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Adam Lambert mention via The Stylus: "Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's do the Time Warp Again"

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Posted at : Wednesday, October 26, 2016

41 years after the lights went on over at the Frankenstein place, it’s time to do the time warp again.
“The Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let’s do the Time Warp again” is a remake of the 1975 cult classic. Someone watching this without being familiar with “Rocky Horror” would probably have had a terrible time; they would have been confused and bewildered. But for those who are familiar with the cheesy, campy flavor of entertainment that is the “Rocky Horror Picture Show”, it would have been a great time.

Adam Lambert played the role of Eddie, and was the spitting image of Meatloaf, singing a version of Hot Patootie that knocked everyone’s socks off.


"Rocky Horror Picture Show: Let's do the Time Warp Again" 

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Nanbert said...

Adam ... "was the spitting image of Meatloaf"!!!.... about as far from the truth as you can get! Both Meatloaf's and Adam's performances were great, but they were quite different from each other... in both performance and appearance.

That review makes you think that .. 1. The reviewer never saw the original RHPS, or...2. The reviewer never saw the current RHPS, or...3. The reviewer never saw either RHPS.

The Dark Side said...

lol spitting image? Maybe this person needs glasses but I loved both Meat and Adams performance so it's all good.