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New Pics! QUEEN + ADAM LAMBERT Concert Sofia (Bulgaria) "Arena Muzika Festival" 6-23-16

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Posted at : Thursday, June 23, 2016

#Queen in #Sofia

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#AdamLambert u looking for a boyfriend? #QUEEN

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Lam-My said...

Killer Queen now looks buff in black sexy singlet and tight black pants; offers his partner-in-crime wine in an archaic goblet. I like this Killer Queen more than the one with shimmering tassels. Oh that curvy antique chair is fit for my all-time favourite Dracula. lwl!

Lam-My said...

Refurbished Glampire vs Dracula...

Glampire treads across a tight-rope wire
A daredevil, he waits for Dracula at the quagmire
Hmm I see a tall figure with a lean and hungry look
Approaching the misty brook
Glampire readies his infrared laser beam
Dracula sizes up the black-leather fiend
Who bursts into a whale of a rock scream
Resplendent rocker hair, leopard eyes shine in the golden moonbeam
He yearns for a taste of blood...drools, emotion floods
Dracula offers a goblet of red fizzling stuff
Glampire, looking buff, in black sexy singlet...sips with a huff
All at once Dracula transforms
Quick as lightning, Glampire strikes with his infrared skull-ring
Blood spills out of Dracula's blood-shot eyes
Shapeshifts...bloody fangs vile
Vrroom-vrroom...Glampire heaves the headlights at the demonic sight
Werewolves howl in the damp eerie night
As the Rockgod silhouette zooms past shadowy pikes
His leggiero overly bold; shifty shadows coast
Then out of a rock, shapeshifted Dracula
Mounts a winged vampire attack...kraaakkk!
Glampire flicks his long dark hair, whacks the parasitic brat
Scampering into the abyss like a sack
Resuming his mountainous ride on his titanium bike
He fades into the canyon labyrinth
With music to soothe the savage beast
Arrives at his antique mansion
Doong ! the doorbell hauntingly lingers
A well-attired butler, named Roger, emerges
Opens the skull-crafted door
A waft of steamed hot beef drifts to the fore
Butler takes Glampire's long-tail coat
On the rosewood table...two fragrant nostalgic candles evoke
Those were the days my friend...I thought they'd never end
The doorbell sounds another solitary...Doong!
Butler hurriedly opens the door
Mi amor! The one and only Glampire adores
Love soars and pours onto the floor
Deep in the moor under the full moonlight of yore lwl!

blu said...

Yes I notice pants look a lot tighter . . .

didn't know if he was getting really buffed

or enjoying the local cuisine

Looking good!