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Queen + Adam Lambert mention via Gig Wise: The 15 bands you have to see at Isle Of Wight Festival 2016

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Thursday, June 2, 2016

Posted at : Thursday, June 02, 2016

Queen and Adam Lambert: Brian May and co have put their trust in former American Idol contestant Adam Lambert to step into Freddie Mercury's shoes. On paper it sounds like an unlikely match, but Brian May speaks so highly of Lambert and reviews of past shows point towards a triumphant performance. It's also Queen's first ever UK festival performance because they always liked to put their own production onto everything which is tricky on a shared stage. But, IOW have been very accommodating for them to do this apparently so expect something really extravagant to remember them by.


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Dee R Gee said...

Haha! I have to chuckle at the article write-up. It seems rather skeptical about QAL. The writer has obviously not seen them perform before. In fact it's hard to believe that there are many Brits left who have NOT seen QAL by now, either on TV or live. Well, wait till they get a load of Adam. They'll know what Brian and Roger have been bragging about.

Nanbert said...

Where on earth has that writer been the past few years? I'm not very impressed by his (her?) ignorance, since it would have been so easy to check out some performances and reviews on the internet! Really lazy (disinterested), downright BAD journalism!

Lam-My said...

'Freddie's shoes' is back; exacerbated with 'unlikely match', 'tricky'. The reviewer is trying too hard to downplay Adam as Queen Frontman. It's okay to prefer Freddie Mercury over Adam or the other way round; say it directly, why beat around the bush with cynicism. There are other nicer Brian/Adam pictures surely.

Lam-My said...

Freddie Mercury passed on his torch already
To Adam to continue the Queen musical legacy
In the capable hands of Brian and Roger
In their imminent seventies, to bring back the 70's
Adam holding Freddie's torch symbolises a trilogy
Comprising Queen, Adam, Freddie Mercury
While stamping his own mark in history
Row Adam row...on with the show
What's his next you know...

Anonymous said...

I don't think this sounds negative. I've read MUCH worse.

".... expect something really extravagant to remember them by" sounds positive! :-)

Nanbert said...

But the writer says FIRST .."On paper it sounds like an unlikely match"... after identifying Adam as an American Idol contestant. That's a "put-down" in my book .... we've certainly seen how many times Adam has been automatically "dismissed" and "dissed" by writers because of AI... without them ever bothering to look him up or investigate him in the wealth of videos on the internet. They act as if this Adam only used to "sing in the shower" and then entered the American Idol contest, and therefore cannot be considered a serious artist! Very ignorant and BIGOTED attitudes by journalists who haven't done their homework....and ESPECIALLY after ALL this time!

Even before he was on American Idol, Adam already had a body of videos available on the internet that were jaw-dropping. His credentials should be unquestioned!

Anonymous said...

As much as we dislike it, journos may not feel the need to research every person they write about.

Adam will always be a former American Idol contestant & he's said he's so thankful it gave him the opportunity to secure a record contract & that's exactly what happened. Being a contestant on American Idol is not something he's ashamed of, nor should it be. After all, if he hadn't been a contestant on that show, we may never have heard him of him & his fabulous voice & that would be very sad indeed.

JAK said...


Nanbert said...

fluttsp... you may have misunderstood me. Thank goodness for American Idol. I loved it and will miss it. I'm so grateful that it introduced me to Adam. I know Adam has always praised American Idol and been grateful for the opportunity it gave him -- nor is he ashamed of it in any way.
What I have been saying is that many musicians, critics, and public have the tendency to automatically "dismiss" artists who enter the public eye via "talent contests" as "amateurs", and "flash-in-the-pans" who "have not paid their dues"....i.e. started at the bottom and worked their way up.

But this is not the first time that Glamberts have been irked by those "bigoted" remarks. Note that the quote I used in my earlier statement.. "on paper it sounds like an unlikely match"... is NOT the first time those identical words have been used by writers since the earliest beginning of Queen and Adam Lambert. I'm sure many Glamberts will remember that.

Anonymous said...

Nanbert, I didn't misunderstand you.

" ..... on paper it sounds like an unlikely match". It's not possible to please all of the people all of the time so it would seem comments like that or similar aren't going to disappear in a hurry, but there are many positive, complimentary remarks made about Adam which are always a joy to read.

Nanbert said...

fluttsp, of course, you're right. And I DO get very defensive when it comes to Adam and QAL.

I also hold professional journalists to a higher standard, and expect them to be accurate and current. This writer took his sentence.."on paper it looks like an unlikely match" (very snobbish) directly from an article/s written years earlier... and therefore earns little respect from me.

The Queen and Adam Lambert union is LONG past the "paper" stage... and well into the "videos" and "history" stage. This journalist made little to no effort to find that out...prejudice?..incompetence?... disinterest?...who knows? However, he is writing copy for one of the most important and prestigious music festivals in the world ...!

Suddenly a thought... is it possible.."on paper it looks like an unlikely match"... was actually written by this SAME writer many years earlier?