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Queen+Adam Lambert Concert Review in Polish Mag Teraz Rock

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Posted at : Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Since Queen+Adam LAmbert have played for the third time in Poland and since their last concert in Cracow have been just a year passed by I decided to look at what has changed since these past few months. Unfortunately in the beginning weather le us down. Immediately after playing the intro of ,,One Vision'' it started to rain hard and it didin't stop until the end. I found quickly out, that it won't be a replay from Cracow's concert. There was a brandnew stage, but gentleman's mixed their setlist a little. After OV gray-hair-ish Brian May attacked us with a guitar riff to HMF, the show was shorter than last time, so few songs were missed, like '39 ; In the lap of the Gods << revisited>> . ,,it's so good to be back to you '' - said Brian May somewhere in the middle of the show, before he made another selfie with polish audience. When it comes to the show, at KQ in the end of a wet podest was a throne, where Lambert sat down . Due to weather musicans didin't use this podest 100%. At the backstage I saw 2nd drum set, but they decided to not get it out before UP to make a drum battle. But the song was playing and it was dedicated to David Bowie, who's image was screened on the Q main screen. Weather made some effects seem spectacular. Like lasers which thanks to raindrops shined during WTTLF.
There were moments where Lambert got off stage. For example when Brian May in duet with Freddie Mercury from the screen sang LOML and his composer Roger sang AKOM.
Freddie showed himself traditionally during BoRhap to make a company for Adam.
And when it comes to the effects, it's good to mention once again Brian May, who was rising up in a podest where was the time for his solo and ,,Last Horizon''.
I won't say my opinoin about this collab, I have been written it before.
But I'm happy, that the half of Queen still gives us the opportunity to listen their big songs live.
And with that vocalist? Well that's their choice. We can go to their shows or not. Me is still a Queen fan due to their past times.


Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Dee R Gee said...

Too bad about the hard rain during this show. The concert wasn't what it should have been. But QAL gave it all they had regardless. This reviewer seems to be one of the Queen purists who kind of resents Adam, but all things considered this person seemed to like the show well enough. There's only so much you do in the pouring rain.

glitzylady said...

Fabulous... To be honest, when I got to the end of the translation, I just had to laugh... Yes, a little bit of a "wet blanket" so to speak, at the end when referring to the "vocalist"... Oh well.... can't win 'em all...

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

Kind of a 'meh' review .. IMO. What do you expect from people out in the rain drenching themselves for your pleasure ... I ask you!! You already have the 'moon' ... must you have the 'stars' too?? Just a little phrase from the movie 'Now Voyager' ... sorry ... couldn't resist!! From the videos I saw ... they were Superb!! ADAM 'killed' it ... as usual!! Some people are just never satisfied!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Nanbert said...

Some people just can't move out of the "old days". Their younger experiences seem "better" and more intense simply because they had less to contrast them against....

Call it ...THE ORIGINAL HIGH syndrome.....

It's hard not to become "jaded" over the years... simply by virtue of the massive amount of input we are bombarded with during a lifetime.

That writer was obviously "infected"!