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Adam Lambert on GrayJoey's snapchat 9/3/16

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Posted at : Saturday, September 03, 2016

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Anne Marie said...

Adam had a beautiful back garden, but was probably more geared toward older people. I always suspected he would put in a pool, but didn't think he would lose the grotto, I thought it might be incorporated with the pool, but possible space was an issue, the yard is not humongous. Hope he posts a picture when it is finished. I am sure he is fixing up his whole home for his own comfort and to be enticing for his friends to visit. All this will make it a bigger investment, if he ever tends to sell. Seems to me he bought that place at a great price, for the location and amenities.

The Dark Side said...

He grew up with a pool and it seems the way celebrities entertain. Looks like it will have tons of character and elegance.

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