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Queen Official: Queen + Adam Lambert Rock In Rio Lisbon HQ VIDEOS: I Want To Break Free, Don't Stop Me Now

Filed Under () by glitzylady on Friday, June 3, 2016

Posted at : Friday, June 03, 2016

QUEEN OFFICIAL has posted 2 Professionally recorded, Multi-Camera, High Quality (HQ), High Definition (HD), videos from "Rock In Rio Lisbon" (5-20-16) on their Official You Tube account, as part of the Queen + Adam Lambert Playlist.

Hoping this is a trend, and we'll be seeing more from that concert, and others.. "I Want To Break Free" was posted a week ago, and "Don't Stop Me Now" was just added. Wondering if we'll see more official videos from this concert! We fans are crossing our fingers in hopes that they will at some point release an OFFICIAL HQ DVD of one or more of their magnificent concerts so that we may enjoy a professional quality experience over and over again! And so that many others around the world who have not yet experienced these incredible performances can see just what these iconic musicians, and their "new guy" Adam Lambert, are up to!


"Opening night of the Queen + Adam Lambert European Festival Tour" (May 20, 2016)

Queen + Adam Lambert - Don't Stop Me Now - Live At Rock In Rio Lisbon 2016

Queen + Adam Lambert - I Want To Break Free - Live At Rock In Rio Lisbon 2016

Posted by @glitzylady for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


JAK said...

Oh Happy Day
Hooray Hooray!

How beautiful the photography, I think I spied a few of Adams freckles.
How fantastic the sound, DSMN had me bed dancing in delight.

JAK said...

Where are my manners?

@glitzylady.......Thank you!

Nanbert said...

Wonderful!.. what a joy to have some really good videos/sound from these concerts. I know we all "plow" through so many videos in search of the best ones... and there are so many disappointments among them.

I can't believe that Queen and Adam Lambert won't eventually release one or more HQ Videos of their concerts. Their collaberation is now a MAJOR part of BOTH their legacies, and a permanent record is imperative .. for themselves..for their fans (us)... for music history...for collectors. Such extraordinary musicianship and spectacle should be preserved!

CT said...

so well said Nanbert! I just subscribed to the QueenOfficial You Tube Channel! OMG the photography is spectacular. I'm keeping my fingers crossed they will add more of the QAL collaborations.....I'll cherish them for sure.

Nanbert said...

CT - thanks for the info. I've seen that a video with the Queen Official Seal in the lower right corner can be expected to be of excellent quality -- both picture and sound. I've thought about "subscribing", but don't even know what that means (in relation to a computer). Do you have to pay for it? Does it require a great deal of personal information?

Not too long ago, my computer was "hijacked", and I was told to pay a "ransom" for its release. I refused to pay, and my computer was completely corrupted... I LOST EVERYTHING!!

Now, I'm terrified to enter or join or subscribe to anything for fear of the same thing happening again!