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Master Herald: Adam Lambert Breeds a Dedicated and Talented Group of Artist Fans Called ‘Glamberts’

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Posted at : Friday, September 02, 2016

Adam Lambert is a great music artist but it never occurred to him that he has bred a new generation of artists as well from among his fans.
But they are not music artists like him but artists who prefer to dabble on drawings, sketches, and paintings of their music idol, mostly using digital artwork technology. They are actually considered one of the most dedicated groups of fans out there and they call themselves as the ‘Glamberts,’ reports Celeb Mix.
They are not just located in one part of the world like the US but all over the entire spectrum of the globe.
To show his appreciation to the great talents of the members of ‘Glamberts,’ Adam shared a good number of fan arts featuring himself to his personal Instagram account and critics were one in saying that they do look great pieces of art.
Celeb Mix even took time out to interview some of the members of ‘Glambers’ coming from Saudi Arabia, Argentina, the Netherlands, Australia, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Syria, Germany, Ukraine, USA, and Russia.
One of those artists said that Adam Lambert has brought out the best in her and also peace to her mind and soul.

Another one was quoted as saying that Adam is the reason why she picked up the pencil again because the “Ghost Town” singer was right never to give up and listen to ignorant people. She adds that Adam is a true inspiration and a very pure and sweet guy which is why ‘Glamberts’ love him for who he is. She adds that being who you are is a lot easier than faking it.

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The Dark Side said...

Adam has the greatest group of artists I have ever seen because they have the perfect subject.

Nanbert said...

That's called "inspiration"!