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Brian May Con: 11 JAN: @QueenWillRock +@AdamLambert'15 @Telegraph The Young Pretender!

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Posted at : Thursday, January 12, 2017

Posted by @Admin Fan for ADAM LAMBERT 24/7 NEWS


Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...
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Nanbert said...

I feel sure "pretender" is being used with the British definition of HEIR in "pretender to the throne" (i.e., heir to the throne) in this article.... a usage that we don't normally see in the U.S.A.

It isn't an insult at all, but a great compliment!.

So don't be upset by the terminology.

Lam-My said...
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Nanbert said...

Lammy, I am constantly honored by your quoting all my writings....My biggest fan!

However, I know you'll be disappointed, but actually, that remark was NOT directed to you. I truly didn't register the fact that you were the person I was responding to. I was only trying to clarify the situation for everyone, so no one would misunderstand.

I'm sure that some of our British Glamberts can clarify things as well, if anyone is around to read this.

In the meantime Google "pretender", and you will see the definition is "a person who claims or aspires to a title or position ... "a pretender to the throne". Got it? Now settle down.

LTA said...

Hey you guys!!! Take a deep breath!!!:) Don't spoil your 2017!!:)

Lam-My said...
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Nanbert said...

LTA --Thank you for your concern. I thought I WAS minding my own business.. and Glamberts'.. but inadvertantly stepped on someone's tail...SORRY for any disruption on my part.

Marion M said...

you'd have to know what it sayes inside to know if it's positive or negative but I'm with nanbert I have a feeling it's rather positive...and if you look at the picture it shows Brian and Adam and their great chemistry and not Adam in a ecstatic pose or so trying to make him look over the top or ridiculous, or too...

Lam-My said...
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Lam-My said...
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glitzylady said...

Perhaps this will clarify the "Pretender" discussion: I certainly hope so.

The 2012 BBC special presentation referenced in the link below..

"Freddie Mercury: the Great Pretender – an Imagine Special, BBC One, preview"

Intro sentence: "Gerard O'Donovan previews a documentary which pays affectionate tribute to the flamboyant Queen frontman."


The article at the top of this thread in the Brian tweet was featured here on Adam Lambert 24/7 on January 11, 2015.

"Excellent NEW!!! ADAM LAMBERT Interview From The Sunday Telegraph (UK) "The Man Who Would Be Queen"


In my intro to the article in our 24/7 thread, I cautioned readers to not take the "pretender" title too literally..


"NOTE: Don't let the headline "The Young Pretender" throw you for a loop: It's all good!!! Here it relates to Adam's following in Freddie Mercury's footsteps as the iconic band Queen's vocalist/frontman...and NOT in a negative way....More as in the old French meaning "heir to the throne"..."

Hoping this will explain what "Pretender" means in the two articles and that it is VERY positively meant.. Both in terms of how it is applied to the great Freddie Mercury and the extremely talented man who has been fronting Queen these past years, not filling Freddie's shoes but honoring Freddie and the music of Queen..

If you get a chance, read both articles..


Nanbert said...

Nicely presented, Glitzylady. Your explanation/examples should give everyone "peace of mind" about whether Adam is being praised or insulted in the article.

Except for those "die-hard" Freddie fans we are all familiar with, I believe Adam is held in higher regard by the British than by the Americans... especially after QAL's fabulous New Year's performance of '14-'15, and the sold out concerts on their tours.

The esteem in which Queen is probably the most iconic band of all England, is unquestioned. And the delight the British feel at Queen being able to play again in TOP FORM...and with such JOY... makes most of them happy to welcome Adam as a "facilitator" first, but finally a true contender for the "throne". Without him, Queen's voice would STILL be silenced.

In a way, I feel sorry for those "die-hard" Freddie naysayers. The truth is, if there had never been a Freddie, they would now be die-hard Adam fans, because he is superb as Queen's frontman! They should be happy that they still HAVE Queen!

BTW... It's interesting that my earlier response provoked so much vitriol-- while your SAME conclusion caused it to be snatched away! Sad.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, it never occurred to me for even a flicker that it was meant as a bad thing.