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Queen Tweeted: "'s called Love Kills..." @Queen + Adam Lambert - Love Kills at iHeart Radio Theater (Official Video)

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Posted at : Monday, January 09, 2017

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The Dark Side said...

Wow! Way to begin a week!

Dee R Gee said...

Exquisite. Sublime. Subtle. Powerful. Superb. Brian May must just stand there in awe sometimes. Love his lovely acknowledgement to Adam at the end.

Nanbert said...

Y-E-S-S-S!!! One of my all-time favorites! This really showcases Adam's brilliant voice!

This performance was just before Queen and Adam Lambert began their North American Tour... as a kind of "introduction" to the tour and also to promote Queen's latest album about to be released (which contained Freddie's original disco version of the song).

During the first few concerts of the North American Tour, QAL performed it live (while promoting the upcoming album) until the album was released. Once the album was released, however, they no longer performed it or carried it on their setlist during that tour-- or any later ones.

Frankly, I thought that was a bit "tacky" on Queen's part. Adam's rendition of "Love Kills" was spectacular, as you can see by this video.... but it appeared (to me) that Adam was being "used" to promote the album, and once it was released, they did not want a comparison available between Adam's rendition and Freddie's...IMO. If there was another reason, I cannot think of what it might be.

Anyway, this should have been another of Adam's "signature" songs with Queen... like "Who Wants To Live Forever".... seemingly made for HIS voice... spine-chilling in a big arena!!

I still watch it at least once a week--- to keep my goosebumps in prime condition..LOL.

LAMBERT Outlaw said...

I love all of ADAM's versions of WWTLF but my absolute faves are the performances where ADAM ends with his spine tingling GLORY note at the end ala the show in Las Vegas ... the audience exploded when he sang it that way!! I always play that one when I'm in the mood to heard ADAM sing it!! That & Save Me back to back like they did on tour ... oh! how I do miss watching them on tour or anything they do together!! I hope they have something extraordinary planned for us in the near future ... Thank Goodness for Ytube!!

tess4ADAM(LAMBERT Outlaw)

Marion M said...

I have to agree, this is vocal perfection to me as well, the emotion, the technique, the range, the variation in volume, between absolute powerfull siging and tender notes...this performance is a good example for alot of his abilitys...

There are too many Queen songs that showcase Adams voice
...WWTLF, Save me, Show must go on and of course love kills...
but there are a few of his own like Soaked, Outlaws of love, Underneath, there I saied it... does depend on what kind of spin he puts on them, how he sings the songs...

Marion M said...

I forgot Strut, Can't let you go, Better than I know myself...and Things I didn't say, 2:45 anyone?!...but he hasn't performed that live yet...Broken, WTTS, Sleepwalker, Lucy...everything really^^ *lol*

It's obvious why I'm here...^^

Nanbert said...

Haha, Marion M... it's funny to watch you struggle to name your favorite Adam songs... and then keep going on and on... because there's really NO place to stop!

It's like watching myself in the same dilemma.

Nanbert said...

BTW, Lambert Outlaw -- check out the FIRST time Adam sang that last "glorynote" in WWTLF.... in the Kiev concert in 2012... their third performance together (after American Idol and the EMA in Belfast)...and first complete setlist together... as part of a 6 city tour.

This was a "live Aid" type concert with Elton John as the other band performing --- in the middle of Kiev, the night before a world-cup soccer game... approx.a 400,000 audience packed in the streets... possibly the largest crowd they've ever played to --- and young newbie Adam playing his first full concert with Queen. As Adam humorously described it..."No pressure!"

But he hit it out of the ballpark! Of course!

But later, when QAL began their larger tours, I noticed that that throat-shredding last "glorynote" was dropped from the song... in favor of a more moderate and voice-sustaining
approach. After all, Queen's songs were so difficult, demanding and throat-destroying, with little rest between concerts, that Adam had to be able to "pace" himself, and moderate enough to save his voice. Freddie could never sustain the type of touring and singing that they were doing. However, Adam's superb vocal technique and training made it possible.

Sorry, I'm getting long-winded...surprise!...about Adam history. Look up the Kiev concert (2012) on youtube to see the FIRST time Adam sang WWTLF with Queen!-- with the glorynote!

Nanbert said...

O.K. -- I hope/believe this link will take you to that 2012 Kiev performance I just described above... of the FIRST time Adam ever sang "Who Wants To Live Forever" in public--- containing that "glory note" at the end.

Note how beautiful he was then -- now he is more handsome. I believe the facial hair makes the difference.