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Adam Lambert on Snapchat 10-26-16

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Posted at : Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Lam-My said...

Damlamb is looking into his crystal-ball; wait a minute...who is that familiar guy? He's wearing a cape and a mask riding on a white unicorn; fast and furiously across the desert.
A group is chasing him on horseback; what do they want from him.
Isn't that me? My crystal-ball is sending me warnings of impending danger.
Oh no, they have caught up and are demanding something.
Hand over the crystal-ball DamLamb! the leader demands.
No way, Damlamb refuses as the magical crystal-ball is his family heirloom and foretells his future; giving him ample warning of impending danger like this situation. A fight breaks out and the horses kick up a lot of dust and neigh frantically.

Damlamb is outnumbered but he has a special defence mechanism that can freeze his enemies into statues of sand. He focuses his ethereal power with great intensity and two luminous rays of light beam from his blue eyes. The desert hooligans try to deflect the searing rays. Alas, they are no match for him and fall to the ground frozen as statues of sand in strange configurations.
Damlamb flies off into the horizon on his unicorn. Ah, not so fast...Dragon is waching his every move; spews fire at Damlamb and a spectacular duel ensues across the evening horizon.
Dragon chases the crystal-ball swerving violently spewing smoke with versatile, undulating movements to confuse Damlamb. Instantly, two hot rays from Damlamb's blue eyes shoot out to dazzle Dragon.
Dragon's tail swipes the crystal-ball sending it tumbling down down down into the abyss. Dragon chases it and swallows it!

No, Damlamb must not lose his heirloom; his family will never forgive him.
Damlamb strikes the praying-mantis pose...swoops, strikes Dragon's mouth to dislodge the crystal-ball. Simultaneously, focuses his luminous eyes on Dragon who deflects the powerful blue rays. Dragon too, eventually succumbs and freezes into a statue of cloud floating in the horizon. The crystal-ball drops from its open mouth and Damlamb catches it with lightning speed.
Damlamb gazes into his precious, retrieved crystall-ball...All seems peaceful now and the crystall-ball light dims...a signal danger has been thwarted for the time being.