fashion and talk-shop/soliloquy. Queen would come on his show, a extra bonus.

While waiting for it to start, she looked out the window, the full moon was brilliant like e a lantern hanging in the starry sky.
Suddenly, she spotted that strange light flickering from behind a tree outside her cottage. She drew the curtain and went upstairs to take another peek. The light advanced to the front door.
Knock! Knock!... It's me!...Red Hair.
Grandma June opened the door; Red Hair, the woodcutter's son had become a regular visitor.
Still suspicious of the strange light stalking her, she hurriedly pulled Red Hair into the house and shut the door.

Grandma, what big eyes you have! Red Hair blurted.
The better to see you with.
Grandma what big ears you have.
The better to hear you.
Grandma, what sharp hands you have and what big teeth!
The better to catch you and eat you! Hoo hoo hoo...
It was a strange little game Red Hair enjoyed playing with Grandma June.

A week passed... Grandma June was having her afternoon nap; a knock on the door woke her. She got up, opened it, thinking it was little Red Hair.
Whoa! Wham Bam! A burly ape-like creature pounced on her!
Aarrgh Help! Help! Grandma June screamed. The creature scampered back into the woods. Just at that moment, Red Hair and his Dad were out in the woods chopping firewood for fuel. Grandma June was still screaming while the strange creature tried to escape.

Lam-My said...

Red Hair's Dad chased and all of a sudden, the weird being turned and directed a bright laser-beam at him; Dad fell to the ground, blocking his eyes from the blinding glare hurting his eyes.
Dad! Are you okay? Red Hair was almost in tears watching his brave Dad fighting the creature which disappeared. Red Hair pointed to the trees and told his Dad it flew up there.
Grandma June now really perplexed, thanked Red Hair's Dad for his brave intervention. After that inexplicable incident, whatever it was, Grandma June relied on Red Hair Dad's vigilance as he was always close by.

A month passed with no strange happenings. As usual, Grandma June was out picking those regenerative, aphrodisiac herbs. Then, that strange light beamed from behind a tree again.
This time it moved, encapsulated Grandma June in a spiral halo. Almost instantly, she disappeared, teleported!
Lo and behold, Grandma June found herself standing in a huge spacious glass encasement. A voice spoke via telecommunication; there wasn't anyone around. It said:
We want to learn from you how to concoct your aphrodisiac soup.
Grandma June was whisked into a very futuristic kitchen manned by live robots who fetched/clutched with their hooked hands whatever she needed; and they never uttered a word or sound.
Grandma set a pot of soup on boil using a kind of laser heating element, with the herbs she had picked; she poured the whole basketful of it into a steel drum with a tap, to allow the soup to flow into large bowls more like basins for serving.
Goodness gracious! thought Grandma June...Are they feeding a whole army of aliens? They probably need the aphrodisiac soup a lot more than I...she mused. I could make a fortune here!
The basins of cooked soup were conveyed into another huge spacious glass encasement via rail magnetic levitation. Through the frosted encasement, Grandma June saw a lot of movements but something familiar stood out...that beam of light that she kept seeing from behind a tree in the woods...there were so many! oooh-la-la! Are those alien eyes?

At this juncture... she heard a familiar voice calling from the outside.
Grandma June! How come you are not out picking herbs and berries today? Come out and play!
Grandma June looked around disorientated...By golly, she was back in her cottage!
Red Hair walked in through the slightly ajar door.
Grandma June, why are you trembling and shaking?
Oh, I just teleported back from another galaxy very far away. They wanted me to teach them how to make my special soup.
You sound strange, Grandma June! What happened to your voice?
Inquisitive Red Hair was always firing questions at Grandma whom he had become very concerned for.
Then something really weird happened. Grandma's eyes beamed like two florescent lights.

Grandma, what bright shiny eyes you have! holy moly!
Red Hair ran out of the cottage, all the way home. Well, Red Hair didn't return for a long time. But being such a nosy little concerned boy, you bet, he would be back. lol!
Grandma June turned semi-alien? Perhaps, those aphrodisiac herbs had other properties. lwl!

Lam-My said...

Actually, when I first saw Adam's Grandma June snapchat, I was appalled. So I guess I had to purge that out. lol!

Lam-My said...

17 hours ago - Uploaded by Nick Ach
Queen + Adam Lambert - I Want to Break Free live @ Rhein Energie Stadion Cologne 27.05.2016.

I notice now the Q is horizontal and the circumference a lot more elaborate; very impressive.