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Adam Lambert Instagram: Out on the edge @terrancespencer @jskystyle

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Posted at : Saturday, September 03, 2016

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Anne Marie said...

Love Adams hair that way, so sexy. Terrance and Jason Sky seemed to have been with Adam all this week, must be keeping him company after getting used to having a lot of people around from his vacation. Jason is quite successful in his line of stylist, he has done work for many stars, and TV shows and movies etc. He must have the same work ethic as Adam, came from working for someone else, and left that to work on his own, and extremely successfully too. It is is quite shallow of me, but I like Adam hanging around people who have made it financially, I always feel a little suspect of guys who seem to hang on Adams coat tails. Wonder if he is still working for Adam at this time for Qual and X-Factor, probably, ha has before.