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Fan Art! Adam Lambert "New FASHION DOLL" by creativesharka

Filed Under () by Admin Fan on Monday, February 20, 2017

Posted at : Monday, February 20, 2017

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Lam-My said...

Yes, very original indeed, which is my cup of tea, but this outfit seems not here not there lwl! The white shirt sticking out and then two holes on the knees...oeh oeh what fashion zis this...go look at the Blonds fashion video, they are original, avant-garde, thoughtful.

Magiclady said...

Like your art as usual...

Nanbert said...

It seems a shame to take a handsome, well-built young man and then dress him in clothes that are so unflattering, IMO.

Please don't confuse "different" with "attractive"....or "weird" with "original"..

At the risk of being boring, let me explain:

Adam is a very dynamic performer on stage... constantly moving athletically and dramatically.. and very often striking arresting poses.That's a important part of his splendid showmanship.... like an athlete or a dancer.

But ANY clothing that obscures, hides, distorts or "breaks up" his BODY LINES also loses some (or most) of the effectiveness of his movements and poses... and therefore detracts from his overall presentation/performance..

However... if the above outfit is meant to be worn while grocery shopping.... meh!

fluttsp said...

Adam has worn outfits similar to this & not whilst shopping.

Nanbert said...

Maybe ... but I'm talking about costumes to perform in at CONCERTS... that show off him, his movements and showmanship... and may best appeal to a broad spectrum of audiences... and when seen on DVD's or Youtube years later will still hold up to scrutiny.

What he wears elsewhere, dinner, dates, shopping, to the of no concern to me. Sometimes he is satorially splendid, and sometimes he's too off-beat for my taste... JMHO.

fluttsp said...

This is the TYPE of outfit Adam would wear when performing in concert, not necessarily the same but along similar lines, whether an outfit pleases his fans/audiences or not. Adam LOVES fashion & he likes to push the fashion button.

Adam will see this "Fashion Doll" art as he follows CreativeSharka.

Nanbert said...

As always..his question there.

Actually, I have been thinking mostly about what he might wear on the coming QAL tour. Somehow, I feel that Queen calls for a bit more "classic" or "heroic" stage fashion than Adam's own tours might require... and that still "gives wide range" to glitz and glamour on Adam's part...but dramatic, with clean lines...not frou-frou or funky.

Stage costumes should "enhance" the performer...not "distract" from him, IMO. Sometimes Adam has "pushed the fashion button" too far on stage, IMO. I know I was not alone in being dismayed by a couple of things he wore with Queen during one of his last concerts... so unflattering to him... that detracted from his usual "grace" on stage, IMO.

And yet, one of my all-time favorite costumes for Adam was the simple, but perfectly tailored, tie-dyed denim shirt and pants outfit he wore during the last (party) section of his TOH tour. Fun, flashy and very flattering. It showed off Adam's lithe body and graceful dance moves beautifully. Actually, the same "style" outfit would work with Queen, if you added glitter, or made it in satin, lame, or some other glitzy fabric that would be off-beat but interesting!

Sorry, got carried away. One of favorite design courses in college was "Stage Costumes and Makeup". This discussion brought up a lot of great memories. You should see me in a full "Moses" makeup! I wish I had a photo of that! FYI, beards tickle!

Nanbert said...

BTW.. the tie-dyed denim shirt and pants outfit I was talking about above was the one with full length jeans pants...not the tie-dyed one with shorts and jacket (that was not remotely flattering).

But at the very TOP of my list are the black leather pants and black tank top.. with those fantastic black leather/gold studded sleeves with the golden fringes that flew around him as he danced and spun, and made him seem like some otherworldly butterfly. So classy and flattering!

I wish he would bring those fringed sleeves back again.... I wonder if he ever will. Or maybe an incarnation....i.e. white leather, gold-studded sleeves with multi-colored fringes, like the gay flag or rainbow! Wow! A glitzty, classy butterfly!

Nanbert said...

Sorry everyone for being so long-winded. I got caught up in "Stage Costume Designing" for Adam, and my "machinery" went into overdrive! I'll try to get it under control....but it's SUCH fun!