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New Photos! Queen + Adam Lambert Asia Tour in Tokyo 9-21-16

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Posted at : Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A photo posted by thema0218 (@thema0218) on
A photo posted by thema0218 (@thema0218) on
A photo posted by thema0218 (@thema0218) on
A photo posted by thema0218 (@thema0218) on
A photo posted by thema0218 (@thema0218) on
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choons said...

mamma mia that second last pic ....

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I'm really loving that robe ... makes ADAM look so regal!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Anne Marie said...

That robe is great, and it does make the crown outfit very regal. The lace top and high waist pants, shows he has gained some weight , probably during his vacation. I hope his personal trainer he has with him encourages him to get back on his healthy diet and some exercise. I understand the trainer is working with Roger and Brian too. They also have to keep limber for the drums and guitar, different exercises for all 3 men, as their work is different. I am seeing on another site that some Japanese comments say that Adam fluffed some of the lines in a couple of songs. I haven't heard it myself. But it could be that they have only heard F.M. sing on recordings, and Adam does change things up from time to time. That is his style. doesn't mean much, although he did miss a couple of lines in one song. Hope all goes well with 3 shows in a row, that must be super hard, for all of them. No parties for a few days, LOL.

fluttsp said...

Adam looks MIGHTY FINE!!!!

Great outfits. They suit him extremely well.

Nanbert said...

When are we getting some videos? Hope they're good.

Anne Marie, I agree about the lace top and high waisted baggy pants. That is about the most unflattering combination ANYONE can wear. The break between dark and light happens at the thicker part of the middle (above the waist), cuts the body lines in two, and visually makes ANYONE look heavier and shorter. The baggy pants only make it worse. Only for the skinny!

Conversely, the all black outfit with the tight black pants presents a long slim unbroken line, head to foot, which is much more flattering to Adam's body lines, slenderizing, ..and very sexy. Makes him look taller, and shows off those great legs. Sharp!

Rosemary White said...

The people who keep criticizing Adam's outfits & weight ...... didn't your mothers ever tell you that if you can't say anything nice about someone, don't say anything at all?!

Allysa Mentor said...

Wow!!!! For a minute there I thought I was reading an article by THE FASHION POLICE......Adam has said before he always forgets lyrics. Please lighten up a bit

Nanbert said...

Rosemary White and Allysa Mentor-- point taken, and I understand where you're coming from.
But as one of Adam's oldest and most dedicated fans, I am also one of the most effusive in praise of "all things Adam"---- as is Anne Marie.

However, that particular outfit does Adam a disservice, and many of us have remarked that they find it unflattering. We're just trying to be FRIENDS, as FANS.... well-meaning advice, not "criticism". Adam should have HONEST input from those who love him.

As far as "forgetting lines" I haven't seen the Tokyo videos. However, in one of the earlier concerts on this tour (don't remember which one), during the BoRap, the video of Freddie didn't appear on the screen when it should have.. certainly NOT Adam's fault .. and Adam was kind of left "waiting" through a "missing Freddie video" for a few moments. Perhaps that happened again in Tokyo and was misinterpreted by those Japanese men as Adam's error.

As Brian has said... they play LIVE ... and live is dangerous! They all make errors from time to time --

Allysa Mentor said...

Sorry, not having it. No offense, but I would never criticize my children for something as trivial as wardrobe, would you???? Adam is an artist and his fashion and physical appearance is part of that art. Who cares about the lyrics or whatever, the crowd loved him. Peace Out

Nanbert said...

BTW.. RE: the above remark (at 11:40 AM).... "One of Adam's oldest... fans" is a relative term. I'm sure there are many who have had the joy of being an Adam fan long before American Idol. I fall in the "American Idol Audition" catagory of fans... I am "one of the oldest" because I am 83.

I am "one of the most dedicated" because I try to keep up with everything about him and don't shut up about it. And I am "one of the most effusive in praise of him" because I am compulsively long-winded when it comes to Adam... and this is the only place I can talk about him.

There I said it!

Nanbert said...

Allysa Mentor. No offense taken. Your opinion is valued. I would NEVER "criticize" my children for wardrobe, but, yes, I would "advise" when they ask, OR if they were in danger of unwittingly making a faux-pas or mistake.

For one example.. If you had a daughter just starting out in the business world, who was wearing very provocatively low cut, revealing and very short outfits... would you not try to steer her toward something more appropriate and professional, and save those clothes for a day off or a night out? Looking their BEST is important for their careers.

But I call that "helpful advice"...not "criticism", IMHO. If I didn't love them, I wouldn't bother.

Allysa Mentor said...

That's the key, totally agree, IF THEY ASKED,

Nanbert said...

My daughter-in-laws and grandaughter usually do. My sons and grandsons?--rarely. LOL